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Dark Lips, Pink Hair And Other Beauty Trends From The Met Gala

The fashion was great, but let's not skip out on the hair and makeup.

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A whole lot of ladies seemed to have gotten the memo about very dark, very vampy lips.


Many others settled on a go big or go home attitude with regards to hair (and headpieces).

There was pink hair:

There were gold hair accessories:


Then there was Tom Brady's hair.

There were also more toned-down hairstyles, like tight, smooth waves.


And super sleek side parts!


In a public affront to Tan Mom, some ladies went for the Arctic pale look. Good for them.

Also! Lots of ladies went sans nail polish. A sign that the big bold neon nail polish/crazy nail art trend is on its way out?

What do you think? Exciting? Boring? Pretty? Ugly?