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    I'm Obsessed With This Set Of Wedgie-Proof Underwear On Amazon

    Granny panties, but make it fashion.

    I am on the internet for two primary reasons: memes, and oversharing about my butt. Which is why I am pleased to announce that I have discovered entirely wedgie-proof underwear, which is currently available in women's sizes S–5XL in a five-pack for $22.99+ on Amazon.

    I run long-distance, I sit like an antsy toddler when I work from home, and I am, in general, a human magnet for embarrassing situations.

    Enter this five-pack of full-coverage underwear (from Ummiss) you can get on Amazon. They are not messing around when they use the words "full coverage." The bottom seams are barely noticeable when you put them on, but still latch to your booty and anchor there through the whole day.

    A model showing the back side of the underwear

    The waistband is also so comfortable that I could write a country song about them. The front of the waistband is double layered and seamless, so nothing ever pinches or rubs weirdly.

    Model showing stretchiness of underwear

    I also deeply appreciate that the seams are flat enough that they are not very visible when you're wearing leggings, which is, incidentally, something I am doing a lot of lately.

    I've also washed this set of underpants quite a few times now since I bought them a few months ago (and put them through the wringer with some VERY long, sweaty runs), and they've held up spectacularly.

    A shot of the strong seams on the underwear

    And I am far from the only person raving about these underpants — there are thousands of 5-star reviews from people whose butts are as satisfied as mine. (FWIW, a lot of people also flagged that these are great for postpartum and post-surgeries, since the seams are so gentle!)

    A customer image of a black and gray pair

    All of these glowing reviews aside, it mostly comes down to this: I just cannot with things that aren't comfortable currently. I truly can't.

    You can get a five-pack of the underwear on Amazon for $22.99+ and in 13 color combos, in sizes S–5XL. In the meantime, may I present the only GIF in the history of ever in which I do not relate to Liz Lemon one bit.

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