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    53 Small Gifts Your Significant Other Is Sure To Really Appreciate

    If gift-giving is your love language, your heart is about to be *so* full.

    1. A pin set to express exactly how you feel about each other — and who doesn't love buying a gift where you get something for yourself, too?

    2. Cozy socks starring some of their favorite Studio Ghibli characters, perfect for accompanying the winter movie marathons you already know they're planning to indulge in.

    3. A mug warmer your busy-at-all-times coffee enthusiast partner will love having a hot beverage on demand.

    4. A set of nine lotus-inspired earrings that'll give off the look of a cuff but have the feel of a simple stud.

    5. A "Stolen Hoodie" scented candle you can likely play off as an inside joke and definitely make your S.O. smile each time they light it.

    6. A lightsaber tie, so your Star Wars–loving boo can feel the force even when they're stuck plugging away at their stuffy desk job.

    7. A blanket scarf they'll wrap around their neck for warmth or unfold and use as a makeshift blanket for the two of you.

    8. An Alex Trebek Funko Pop, perfect for the person who has been watching Jeopardy for over a decade and has even started testing their knowledge by re-watching episodes on Netflix.

    9. A mug inspired by The Office and Michael's one-sided ~love affair~ with Ryan, sure to make any fan of the show smile.

    10. A long, durable charging cable, because you can't put a price on the joy that comes from being able to lie in bed and charge your phone comfortably at the same time.

    11. A quirky coffee table book that'll have your cat-loving S.O. feline inspired.

    12. A pair of heart-shaped sunnies, so your better half can gaze at you with actual heart eyes.

    13. Ariana Grande's "Thank U Next" perfume they can spritz whenever they need a pick-me-up or want to channel their inner-diva (which may or may not be a good thing for you).

    14. A gift set filled with 12 moisturizing bath bombs you'll probably want to keep for yourself — if you're extra persuasive maybe your partner will share 'em with you ;).

    15. An HDMI splitter, so your loved one won't need to fumble with any cables when they want to switch between their PS4 or Xbox.

    16. A Deathly Hallows projection lamp that is sadly going to replace you as the light of your beloved's life as soon as you gift it to them.

    17. An external battery charger, so your main squeeze can continue to blow up your phone at all hours of the day and night.

    18. A personalized reusable Starbucks cup any caffeine fiend will adore.

    19. Or a monogrammed floral mug from Rifle Paper so they'll never have to worry about a coworker stealing their favorite mug ever again.

    20. A 12-oz bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that'll help anyone take the flavors of their boring weeknight recipes to the next level with just a drizzle.

    21. An "I Drink and I Know Things" key chain that the Game of Thrones fan you're dating will appreciate as much as Tyrion Lannister does wine.

    22. A butt mask for a makeshift spa night with a twist the two of you will really get a kick out of — with the added bonus of a smooth booty! Sounds like a win for all.

    23. A five-year diary that'll encourage your soft-spoken, introverted partner to ~express~ themselves.

    24. A cold-brew maker, guaranteed to make your partner who insists on drinking iced coffee in 20 degree weather swoon.

    25. An exfoliating lip scrub from nügg that'll keep their pout super soft and give you an extra reason to ~give 'em some sugar~.

    26. A lil' corgi succulent planter to pay tribute to their favorite dog breed — whether they actually own a pup or not.

    27. A set of personalized coasters featuring your love's favorite snapshots (or maybe the most embarrassing ones you can find...hehe).

    28. A waterproof speaker, so your better half can happily continue to belt out Taylor Swift songs in the shower, but now with a more supportive soundtrack.

    29. A customized Chatbooks photo album filled with pictures from your recent vacation together or just all those kissy-face selfies you'd never actually post on your Instagram feed.

    30. A Dungeons and Dragons starter kit your S.O. will want to dive into right away and start brainstorming what kind of mayhem they get you and your pals into now that they can finally act as the Dungeon Master.

    31. A foil art print to recreate a handwritten version of a meaningful recipe (maybe the first meal you guys ever made together!?), so special they may even tear up over how thoughtful you were while choosing a gift.

    32. A set of eight gorgeous acrylic hoops to ensure they'll have a stylish pair to go with every outfit they own.

    33. A set of socks with "stay warm" written on the back to keep your loved one toasty during the moments they sadly have to venture outdoors in the cold instead of snuggling up at home together.

    34. A book pin that'll let your partner express their love for literature on their denim jacket or backpack.

    35. An adorable phone-charger clamp, excellent for preventing cords from getting tangled and for making your loved one giggle each time they glance at their phone.

    36. A subscription to Disney+ so you both can have a justifiable reason to hibernate for the next few months. "Sorry, we can't come. We're watching every season of Boy Meets World."

    37. A Homesick Candle, so even if your better half is far from home they will always have something to remind them of it.

    38. A subscription to Atlas Coffee Club to bring aromatic, fresh beans from all over the world right to your honey's front door.

    39. A snuggly avocado-shaped heating pad — the perfect gift if your significant other is always complaining about how cold they are.

    40. An "I can go the distance" Hercules patch to motivate your S.O. to go that extra mile (either metaphorically or IRL).

    41. A "Cat Butt Christmas" coloring book, so your bae can relax and feel rebellious at the same time.

    42. A poster that'll perfectly depict the phrase any Fortnite player utters at least 20x per gaming session, ideal if your S.O. is obsessed with this game.

    43. A Lord of the Rings T-shirt for your partner who has read all of the books multiple times and already owns all the movies.

    44. A bar of soap made with mud from the Dead Sea that's formulated to deeply cleanse skin.

    45. A delicate initial necklace for the person who prefers simple jewelry they can wear every day.

    46. A Date Night Bucket List kit that'll make sure you and your sweetie never have another boring evening.

    47. A Snuggly Duckling T-shirt, so they can pay tribute to Tangled in a very subtle, but still effective, way.

    48. A gold bar bracelet you can personalize with something meaningful, like the coordinates of the street they grew up on or a quote you both love.

    49. A set of wireless earbuds that'll save your love from fighting through a tangle of wires every time they want to listen to their favorite playlist.

    50. A tiny Pokémon toy they can build themselves then keep on their desk as a reminder of their favorite '90s obsession.