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    21 Cute And Comfy Pyjama Options For Anyone Who Freaking Loves PJs

    Have you also been wearing pyjamas six days a week? Because I have.

    1. This silky pyjama set that comes with more than just a top and a pair of bottoms. It includes a cami, a pair of elastic shorts, a pair of full-coverage PJs, a silky scrunchie, an eye mask, and a pouch to carry everything in — and all of the items are in the same feathery pink print.

    2. A loose nightgown that'll keep you from getting hot in your sleep. If you hate wearing bottoms to sleep because of wedgies, you may want to try it. It has a stylish V-neck and *drum roll* pockets!

    3. Some cotton knit shorts that are thick, but breathable. Not only is the drawstring waistband stretchy, but so are the rest of the shorts, so you won't experience any tugging or excessive friction as you move around in your sleep.

    A person wearing shorts

    4. A set of contoured eye masks that'll block out light, without putting pressure on your eyes. The curved shape means the mask won't even touch your eyes, so you can take a quick nap, without messing up your makeup or eyelash extensions.

    5. Or a wide-eyed cat mask that looks really fun. It has a gel-filled insert that'll feel like a gentle, cooling eye massage and will help de-puff your eye area. Also, it comes with bonus earplugs, in case your roommate doesn't know what "keep it down, please" means.

    6. This bestselling sleep shirt that's like your comfiest oversized tee, but longer. Reviewers say it's super roomy and great for hot sleepers. Plus, the sporty design offers a fun break from conventional sleepwear prints.

    7. A sultry babydoll nightie, for if you like to look super sexy even when you're catching zzz's. It has a halter neck and intricate, see-through lace detailing on the chest that looks deluxe. Plus, the satiny fabric will feel as soft as butter against your skin.

    8. Some lightweight lounge bottoms that are made of 100% cotton, so you're not sweating up a storm while you snooze. The cuffed ankles will ensure it doesn't ride all the way up to your knees (I hate it when that happens).

    9. A floral cami and shorts set that's so darn cute, you'll want to post sleepy selfies in it. The spaghetti straps on the cami are adjustable, and the ruffle trim at the bottom of the shorts adds to the floral theme. Plus, it's all petal plush! 🌸

    A pair of frilled short and a short cami

    10. A button-up pyjama set that's made of a cotton-flannel blend, so you know it's softer than soft. This one has simple and elegant white piping on a midnight-blue background, but there are 76 beautiful patterns and colours to choose from in this range, so take your time picking your fave.

    11. Or the same classic button-up PJs, but with shorts and half sleeves. This one feels satiny and luxurious on the skin, so you can look and feel like a million bucks, even as you get your beauty sleep.

    12. This creatively designed sleep dress, for if you've just had a baby or are expecting. It has a buttoned slit on the side for quick breastfeeding access, which will make middle-of-the-night feeds a ton easier. There are two deep pockets in the front for your phone and some snacks, if you decide to lounge in it all day, too.

    13. A bestselling adult onesie, because it's cozy and fleecy like a full-body blanket. It'll become your favourite thing to slip into for all your late-night binge-watching sessions — all you have to do is make a bowl of popcorn, dunk some candy into the spacious side pockets, and chill.

    14. Or let your inner child run free with a cartoon character onesie. These are a fun throwback to your favourite childhood movies. The bottoms are zippered to the top and can be detached, so you can wear the top part as a hoodie, too!

    15. A patterned night suit that'll, frankly, look great on anybody. The banana leaf print sets the mood of a tropical vacation, and it's made with breathable cotton to add to the summery appeal even more.

    A person wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt, both in a tropical print

    16. A silky bonnet that'll protect your hair, minimize frizz, and maintain your hairstyle while you snooze. It's especially useful if you have curly hair, wear braids, or just got a blow-dry you want to last 'til the end of the week.

    17. A casually cool pyjama set that's stayed in style through the years. The top has a classic, no-frills design and the contrasting patterned bottom adds an element of surprise and personality by not being matchy-matchy.

    A person smiling in the pyjama set

    18. A striped nightshirt that takes the boyfriend shirt and makes it even cozier. It's made of a lightweight, yet durable fabric, so you can take naps in peace all summer long, without getting sticky and sweaty.

    19. Some boho tie-dye shorts that look like a blueberry-bubblegum dream. Tie-dye is super hot for the season, so you'll be on trend even while you watch weird true crime documentaries with your pet at 2 a.m.

    A person wearing mid thigh length shorts with a drawstring

    20. This fruity pink set that I'm kinda bananas for. If you define your aesthetic as "all things cute," this may be just the upgrade you need.

    21. And finally, a plaid PJ set that just looks like it'll feel velvety on your skin. It has decorative piping on the collar and cuffs that give it a premium look, and the drawstring waistband means you won't have to fiddle with buttons when you wake up for a midnight whiz.

    You showing off your new sleepwear:

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