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    24 Products That Are So Durable, They’ll Probably Last For Years

    Time to make a really good investment.

    1. A magnetic herb grinder that'll help you quickly crush your ~recreational herbs~ with its sharp, diamond-shaped blades. It has three chambers to collect collect crushed herbs as well as fine pollen, and the metal build is super solid.

    2. A granite mortar and pestle set, so you can get the most flavour out of your herbs, spices, and nuts. I love using mine to make small servings of guac or sauces when I don't feel like whipping out my entire blender. The granite is natural and unpolished, so you can crush things to a grit or mill them to a powder.

    A table with the mortar and pestle surrounded by food items

    3. A bestselling tool kit that'll help you take care of every little repair in your home, so you don't have to wait for a handyman. It’s got 128 pieces of durable, professional-grade tools that all fit in an easy-to-carry case.

    4. Some durable spiral hair ties that are made of flexible plastic and won't snap, fray, or lose elasticity like fabric hair ties. Plus, they'll keep your ponytail in place better because of the ridges, and won't give you a headache at the end of your day.

    5. A stainless steel pasta machine, so you can roll out fresh, homemade pasta to take your cooking to the next level. This one's made in Italy and has nine thickness settings for all your noodle needs, so plan out your lasagne, taglioni, or fettuccine dishes with ease.

    The pasta machine next to a small pile of fresh pasta

    6. A pair of slant-tip tweezers for anyone who wants precision and function. If you're sick and tired of re-buying tweezers because they just don't grip hairs properly, this is the way to go. They’re stainless steel, so you’ll probably still be using them to pluck hair in 2028 (if you don’t lose them first).

    A bunch of tweezers on a bathroom counter

    7. A teeny-tiny knife sharpener that'll keep your blades so sharp, you won't need to buy new knives for a long time. Just set it on the kitchen counter and run the sharp side of the knife through the stone buffer a few times.

    8. A flexible silicone drain cover that suctions on to your drain and catches all the hair that ends up clogging it, so you never have to go through the gross task of fishing it out. Plus, it looks like a cute starfish in your tub. ⭐️

    9. A chew toy that'll actually survive against your dog's best attempts to destroy it. It's made of tough natural rubber and won't crumble like all the other toys you're tired of replacing, so both you and your furry friend can finally play fetch peacefully.

    A dog chewing a toy lying in the grass

    10. A 16-inch pizza stone, so you can enjoy a more authentic cooking experience in your household gas or electric oven. It'll evenly crispy the dough and imbue the dough with the unmatched flavour of a traditional stone oven, whether you're baking a pizza or some fresh buns.

    A pizza on the stone inside an oven on a rack

    11. A door mat, so you can clean off dirt and snow sludge from your shoes before you enter your home. It's made of durable wrought iron and rubber, meaning it'll last you a long time with just a little bit of regular cleaning with a brush, vacuum cleaner, or garden hose.

    A mat that reads Welcome on it

    12. A menstrual cup, so you can stop shelling your hard earned $$$ on pads and tampons every month. This eco-friendly alternatively is made of BPA-free silicone and has a long stem, making it easier to insert and remove. With proper care, you can use a single menstrual cup for up to ten years!

    A person holding the cup

    13. A set of unbreakable dinner plates that will take fall after fall, without cracking. Not only are they extremely durable, but they're also eco-friendly and made of wheat straw. Reviewers say they're perfect for households with multiple children.

    Four plates on a table

    14. A set of makeup brushes and a beauty sponge that you'll probably use every day. I've had some of these for over four years and they're not only incredible at blending makeup seamlessly, but they also don't shed as much as other brushes do.

    15. A ten-piece bakeware set, so you have the right pans for all your baking needs. They're nonstick, so you don't need to slick 'em up with butter or oil, and they come with silicone handles, so you don't accidentally burn yourself. The durable carbon steel build means you'll probably never have to buy baking pans again.

    16. Some all-natural deodorizer bags you can slip into your shoes, drawers, or parts of your car to eliminate bad odours. Summer brings tons of sweat and mildewy smells with it, but the odour-absorbing bamboo charcoal inside these will make sure your things smell clean and dry at all times!

    17. A metal foot file that'll make your callused soles softer again. It can be used both wet and dry and it won't retain bacteria like pumice stones can, since it's easy to clean. Reviewers say it’s the best foot file they’ve ever used, and since it doesn’t erode over time like stone, it lasts years.

    A metal foot file

    18. A carbon steel wallet clip that's not only sturdy as all heck, but also minimalistic and sleek. It'll keep your credit cards safe and secure, plus there's a clip to hold your cash in place. It has an RFID-blocking feature, too, so your sensitive info will never fall into the wrong hands.

    The wallet clip with credit cards inside

    19. A reusable coffee filter that'll save you from buying disposable ones for up to five years. Not only is it a worthwhile investment in terms of money, it also makes living a low-waste life so much easier.

    A bucket-shaped coffee filter

    20. A backpack that's stylish, functional, and durable. It's water resistant and has dedicated compartments for your laptop and water bottle, along with four other internal zips. There's a slot for your earphones and even an anti-theft chamber to store your most precious possessions.

    21. A couple of double-walled insulated bottles that'll keep your water cool and your hot drinks steamy. They’re a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. and they’ll help you save money, because they’ll last practically forever.

    22. A stainless steel soap you can rub on your hands to eliminate lingering odours from handling pungent stuff like garlic, seafood, and onions. Follow up with your regular hand wash and your mitts will smell fresh again.


    23. A powerful hairdryer from Revlon, because you deserve an upgrade. It comes with a diffuser, which is great for people with curly or wavy strands — it'll help dry your hair, without making them lose their natural curl pattern and shape.

    24. A quad of flexible rings that are not only beautiful, but will never ever tarnish on you. If you're allergic to ordinary artificial jewelry, these will become your new everyday-wear accessory.

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