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11 Ridiculous Ways To Stretch Your Money Until Payday

YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT. That is, you will if you're smart and open to unconventional methods. Get money fast for less with H&R Block.

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1. Flirting = free drinks!

​No shame.

2. Buy peanut butter in bulk.

Protein? Check. Super filling? Check. Delicious by itself or on literally anything? Check.

3. Develop an interest in art.

Hit those gallery openings, schmooze a little, and the free wine and cheese is alllll yours.

4. Get creative with pantry items.

Cook pasta, throw in some beans, douse it in hot sauce, and call it a day. Seriously, try it.

5. Douse your clothes in air freshener.

Not made of quarters? No worries. You know you have air freshener somewhere (probably underneath your bed), so dig it out, spray it on, and you’re good to go!

6. Hoard condiment packets.

You know everyone does it.

7. Remember that change is real money.

Pick those pennies up off the street and search your bags and jackets for forgotten coins. It could all add up quicker than you think!

8. Gym-hop to keep doing free trials.

"Hi, I'm new to the neighborhood, can I test out your beautiful gym for a few days?!" Repeat.

9. Sit in coffee shops for long stretches of time.

A lot of places will keep refilling your cup for free. Just make sure you bring like a book or something. Also, free Wi-Fi.

10. Learn to appreciate the joy of people-watching.

There is actually no better entertainment.

11. Consider life in the woods.

Come on, guys: Woods-dwelling is almost free. Plus, you might achieve inner peace and all that good stuff.

Illustrations by Daniel Blaushild / © BuzzFeed

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