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    25 Useful Storage Items For Anyone Who Freaking Loves Organization

    An orderly home is so, so satisfying. 😌🏠

    1. A soft storage case that'll keep your linens, comforters, and non-seasonal clothes from becoming an unorganized mess. It has a clear window, so you can still see what's inside it, without having to pull out and unzip the whole thing.

    2. A one-stop fast-charging dock that'll keep all your devices and accessories loaded with juice, so you aren't getting tangled in 35 charging cables. You can charge two pairs of AirPods, an Apple Watch, three iPhones or iPads, and an Apple Pencil at the same time!

    An iPad, two iPhones, two sets of AirPods and an Apple watch charging on the dock

    3. A sturdy and minimalistic iron shelf that combines rods, racks, and hooks to become one versatile organizer. You can use the racks for shoes, books, or plants, and the rod and hooks to hang your jackets, hats, scarves, bags, and umbrellas. Plus, it looks really cool!

    A shelf with a hat, a bag, and shoes on it

    4. A tampon holder that conveniently clings to the tank of your toilet or bathroom cabinet. It'll allow you to access your sanitary products quickly and easily when a spotty emergency occurs, so you never find yourself scanning cabinets for a pad or tampon.

    5. An invisible bookshelf that'll turn your favourite reads into wall art, and give a breather to your currently overflowing bookshelf. It has a flat L-shaped design and all you need to do is hook one book on it to display the rest of your reads. They'll look like they're floating!

    6. A transparent canister you can use to store Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup sponges, hair ties, paperclips, and all the little things you need in one place. There are two compartments in each, and you can buy multiple and stack them up to save space on your desk, vanity, or bathroom sink.

    7. A desktop sorter that'll hold your notebooks, documents, planner, and other daily-use work or school items. It has an elegant grid design that lets you see everything inside and it'll help you keep your desk neat, tidy, and cute.

    8. A little teabag shelf to sort your collection of blends by flavour. There are nine detachable drawers that hold up to 15 teabags each, and two bottom drawers for your favourite tea condiments and sweeteners.

    The teabag organizer on top of a kitchen counter

    9. A sleek makeup organizer for anyone whose collection is getting a little out of control. It's four smaller organizers that can be stacked together to create a big makeup station, or you can detach the components and use them individually.

    10. A wire cart that'll help you make use of the space under your bed. Now you can decongest your overstuffed linen closet and just wheel out fresh pillows, towels, or blankets whenever you need them. The cat will have to find another place to leave their toys.

    A wheeled, flat cart with a grid design under a bed

    11. A bestselling styling tool caddy that's designed to hold your favourite hairbrushes and hot tools in place. It can be mounted on your bathroom wall using the hardware provided, or installed over a cabinet door.

    12. A four-tier shoe rack that'll keep your sneakers and sandals accessible and neatly organized. It can hold up to 16 pairs, so set it up with your freshest kicks for the summer.

    A four-tier rack with 12 pairs of shoes on it

    13. A pack of velvet hangers that'll ensure you never have a dreaded pile of clothes at the bottom of your closet. They're nonslip, so your silks, chiffons, tank tops, and shirts with wide necklines won't fall to the ground like they do with traditional wire hangers.

    14. A sectioned laundry hamper that'll make short work of washing a dirty load and collecting clean clothes from the dryer. It has handles on the side for easy portability and a lid to keep smelly laundry from stinking up your house.

    A laundry basket with two sections

    15. A multipurpose jewelry organizer that has three tiers for your most-worn items. The sleek rods will make sure your don't lose another earring or end up with a tangled necklace or bracelet. The dish at the bottom will house your rings, ear studs, and other little jewels.

    The organizer on top of a vanity table

    16. An over-the-sink dish drying rack that'll help you save precious kitchen counter real estate, as well as keep your utensils, dishes, cutlery, and washing supplies in order. It has grippy rubber soles, so it won't slip and slide when things get soapy. Plus, it's made of stainless steel — no rust!

    An over-the-sink organizer and dish rack with many items on it

    17. A couple of stainless steel shelves that'll help you keep your bathroom more organized. Reviewers say the adhesive is super strong, so don't worry about them falling down with the weight of a few toiletries. Now the crowded corners of your bathtub can finally take a breath.

    18. An acrylic display that'll make at-home manis and pedis a little less chaotic. It's like a stadium for your nail polish collection, so you can stop looking for your shade of choice in a messy and crowded drawer.

    A transparent tiered organizer with nail polishes and a nail file inside

    19. Some pantry trays that'll prevent your fridge or kitchen cabinets from turning into a disorderly mess. Compartmentalize sauces, cans of pop, candy, and fruit as you please, or just use them as a divider to keep your roommate from stealing your precious snacks.

    20. A pocketed caddy for storing everyday use items next to your bed or sofa. It has strong Velcro straps, so it won't fall off if you jam it full of items. Reviewers love using it for their kids' bunk beds and next to their baby's crib for midnight diaper changes.

    21. A hanging organizer you can use to store snacks and seasonings in the kitchen or sanitary supplies and toiletries in the bathroom. It has 15 pockets and most reviewers say they use it to store a random assortment of everyday household items.

    A hanging organizer over a door with food items inside the pockets.

    22. A mesh tabletop sorter that'll make all the things you need to work or study from home easily accessible. It has vertical dividers for your notebooks and a drawer for your stationery supplies. Plus, it takes up very little space!

    23. A cascading spice tray that you can tuck inside a kitchen drawer or place right on your kitchen counter to have access to your favourite herbs and seasonings. The slant allows you to see the whole jar, so you'll be able to read the label before you mistake oregano for thyme again.

    24. A customizable bamboo display, so you can show off all your plant babies in style. It comes with three vertical shelving units that you can keep together or separate. It's a perfect solution if you own some plants the need more sun than others.

    A shelf with planters on it

    25. And lastly, a set of bestselling cube bins that'll become your go-to multipurpose organizing option. You can use them to categorize items in your closet or leave them in the kids' room as a catch-all bin — the possibilities are endless!

    Let's turn our mess into an oasis, shall we?

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