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    Just 31 Random Products We Really Love

    A list journal, a bar of soap with a crystal in it, a sticker of John Mulaney, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) truly adore.

    1. An enamel pin that'll give you (and honestly, anyone else who passes you by) an excuse to shout "let them eat cake!"

    an enamel pin of a blue and yellow slice of cake with a cherry on top that says "it's not gonna eat itself"

    2. A SinkShroom strainer you won't know how you lived without because it'll keep your kitchen sink unclogged no matter how much gunk you fill it with.

    3. A hand-poured soy candle from Southern Elegance Candle Co. inspired by the city of Charleston so you can close your eyes and take a quick mental vacay without leaving your couch.

    BuzzFeed Shopping editor's picture of the candle on a table

    4. An Under Armour sports bra to provide you with full coverage and enough support that you won't have to think twice about your bouncing boobs when heading out for a jog.

    5. A squeegee broom, a must-have for anyone with looong hair (we all shed, don't act like you don't!) or a furry friend who loves rolling around on the carpeted floors.

    6. Fabric bandages with playful patterns on them that'll make you forget about the fact you just got an insanely painful paper cut while opening junk mail.

    7. A kneeler pad to assist with bath time. You'll probably want to write it a love letter saying, "I whale always love you," after seeing how much better your knees feel after one use.

    a blue whale-shaped kneeling pad near a bath tub

    8. A creative journal that'll turn your love for lists into a creative outlet that *just might* bring you a bit of peace at the end of the day.

    9. A day and night moisturizer filled with olive, lavender, almond, and grape-seed oils you can use on your skin *and* in your hair — say goodbye to cluttered cabinets, this product will do it all.

    10. A west coast-scented candle from PF Candle Co. to light up on days you'd rather be cruising along the coast instead of clicking through work emails.

    a brown glass candle

    11. A beautiful bar of soap with a rainbow moonstone embedded in it that'll impress anyone who enters your bathroom.

    a clear bar of soap with purple and blue sparkles throughout and a crystal stone in the mdidle

    12. An After Bite anti-itch pen, a must-have for anyone who has been safely spending time in the great outdoors and, unfortunately, also has sweet skin mosquitoes tend to flock to.

    13. A milk frother that'll transform your hot chocolate into one out of a Hallmark Christmas movie scene. Delish.

    14. A soothing sound machine to lull you (or your child) into dreamland or help cover up irritating sounds from your neighborhood (AKA the lovely humans digging up the sidewalk behind my apartment as we speak).

    the sound machine with a wooden exterior

    15. Apple AirPod Pro earbuds so you can happily listen to the latest Taylor Swift album without your roomies or family members complaining "do we haaaave to hear 'Cardigan' agaaaain?"

    a reviewer's photo of the airpod pros in their charging case

    16. Lavender-scented Epsom salts that'll relax any of your sore muscles or just create a zen-like environment for your next at-home spa night.

    17. Packing cubes, so when you decide to pack-up and spend a month hunkered down at your parents' house you won't have to fret about feeling disorganized.

    a reviewer's photo of the packing cubes filled with clothing in a suitcase

    18. A rapid egg cooker that'll assist you in making eggs so beautifully they'd make Ina Garten cry tears of joy.

    19. A pair of lighthearted games for the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 filled with chaos and cooking for a much-needed brain break.

    20. A power scrubber that'll leave your bathroom grout looking *shining, shimmering, splendid* like the day you moved in.

    21. Velvet scrunchies to help you transform any bad hair day into one that's selfie-worthy — they'll also make for some great arm candy when you're not using them in a ponytail!

    22. Supportive slippers that'll ensure you won't slip 'n' slide all over you wood floors when your phone rings in another room and you race to answer it.

    two models holding the shoes at the tips of their fingers in a field

    23. Hiphugger period panties from Thinx, so you can *go with the flow* instead of worrying about staining your favorite pair of jeans or sheets (seriously, for many of us this is a REAL LIFE problem!!!).

    three models laying in different colored thinx underwear

    24. Stackable bowls that'll make cleaning up after dinner a breeze while also making your place settings look more stylish than ever.

    25. Reusable makeup cloths you'll pat yourself on the back for buying when you see how incredible they are at taking off stubborn matte lipsticks and mascara.

    26. Workout leggings you won't find too tight or constricting so you can *get your hike on* and instead of complaining about your gear you can whine about other things like bugs, the heat, and being hungry (What? Just me?).

    27. A night serum that'll look beautiful on display in your bathroom *and* leave you with smooth, hydrated skin come morning. Sounds good to me!

    the night repair serum bottle that starts out as black and fades into purple and then orange

    28. A matte John Mulaney sticker you can add to the ever-growing collection on your laptop case in hopes you'll channel some of his humor while working away all week.

    a sticker of john mulaney doing stand up comedy

    29. Knit sneakers you'll be able to wash with ease after accidentally trekking through mud when strolling through the park with a friend.

    grey knit sneakers

    30. A splurge-worthy Kacy Yong bag that'll add a pop of color to your typically all-black wardrobe and likely become your most cherished accessory.

    31. And a headlamp, because you never know when you're going to need a little extra *light in your life*.

    a model with the headlamp on while hiking up some rocks

    Daydreaming about pay day so I can snag all of these beloved items like:

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