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    19 Times Scottish Celebs Were Genuinely Savage As Fuck

    "This is a really tough decision...because you're both crap." – Gordon Ramsay

    1. When Frankie Boyle got pretty personal with Richard Branson.

    2. Not to mention his Facebook trolls.

    3. When Sean Connery really didn't want to be in an Apple Computers advert.

    4. When Gordon Ramsay didn't hold back...

    5. ...or pull his punches.

    6. When Billy Connolly was hilariously rude about Glasgow.

    7. And so was Frankie Boyle.

    8. When crime writer Val McDermid shut down an anti-feminist troll in the best possible way.

    9. When Craig Ferguson DGAF about sparing racists' feelings.

    10. Oh, and his wife gets an honourable mention too.

    11. When Limmy wasn't interested in making friends with the 45th President of the USA.

    12. And when David Tennant took a swing at him as well.

    13. When honorary Scot J.K. Rowling tore Piers Morgan a new one on Twitter.

    14. When Billy Boyd didn't spare his co-star's feelings.

    15. And when Michelle Gomez refused to be nice.

    16. When Andy Murray had no time for daft questions.

    17. When even lovely Lorraine Kelly got in on the savage action.

    18. When James McAvoy pulled this evil prank.

    19. And when Ewan was a tiny bit miffed at Boris Johnson's post-Brexit resignation.

    In short, don't mess with Scottish celebrities.