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    24 Random Things On Amazon Canada That Are Kinda Weird, But I Want Them Anyway

    Most things on this list are under $30!

    1. A tissue dispenser soft toy that'll make you feel like you're pulling napkins straight out of a monkey's butt. It has Velcro patches on its hands, so you can hang it practically anywhere — giggles always guaranteed.

    2. A bulgy eyes sleep mask that'll make you look Yoda (or a very tired Kermit) while you snooze. It's super soft and thick enough to block out all the light in your room, without putting weight on your eyes. Plus, you can make it open or close both eyes and even wink! Time to creep out the roommates again.

    A person wearing the mask

    3. A pasta strainer that'll turn into the Flying Spaghetti Monster every time you make a batch of noods. The protruding eyes can be used as handles and there are three small feet at the bottom to prevent the bowl from slipping or touching the surface of your sink.

    The bowl on a countertop with some tomatoes and cheese

    4. Some anatomically correct muscle pattern leggings that are as creepy as they are cool. They're thick and opaque, but stretchy and breathable enough to wear all year long.

    5. Handemonium, a game that'll challenge you to use a tiny pair of hands to complete tasks. It comes with a set of cards with the tasks written out, and reviewers say it's a huge hit especially with their kids.

    6. A soft tortilla blanket you'll want to taco 'bout with all your friends. It's made of microfibre, so its plushness will make you feel like a cozy lil' burrito.

    7. Or a cushiony bread pillow, if that's more your taste. It looks like a toasty loaf straight out of the oven and is filled with soft cotton. Any carb lover would fall in loaf with this bad boy. So, let’s get this bread!

    8. A teeny-tiny silicone witch that will keep your spoon in place and watch over your cooking while perched on the border of your pot. It'll also help keep your lid propped to prevent your soups and stews from spilling over.

    9. A jar of Shark Snot fidget putty, so your hands can do some de-stressing when you take a break from typing away all day. It can also help calm nervousness and anxiety by releasing built-up tension, and is great for both kids and adults.

    The jar next to the putty

    10. A pair of uniquely-shaped earrings that look like two black cats hanging out of your piercing holes — the earring back is actually the cat's body! Any feline lover will be obsessed with these chonky voids and their yellow peepers peeking out of their ears.

    11. A USB-rechargeable personal fan you can wear around your neck for a constant cooling breeze. There's an aromatherapy slot in the middle of the fans for you to drop in your favourite essential oils, too! Alternatively, you can use it as a portable desk fan as well.

    A person using the fan on their desk Another person wearing it around their neck

    12. A hand-carved wooden giraffe who's happy to hold your glasses in place. It'll keep you company on your work desk or nightstand, and even look great in the living room as a home decor item.

    A giraffe with a pair of glasses on its head

    13. A hairdryer diffuser that looks a bit like a chicken's claw, but disperses air more evenly than the round one you currently own. The fingers really get into the roots of your hair and reviewers love that they get more of a lift and bounce in their hair when they use it.

    A claw-shaped hairdryer diffuser

    14. A cereal spoon for when you're watching true crime documentaries at 2 a.m. and need a crunchy snack. The design and writing are engraved into the spoon, so don't worry about it coming off after a few spins in the dishwasher.

    A steel spoon that reads "cereal killer"

    15. A bestselling book of facts containing 300 weird and outrageous tidbits about Canada. For example, did you know that Canada has more donut shops per capita than any other country in the world? Because neither did I!

    16. A bunch of itsy-bitsy silicone snails that'll hold your teabags in place, so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage, without the tag slipping into your cup. The flexible clip perches easily onto the lip of any mug and the snails are small enough to carry in your pocket.

    17. A pizza cutter that looks like a happy lil' monkey just riding his unicycle all over your dinner. Reviewers say it slices up their pizzas perfectly and is a huge hit with kids.

    A person cutting a pizza using the product

    18. A bottle opener modelled after Thanos's gauntlet, so you can feel like an all-powerful super villain every time you pop open a cold one. Reviewers who bought it as a gift admit they wanted to keep it for themselves.

    19. A bucket of bubblegum pink kinetic sand you can squish, stretch, and shape to your heart's content. Reviewers say it keeps them and their kids busy for hours and they love buying multiple colours to mix.

    20. A windproof helmet-shaped umbrella that'll protect you from getting soaked this summer. It looks a bit odd at first, but unlike other large umbrellas, it's virtually impossible to blow inside out! Plus, the cut in the front allows you to be more aware of your surroundings.

    A person with an umbrella

    21. An electric hotdog maker that's so vintage, it'll send you back to the '80s. It toasts two buns and sausages at a time, so you can cook a delicious lunch in mere minutes.

    22. A bestselling shoe-widening tool that I didn't even know was a thing. It'll expand tight shoes to make them roomy enough for you to wear comfortably. It can lengthen or widen your shoes depending on which setting you choose, so your tootsies can breathe easy.

    23. A pair of cat paw socks that are so bizarrely realistic, they might get you some strange looks. The soles even have pink toe beans! Who made these??? Anyway, I'm adding them to my cart.

    24. And lastly, a shockproof AirPods case that looks like a chicken nugget. Yup — just a chicky nug for anyone who can't go a week without a crunchy six-piece.

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