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    22 Beautiful Decor Products That Anyone With A Small Bedroom Will Appreciate

    Make the most of the space you have.

    1. A round faux sheepskin rug that'll add a luxurious accent to your floor. It’s so soft and fuzzy, and you can even use it as a seat cushion if you have a chair in your room that could use a little brightening up.

    2. A peel-and-stick wall decal that’ll transport you from your bedroom right into a land of bird-filled cherry blossoms. The branches and birds come individually, so you can customize and create one big tapestry, or put the birds in random spots all over a wall.

    3. A tripod-style lamp that'll fill your bedside or work area with a warm, cozy glow. The wooden stand and fabric lampshade give the lamp an organic look and will fit right in with most interior decor styles.

    4. Some molar planters that'll hold your tiny succulents, stationery, or makeup brushes in place. They're guaranteed to get a reaction from anyone who sees them, and according to reviewers, they're a huge hit with dentistry students.

    Three molar tooth shaped planters

    5. A roll of self-adhesive glass film that'll transform your windows into a work of art. This stained glass design is translucent and will create gorgeous kaleidoscopic effect in your home when the rays of the sun filter through it.

    6. Some acrylic mirror stickers that'll reflect light to make your bedroom look more spacious. The hexagons come individually, so you can play around and create a pattern that suits your room best.

    7. Or a framed rectangular mirror that may look ordinary at a glance, but offers way more than just your reflection. It doubles as a lockable jewelry cabinet designed to keep your precious earring collection safe, and your necklaces and bracelets untangled.

    8. An invisible bookshelf that'll turn your favourite reads into wall art, and give a breather to your currently overflowing bookshelf. It has a flat L-shaped design and all you need to do is hook one book on it to display the rest of your reads. They'll look like they're floating!

    9. Some elegant rose knobs that'll give your plain Ikea drawers a charming European flair. These come with everything you'll need to install them, too, so upgrading your vanity or nightstand will only take minutes.

    10. A mini cinema light box that'll help set the mood every week (or day, if you're feeling up to it). It comes with 100 letters, so you can change up the board to say something motivating, witty, or random. And it's portable, meaning you can show it off in the living room or balcony when you have friends coming over.

    11. A starry wall-hanging tapestry that'll give your bed the background it deserves. It's lighter than framed art and will hardly take up any space in your room. If you're the kind of person that enjoys more muted decor instead of bright things, this may be the right pick for you.

    12. A string of delicate LED fairy lights that'll make your bedroom even cozier. You can simply plug these directly into a wall outlet (no batteries!) and they're waterproof, meaning you can even move them to your balcony when you're have a patio fiesta planned. Reviewers love using them over their headboards.

    A rolled up string of lights

    13. A bestselling macrame wall tapestry, if you're all about those ~boho-chic~ vibes. The weaving is a solid, muted colour, so it won't clash with your other decor, and it's a good break from conventional polygonal frames.

    14. Some peel-and-stick wallpaper with a cool, geometrical design that'll instantly make your whole space look more modern. Pick an accent wall to cover with it or jazz up your nightstand — it adheres seamlessly to furniture, too!

    15. A string of bestselling mirror lights that'll take you straight to a Hollywood beauty room. They're dimmable and the warmth is adjustable, so change up the setting as you please. They look great and they're bright enough for makeup application.

    16. A rainbow LED lamp that can be mounted on a wall or placed on any flat surface. With this cutesy addition to your bedroom, it'll be a bit more fun to celebrate pride all year long.

    17. Some velvet cushion covers that'll add a pop of colour to your bedspread. They have pretty, fringy tassels on the borders and they're so darn soft, you might find yourself snuggling with one for a midday nap.

    18. A roll of colour-changing LED strip lights you can use to add backlight to your bed headboard or TV, and decorate your room's ceilings (like on TikTok). They're self-adhesive and flexible, and come with their own remote control.

    19. A bestselling wall clock in a gorgeous combination of black and rose gold, because sometimes, you just don't feel like picking up your phone to check the time. It has a simple design — no unnecessary bells and whistles — and the bold digits are easily visible against the contrasting background. You probably won't have to squint if you don't have your specs on.

    A rose gold watch

    20. A cool geometric shelf, so you can display your favourite things in style. The unusual design makes great use of often-ignored wall corners and is loved by nearly 6,300 reviewers! All the hardware you need for installation comes with the shelf, too.

    21. A bouquet of artificial chrysanthemums that look exactly like the real deal. Maintaining freshness for real plants and flowers can be a lot of work, but these will lift your mood the same way, without the extra effort. Spray them with your favourite perfume and prop them in any room that could use some liveliness.

    22. And finally, a pair of wall-mounted grid panels that'll let you update how your over-the-headboard space looks as often as you want. Hang your favourite vacation photos, art, postcards, jewelry, or useful stationery items. You can organize and decorate with this guy — we love a 2-in-1!

    Good luck making your favourite room even prettier!

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