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11 Stock Photo Models That Know How To Get Dat Money

Wish you were one of these super-rich stock photo models? Get paid fast for less with H&R Block.

1. This woman who's climbing straight to the top (of her huge piggy bank):

2. This man who, against all odds, supports his family by wandering the streets with a big magnet:

3. This woman who's a hell of a gardener:

4. This teen who wants to know: How many thumb rings can you buy with a million dollars?

5. This man who can really fill out a suit:

6. This woman who knows when the selfie is good:

7. This stock market dude who prob also has a car phone:

8. This businessman who will soon be fully buried and rendered immobile:

9. This man who's ridin' his one-dollar bill straight to the bank:

10. This woman who seems totally unconcerned to be carrying literal armfuls of cash in what appears to be just your average lobby:

11. And this grandma who takes care of business:

Get dat money fast for less with H&R Block.