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    24 Things That’ll Help You Look Cute On A Budget For Back-To-School Season

    Most things on this list are under $25!

    1. An A-line pinafore dress, if you’ve really been enjoying those calming cottagecore TikToks. The hook-on straps and pleated skirt give it a '50s flair. You can dress it down with a cropped tee or go full-on dainty dream with a collared button-up shirt.

    2. A striped crewneck tee to pair with some shorts or jeggings. It's made of 100% cotton, so whether you're getting sporty or studying for a test, you'll look great and stay well-ventilated.

    3. A sheer nude-y nail polish that'll make long or short nails look ~dressed up~ instantly. Essie nail polishes dry quickly and last a long time, without chipping. This one has a gel-like formula, so you can enjoy a high-shine, glossy mani for up to two weeks!

    4. A loose waffle knit tunic with a low front knot that'll look stylish on anyone. The three-quarter sleeves mean you won't have to keep rolling 'em up all day, and the chilled-out V-neck keeps the top breezy.

    5. A refreshing watermelon lip balm that'll quench your pout and keep it feeling pillowy soft all day long. EOS lip balms provide deep hydration, smell good enough to eat, and look like adorable lil' eggs (which is mainly why I have eight of them).

    6. Some edgy sunglasses that'll add a bit of attitude to your look. They're like a lovechild of the small glasses trend and classic cat-eye frames. The photochromatic lenses offer a solid shield from UVA and UVB rays, so your eyes will stay protected, too.

    Four people wearing the glasses

    7. A beaded blouse, if you love a more dressed-up, soft aesthetic. The body of the blouse is opaque, while the sleeves are made of sheer mesh and covered in tiny pearl beads that give it a formal, yet cutesy look.

    8. A distressed denim jacket for when the weather's too hot for a heavy coat, and too cold for just a shirt. The fabric is stretchy, so you can button it up, even if you have an extra couple of layers underneath. Some reviewers say it's become their new favourite jacket, while others absolutely love that it has a ton of functional pockets.

    9. Some artsy gold earrings that look like they were designed by Picasso himself. They're lightweight on the ears and the abstract face shapes make a big statement. Reviewers say they don't irritate sensitive ears and have quickly become their favourite pair.

    Three face-shaped metal earrings lying on a desk

    10. A double-sided eyeliner pen that makes eyeliner application so much easier and faster. It lets you stamp on a wing with one end, and line your eye with the other. And what's nicer than feeling confident in your eyeliner skills?

    11. A pair of double helix earrings for anyone who loves being a big ol' science nerd. They'll let you show off your love of DNA and genetics. Plus, they're hypoallergenic and free of lead and nickel, so sensitive ears can totally rock them.

    Two earrings shaped like DNA

    12. A stainless steel bangle that's adjustable, so it'll fit any wrist size. The rose gold finish is trendy and won't tarnish when splashed with water. Also, the cuff is engraved with a positive affirmation that may help keep you afloat on bad mental health days.

    A bangle with I am enough engraved on it

    13. A pair of cotton jersey shorts that are nice and spacious, for anyone who prefers comfort over anything. Luckily, you won't even have to compromise on style with these! The solid colour, flat waistband, and pockets will make it a hit on the court or in math class.

    14. A new pair of prescription glasses that'll be the upgrade your eyes deserve. These beach glass frames are not only cute, but durable, and come in two different widths, so you can find exactly what will look the best on your face shape.

    15. A comfy and lightweight T-shirt with a bold colour-blocked rainbow across the chest, so you're always casually celebrating pride. And it comes in cropped and un-cropped versions — pick whatever tickles your fancy!

    16. A tube of Colossal Volume Express mascara from Maybelline, because you know you should stop using that dried-up old tube you bought months ago. It provides a noticeable volume boost to your lashes, without making your eyes look like clumpy spiders.

    17. A Tommy Hilfiger crewneck T-shirt, because the classic combo of red, white, and blue always works. The scribble pattern is subtle, but stands out against the white background, offering a more refreshing twist on logo-heavy, solid-colour graphic tees.

    18. A set of barrette clips that'll turn an ordinary updo or braid into something sophisticated. The marbled resin and chunky pearl designs are reminiscent of the '80s, plus, who doesn't love a throwback?

    19. Some fun patterned socks that'll brighten up even the blandest outfit. The prints include summer fruits, sushi, veggies, and some bright pink flamingoes. You can show them off with some shorts or go for a lil' peekaboo moment with some cuffed jeans.

    20. Some Invisibobble hair ties that have a spiral design to help hold up your hair in place better than regular hair elastics do, so your ponytails and space buns will stay in place. They also have a pretty good reputation for not making your scalp hurt.

    21. A set of rings you can stack to add more edge to your 'fit or wear sparsely for a more elegant look. The best part is they come in both silver and gold, so you have something for every look. Plus, there are 67 rings in the pack, so feel free to share with a pal or two.

    22. A breathable turtleneck top in a vintage-y rose-cream colour scheme. It has a looser fit than traditional turtlenecks, so you won't feel like it's strangling you. Reviewers love layering it with jackets and scarves.

    23. 52 pairs of ear studs, so you have something new to wear literally every single day. They range from minimalistic designs to more boho, blinged-out, and grungy styles. And if you have multiple piercings, you'll love mixing and matching them to curate ear looks that go with your mood.

    24. And finally, a set of criss-crossed headbands that'll keep your hair out of your face and give your OOTD a burst of tropical vibes. You can even go for the pretty floral set, if that's more your style.

    Let's get cute on a budget!

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