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    Just 31 Random Products We Really Love

    A list journal, a bar of soap with a crystal in it, a sticker of John Mulaney, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping team) truly adore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An enamel pin that'll give you (and honestly, anyone else who passes you by) an excuse to shout "let them eat cake!"

    an enamel pin of a blue and yellow slice of cake with a cherry on top that says "it's not gonna eat itself"
    eternalhoax / Etsy

    After putting this pin in another article it came to me and my fellow editor's attention that this pin *might* not be actually referring to cake, so, do with that what you will. OR GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER! SOME OF US JUST LIKE DESSERTS.

    "OMG, I love the heck out of this little pin. I got it as part of an Instagram giveaway and knew I'd love it so much that I got one for myself, too. It's so well-made and adds a cute lil' pop of color when I put it on the pocket of a tee or on a tote bag." β€”Emma Lord

    Get it from eternalhoax on Etsy for $10.

    2. A SinkShroom strainer you won't know how you lived without because it'll keep your kitchen sink unclogged no matter how much gunk you fill it with.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    I bought this for myself (since I'm clearly a REAL adult) and OMG. This thing REALLY works. Usually when my husband makes sauce from scratch I'm left with chunks of tomatoes throughout my sink and water that WILL NOT drain β€” that was until I bought the SinkShroom. My mom was so impressed she bought one, too. It's a serious game-changer.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    3. A hand-poured soy candle from Southern Elegance Candle Co. inspired by the city of Charleston so you can close your eyes and take a quick mental vacay without leaving your couch.

    BuzzFeed Shopping editor's picture of the candle on a table
    Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

    "I received this candle as a gift from a friend and it's so lovely! The company is Black woman-owned and the soy candles are hand-poured in North Carolina. The Charleston Sweet Tea scent reminds me of a summer trip I took to Charleston a few years ago with the friend who gifted it. It smells like berries, flowers, and apples. And it's been burning pretty slowly, which is always a plus because I light it almost every day!" β€”Kayla Boyd

    Get it from Southern Elegance Candle Co. for $20.

    4. An Under Armour sports bra to provide you with full coverage and enough support that you won't have to think twice about your bouncing boobs when heading out for a jog., Amazon

    "Running with boobs can be a struggle that only a really good sports bra can alleviate. I love this Under Armour bra because it provides full coverage, solid support, and it's very comfortable. I personally don't like wearing padded sports bras, so this one is perfect for me. It's also more affordable than most other sports bras I've tried in the past, so I can buy a few and rotate them without having to worry about constantly doing the laundry." β€”Hannah Loewentheil

    Get it from Amazon for $24.97+ (available in sizes XS–XL and 13 colors).

    5. A squeegee broom, a must-have for anyone with looong hair (we all shed, don't act like you don't!) or a furry friend who loves rolling around on the carpeted floors., Amazon

    "An embarrassing confession: my hair gets so ingrained in the carpet that a vacuum truly does nothing for it. In fact, to make matters worse, weird particles get stuck in the hair on the floor, which is stuck to the carpet, so I often was just unrooting clumps of hair from the floor with my hands (sorry for the visual). I bought this broom and it immediately started pulling it up GOBS of hair. My carpet like, genuinely changed color (turns out the pink was supposed to be much pinker, whoops). Anyway, do with that semi-horrifying information what you will." β€”Emma Lord

    Get it from Amazon for $15.10.

    6. Fabric bandages with playful patterns on them that'll make you forget about the fact you just got an insanely painful paper cut while opening junk mail.


    I also have these bandages and love them β€” they feel so much stronger than the standard ones I've used in the past and don't budge once you apply them.

    "This brand is fun, super flexible, and doesn't budge during hand-washing. (Take it from someone who just stepped on a candleholder a few nights ago and has one on her foot.)

    Yes I'm fine and yes it hurt like hell. I've been a big fan of these since they came on the market. I've tried the monster pack, along with the floral pack (the large bandages in that pack are what I've been using on my foot, btw). Y'all don't even realize how many bandages I go through given my clumsy nature! So, uh, I've been around the block with such first-aid offerings." β€”Elizabeth Lilly

    Get a pack of 48 from Amazon for $6.99.

    7. A kneeler pad to assist with bath time. You'll probably want to write it a love letter saying, "I whale always love you," after seeing how much better your knees feel after one use.

    a blue whale-shaped kneeling pad near a bath tub

    "Soooo, this is Mr. Whale, at least that's what he's called in our house. My knees and I love him so much that I've even started to sing a song about him every night at bath time (come to think of it, it's more of a sea shanty). And it goes a little something like this: 'He's Mr. Whale, he's Mr. Whale. He's got a tail(tale) telllllllll / When you set sail, please do not fail, to say hellllllllooooo!' It's just my little way of thanking him for his consistent quiet service in offering just the right amount of cushiness so I don't have to make that 'old-man-getting-up' noise every time I've finished bathing my child." β€”John Mihaly

    Get it from Amazon for $15.

    8. A creative journal that'll turn your love for lists into a creative outlet that *just might* bring you a bit of peace at the end of the day.

    Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

    "At first this book almost made my brain a little confused, because I'm not used to writing lists that aren't for work or for personal goals. And this book is full of lists like 'List The Things That Made You Happy As A Child' or 'List The Compliments You Want To Give Others,' which are not as utilitarian as, say, a list of how many yogurts I need to buy this week. But once I got over that hurdle of 'this isn't productive!!', it has actually been very soothing to write in on nights when I'm having trouble sleeping. It sort of feels like a gratitude journal with training wheels, because someone is giving you prompts." β€”Emma Lord

    Get it from Amazon for $10.22 or Bookshop for $15.59 (to support local bookstores).

    Check out Emma's of full review "52 Lists for Happiness" here.

    9. A day and night moisturizer filled with olive, lavender, almond, and grape-seed oils you can use on your skin *and* in your hair β€” say goodbye to cluttered cabinets, this product will do it all.

    "I have this, and I'm obsessed. I use it on my face, body, and hair. It doesn't irritate my skin and actually soothes my legs (ya know, after shaving). It's also gotten rid of patches of dry skin. It's so hydrating β€” I don't use moisturizer on my face when I put this on. Even my hair looks way healthier when I put this on the ends. Also, it lasts! A little goes a long way." β€”Victoria Vouloumanos

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    10. A west coast-scented candle from PF Candle Co. to light up on days you'd rather be cruising along the coast instead of clicking through work emails.

    a brown glass candle
    P.F. Candle Co.

    "I have several PF Candle Co. scents but my favorite is probably Golden Coast. The design of the jars are really cute for your next IG photo and add to any home-design aesthetic. I keep one on my entryway table for when guests come over and one in my bathroom to use after I clean for a final touch. I love that they are small enough to put on a bathroom sink along with other items, but still keep the whole room smelling fresh after I use lots of bleach/strong cleaning products. It’s a subtle but clean scent!" β€”Samantha Tomaszewski

    Get it from P.F. Candle Co. for $20.

    11. A beautiful bar of soap with a rainbow moonstone embedded in it that'll impress anyone who enters your bathroom.

    a clear bar of soap with purple and blue sparkles throughout and a crystal stone in the mdidle
    crystalbarsoap / Via

    This one is fittingly named "This Too Shall Pass," a must-have for any spa-like environment. I have *many* of these and love saving the stones after the soap has worn down β€” not to mention they smell amazing and leave my skin feeling soft.

    Get it from Crystal Bar Soap for $14 and check out all their other soap options here.

    12. An After Bite anti-itch pen, a must-have for anyone who has been safely spending time in the great outdoors and, unfortunately, also has sweet skin mosquitoes tend to flock to.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    I can also vouch for this product β€” I tend to blow up from my bug bites and this is the only thing that helps take the irritating itchiness away after a few minutes.

    "A weekend spent lounging in the park (while social distancing!) meant I had a bug bite on the back of each hand that were both itching uncontrollably. I applied After Bite directly to each a few times a day and they've both shrunk significantly (as you can see). They were both able to start healing because this stuff stopped the itch! So yeah, you can say I'm a fan." β€”Elizabeth Lilly

    Get it from Amazon for $8.20.

    13. A milk frother that'll transform your hot chocolate into one out of a Hallmark Christmas movie scene. Delish., Amazon

    "So, I totally bought this on a whim on Prime Day. It was just one of those sporadic buying decisions that I had a feeling I'd use once and never use again. *I still live at home with my parents,* and they laughed at me for buying this, because I have a tendency to buy too many things that I don't get enough use out of. Well, here we are months later, and I think my parents might even like this milk frother a tad more than I do β€” my mom told all of her co-workers, all of our family friends, etc. Point blank, this makes a great latte, and my dad won't even drink coffee now if it's not frothed first! All you do is take it out of the box, pop in two AA batteries (not included), put it into your drink, press the button at the top, and bam! It's magic. I personally like to froth the milk a little first, then brew the coffee from my Keurig into the same cup, and then give it another little stir with the frother for good measure." β€”Samantha Wieder

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in 17 colors).

    14. A soothing sound machine to lull you (or your child) into dreamland or help cover up irritating sounds from your neighborhood (AKA the lovely humans digging up the sidewalk behind my apartment as we speak).

    the sound machine with a wooden exterior

    "This was the third (maybe fourth) white noise machine I purchased for my baby/toddler's room and it's still getting the job done after nearly a year. There's a lot of city traffic and a very busy intersection outside our apartment windows and the Douni masks all of it (except for the occasional blaring ambulance siren). The wood grain is a nice change of pace from all the other white, black, metallic gadgets populating our home. Super powerful sound too!" β€”John Mihaly

    Get it from Amazon for $31.95.

    15. Apple AirPod Pro earbuds so you can happily listen to the latest Taylor Swift album without your roomies or family members complaining "do we haaaave to hear 'Cardigan' agaaaain?"

    a reviewer's photo of the airpod pros in their charging case

    ...and might I recommend the too-cute AirPod Pro cases from Rifle Paper while you're at it?

    "I have a pair of these, and they're not playing around. Once they're securely in your ear, you can toggle the headphones between noise-cancelling and regular sound, depending on your situation. I've been working from home, and the noise-cancelling is so effective that I can work next to a window where my neighbor is doing heavy construction and I don't hear anything louder than a faint buzzing. It's quieter than if I'd just plugged my ears with my own fingers. I'm also a runner, and these don't budge when you're sweating, which is nice. It's also handy that these toggle out of noise cancellation mode, because I feel better being able to hear traffic and other people around me when I'm out and about. The TL;DR is I love these so much I have zero interest in owning another pair of headphones for as long as I live." β€”Emma Lord

    Get them from Amazon for $219.99.

    16. Lavender-scented Epsom salts that'll relax any of your sore muscles or just create a zen-like environment for your next at-home spa night., Amazon

    "I can't remember ever feeling as sore as I did after my first run in a decade. When I got out of bed the next morning, I felt like I couldn't walk. So I limped over to CVS, bought myself a bag of Epsom salt, and soaked in a warm Epsom salt bath for about an hour. In addition to stretching after every run and elevating my legs, I've continued to take Epsom salt baths time and time again after runs, even when I don't feel sore. Epsom salts are known to soothe your muscles and relieve aches and pains, and I'm no scientist, but I can tell you it works for me." β€”Hannah Loewentheil

    Get a three-pound bag from Amazon for $4.66.

    17. Packing cubes, so when you decide to pack-up and spend a month hunkered down at your parents' house you won't have to fret about feeling disorganized.

    a reviewer's photo of the packing cubes filled with clothing in a suitcase

    "I requested this from my parents for Christmas last year and have put it to good use (way more than their money's worth!) since then. Yes, you can use the whole set in one roller bag. BUT most of the time I find it's easier to just use two of the cubes with mesh tops to pack like-minded things together (like undies, PJs, socks, and swimsuits in one, and then day clothes in another) and roll up my dirty laundry and shove it into the labeled laundry pouches at the end of my trip, which I'll then shove into the mesh-topped cubes for some separation but ease of packing.

    If you're trying to become one of those people who pack in just a backpack, I find that I can shove all my clothing (except the bulkiest clothing I of course wear while en route) into one of these mesh things and SO MUCH MORE than I'd think compresses into them. They're light and seem flimsy, but they're quite sturdy! Then when I'm loading up my backpack I'll put in that packing cube in the main part first, then squeeze in other stuff around it that you might need to access easier anyway, like a water bottle or book." β€”Elizabeth Lilly

    Get a set of seven from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in eight colors).

    18. A rapid egg cooker that'll assist you in making eggs so beautifully they'd make Ina Garten cry tears of joy.


    "Making hard-boiled eggs isn't difficult, but it does take a bit of time to boil the water and peel them. I love this rapid egg cooker because I can make a half-dozen hard-boiled eggs when I have the time, peel them, then store them in the fridge to enjoy throughout the week. When I need breakfast on the go, an easy salad, or a quick sandwich, I reach for one of my pre-boiled eggs. You can also use the rapid egg cooker for soft- or medium-boiled eggs, poached eggs, or scrambled, but I use the hard-boiled function by far the most often." β€”Hannah Loewentheil

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in five colors).

    19. A pair of lighthearted games for the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 filled with chaos and cooking for a much-needed brain break.

    Amazon, PlayStation

    "Basically you and up to three other players have to cook food in silly-looking kitchens. What I like about this game is that you have to work together instead of competing against each other. The challenges are chaotic and sometimes stressful, but you get a chance to learn how to best work with your teammates. It also helps that the design is simply adorable." β€”Bek O'Connell

    Get it from Amazon: Nintendo Switch edition for $38.44, PlayStation 4 edition for $29.99.

    20. A power scrubber that'll leave your bathroom grout looking *shining, shimmering, splendid* like the day you moved in.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    "I'm obsessed! This thing works small miracles: I cleaned about half of my bathroom's grout to its original sparkling-clean cream color in 40 minutes, and it took honestly no effort at all. And β€” as if easy, sparkling grout wasn't enough! β€” it busted through some serious soap-scum buildup in my bathtub (thanks, fancy soap and slow-draining tub) in less than a minute.

    Honestly, when I first tried the scrubber out, I didn't see too many uses for it other than for grout. But after owning it for a while, I've realized that while I don't need it every single week, it's priceless for the occasions I encounter tough gunk that I'd otherwise only conquer with excessive patience and elbow grease." β€”Natalie Brown

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

    Read Natalie's full review of the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber here.

    21. Velvet scrunchies to help you transform any bad hair day into one that's selfie-worthy β€” they'll also make for some great arm candy when you're not using them in a ponytail!


    "I bought these a year ago and they are the lights of my life. Super durable, ridiculously gentle on your hair, and they have an excellent hold. I pretty much have one on my wrist and another on my head at all times." β€”Emma Lord

    Get a set of 40 from Amazon for $7.99.

    22. Supportive slippers that'll ensure you won't slip 'n' slide all over you wood floors when your phone rings in another room and you race to answer it.

    two models holding the shoes at the tips of their fingers in a field
    glerups_usa / Via

    "Glerups rule! They're nice and flexible because they're felted, so it doesn't feel too much like you're wearing shoes inside β€” my feet still feel free! They come in leather- and rubber-soled versions and I opted for the leather. They still feel nice and sturdy and totally durable. I (accidentally) wear them outside all the time and they've held up very well! They're definitely a splurge, but if we're gonna be inside for the foreseeable future, I want my feet to be happy about it." β€”Rachel Dunkel

    Get them from Backcountry for $94.95 (available in women's sizes 6–12, men's sizes 7–12 and nine colors)

    23. Hiphugger period panties from Thinx, so you can *go with the flow* instead of worrying about staining your favorite pair of jeans or sheets (seriously, for many of us this is a REAL LIFE problem!!!).

    three models laying in different colored thinx underwear

    This pair of undies can hold up to two regular tampons' worth *and* if you detest them for some reason, you can take advantage of Thinx's 60-day trial.

    "If you're unfamiliar with Thinx, it's a brand of washable, reusable, moisture-wicking underwear that absorbs period blood to either replace pads and tampons or be used in addition to them.

    While Thinx has a lot of underwear shapes, I can only speak to the Hiphuggers β€” their standard pair β€” which I primarily love because they stay the heck put. And that ability to lock in place means they solve a huge issue I have as someone who prefers pads over tampons: when you shift your body just slightly to the left, and before you know it blood is escaping out of the crotch of your undies and onto your unsuspecting jeans.

    They also have solved my number one period pet nightmare, which is bleeding onto the sheets at night. Annoying at all times, but especially annoying when we are all in various degrees of lockdown and in/around our beds way more often by default." β€”Emma Lord

    Get them from Thinx for $23.80 (originally $34, available in sizes 2XS–2XL, 3XL, and seven colors).

    Check out Emma's full review of Thinx's hiphuggers here.

    24. Stackable bowls that'll make cleaning up after dinner a breeze while also making your place settings look more stylish than ever.

    Our Place

    "I have these bowls and love them so much. They just feel really nice and substantial in my hands. There's a coating on them that makes it super easy to clean. I had some caked-on cheese (basically cement) on one bowl that came right off with just a sponge and soapy water."β€”Bek O'Connell

    Get four bowls from Our Place for $45 (available in three colors).

    25. Reusable makeup cloths you'll pat yourself on the back for buying when you see how incredible they are at taking off stubborn matte lipsticks and mascara., Amazon

    "I initially bought this set because I was tired of disposable wipes that would dry out my skin and make me break out, and I wanted a cheaper alternative to the Magic Makeup Eraser. These towels actually take EVERYTHING off. My 24-hour foundation, my setting powder, my eyeliner, mascara, AND lipstick β€” gone in a couple of swipes! And, I began breaking out less after I started using these cloths with just water. I even packed these when I traveled and it made for easy makeup removal at the end of the day β€” I just hung it out to dry on the rack in our hotel bathroom. Each towel can last a few months as long as you wash them regularly." β€”Jasmin Suknanan

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three styles).

    26. Workout leggings you won't find too tight or constricting so you can *get your hike on* and instead of complaining about your gear you can whine about other things like bugs, the heat, and being hungry (What? Just me?).

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed, Bandier

    "Even though these are general exercise leggings, I highly recommend them for hiking. I love the outdoors, but I can be a little bit of a baby about overgrown brush β€” being fully covered lets me bust through the forest worry-free. They're not uncomfortably tight around the waist or ankles, and I find them to be quite cool and moisture-wicking." β€”Rachel Dunkel

    Get them from Bandier for $98 (available in sizes 2XS–2XL and 10 colors).

    27. A night serum that'll look beautiful on display in your bathroom *and* leave you with smooth, hydrated skin come morning. Sounds good to me!

    the night repair serum bottle that starts out as black and fades into purple and then orange
    Soko Glam

    "This is gentle enough for sensitive and acne-prone skin. I've used this every night and can confirm that with regular use, you really start seeing a difference in your skin! My texture smoothed out, I stopped breaking out, and my skin always felt hydrated to the touch. Definitely worth it." β€”Nusrat Sultana

    Get it from Soko Glam for $52.

    28. A matte John Mulaney sticker you can add to the ever-growing collection on your laptop case in hopes you'll channel some of his humor while working away all week.

    a sticker of john mulaney doing stand up comedy
    StickyStop / Etsy

    Can someone please gift me the sticker of Jeff Goldblum's face? Thanks.

    "I originally stumbled across this store because I was searching for Lady Bird and Timothee Chalamet stickers on Etsy for my friend's Christmas gift. Not only did she love the stickers but I was super excited to come across a John Mulaney sticker! I've had the Mulaney sticker now for over a year on my laptop and although it's been caught in the rain), it's still sticking strong. The best part is this store also does personalized stickers and the seller is super responsive and quick!" β€”Sarah Lee

    Get it from StickyStop on Etsy for $4.

    29. Knit sneakers you'll be able to wash with ease after accidentally trekking through mud when strolling through the park with a friend.

    grey knit sneakers

    "I own these and have worn them sooo many times. And as far as washing goes, they wash really well! You'll just have to make sure that you put them in a well-ventilated area to dry because they do take a while to dry. I discovered this a year ago when I ventured into an extremely muddy corn maze and got my foot stuck in muck. I hosed off my shoes beside the farm's pig pen and expected to have to throw them away. The light gray (which I own in addition to the burgundy hue ) washed really well, and then nearly a year later I wore them alllll over Athens. Did I mention they have excellent traction and you can wear 'em without socks?!" β€”Elizabeth Lilly

    Get them from Suavs for $95 (available in six colors and women's sizes 5–12).

    30. A splurge-worthy Kacy Yong bag that'll add a pop of color to your typically all-black wardrobe and likely become your most cherished accessory.

    Kacy Yong

    Don't worry β€” it also comes in black if you don't want to stray too far from your go-to color scheme.

    "This purse is a real splurge, and I can personally say it's really worth it! I have this in green, it's the only 'splurge-worthy' bag I've ever owned, and I use it all the time. I love having a purse that's both a striking color and made of high quality materials. It fits a surprising amount of things for such a small piece and holds everything securely. It's practically magic how this instantly makes an everyday outfit look high fashion...even my go-to sweatpants." β€”Mal Mower

    Get it from Kacy Yong for $495 (available in three colors).

    31. And a headlamp, because you never know when you're going to need a little extra *light in your life*.

    a model with the headlamp on while hiking up some rocks

    "I LOVE this headlamp! It sits flush against your forehead to provide the most comfort and least slippage possible. It's moisture-wicking to combat sweat, is rechargeable, has multiple brightness levels, and can be adjusted to face downward if you need to see ahead of you on a trail (the BEST feature!). I'm really looking forward to using it more on future outdoor trips." β€”Rachel Dunkel

    Get it from REI for $59.95 (available in four colors).

    Daydreaming about pay day so I can snag all of these beloved items like:

    The Walt Disney Company

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