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I Challenged Myself To Have A Perfectly Fun Weekend For Under $50

A quest to have a blast without breaking the bank! Thankfully, saving money is easy with H&R Block — file your taxes online quickly, easily, and for free.

I Spent Two Weekends Meal-Prepping And Here’s How Much I Saved

A quest to up that cooking game and save that dough! Thankfully saving money is easy with H&R Block — file your taxes online quickly, easily, and for free.

I Kept An Expense Journal For A Week To Be A Better Budgeter

A quest to budget like an actual adult human! Thankfully you don’t have to stress about spending when it comes to tax prep. Turn to H&R Block to file your taxes online quickly, easily and for free.

I Challenged Myself To Throw A Galentine's Party Using Only Decor From A Dollar Store

A quest for celebration on the cheap! Thankfully doing your taxes on a budget is easy — file them online quickly, easily, and for free with H&R Block.

11 Ridiculous Ways To Stretch Your Money Until Payday

YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT. That is, you will if you're smart and open to unconventional methods. Get money fast for less with H&R Block.

11 Lil' Fuzzballs Who Are Just Begging To Be Pampered

Just look at those eyes! You deserve to be pampered like these little nuggets -- let H&R Block help you get your maximum tax refund fast and for only $9.99.

How Should You Treat Yourself With The Money You've Saved?

You work your butt off all year — you deserve a little something special! With H&R Block's $9.99 online tool, you can save money while you file. So go ahead, spend a little on yourself or someone special. ;)

11 Stock Photo Models That Know How To Get Dat Money

Wish you were one of these super-rich stock photo models? Get paid fast for less with H&R Block.

Everything You Need To Know About Taxes, As Told By Animals

These dudes say it all: Taxes don’t have to be complicated or expensive! Turn to H&R Block to do them yourself for just $9.99.

10 Charts To Explain Every DIY Project You’ve Ever Done

Because there's a simple formula to everything. This year, keep things even simpler by filing your taxes with H&R Block.

12 Menu Items To Stop Ordering If You're Looking To Save A Buck

$18 for pasta? Never again! There are better ways to spend your tax refund, especially when you bring back the big bucks by using H&R Block.

Do You Spend Money Normally?

Round to the nearest an$wer. We each have a special relationship with our money. Do right by yours and use H&R Block this tax season.

14 Things Your Parents Are Always Willing To Give To You For Free

"What gives?" More like, "What GIFTS?!" Next time you go home, return the favor by letting your parents know you've already finished your taxes with H&R Block.

12 DIY Projects That Are Too Simple For Their Own Good

Ranked plain simple to embarrassingly simple. No excuses for not giving these a whirl. Your taxes can be simple too, especially when you file online with H&R Block.

10 Baby Animals Who Will Force You To Stop What You're Doing

This will definitely help you procrastinate. When you’re done, do those taxes. File online with H&R Block — it’s fast and easy.