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11 Lil' Fuzzballs Who Are Just Begging To Be Pampered

Just look at those eyes! You deserve to be pampered like these little nuggets -- let H&R Block help you get your maximum tax refund fast and for only $9.99.

1. This snuggle bunny:

2. This pensive owlet:

3. This patient mush of a pup:

4. This curious kitten:

5. This chubby chickie:

6. This scavenging oinker:

7. This laughing lambie:

8. This cuddly cub:

9. This newly awake baby panda:

10. This regal, roly-poly otter:

11. This misunderstood little angel:

Pet otter, anyone? Treat yourself just like you would want to treat these fuzzy friends -- turn to H&R Block to get your refund fast and for only $9.99.