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    This "52 Lists For Happiness" Book Is My Calming Nighttime Ritual

    Featuring lists about your fave foods, your fave humans, and all your biggest hopes and dreams ❤️.

    Since 2020 is *gestures vaguely in every direction*, a lot of us have had, uh, interesting sleep routines. And as someone who has always had trouble sleeping, I'm the first one on every sleep hack bandwagon — which is why I love this 52 Lists For Happiness book so much.

    holding up the book, which has pink flowers on the cover

    Part of this is because, as both a Hufflepuff and an anxious bean, I love myself a list. Grocery lists, budget lists, lists of lists I want to make. Give me a color-coded Excel sheet and watch my soul sing.

    At first this book almost made my brain a little 🥴, because I'm not used to writing lists that aren't for work or for personal goals. And this book is full of lists like "List The Things That Made You Happy As A Child" or "List The Compliments You Want To Give Others," which are not as utilitarian as, say, a list of how many yogurts I need to buy this week.

    page that says List 34: List The Foods That Taste Great And Make You Feel Good About Yourself When You Eat Them

    But once I got over that hurdle of "this isn't productive!!", it has actually been very soothing to write in on nights when I'm having trouble sleeping. It sort of feels like a gratitude journal with training wheels, because someone is giving you prompts.

    In fact, it feels like something I might have enjoyed casually a pre-quarantine, but is much more meaningful to me now. We're all struggling with things that we miss, and journaling through these lists gives you an opportunity to focus and reflect on the things that actually matter to you.

    List 16: List the experiences that have made you feel you are living life to the fullest

    What I especially like is that each list ends with an action item inspired by the list that you can incorporate in your life for the short- or long-term, or at least keep top of mind.

    A take action page asking if time with technology really makes you happy and prompting you to take a half hour doing something off-screen

    And while it hasn't been, like, a mystical insomnia cure, I do notice that it streamlines a little bit of the chaos in my brain that seems to get especially loud just when you're trying to fall asleep.

    List 28: List the projects you have been meaning to work on and finish

    Plus, if you're looking for an even *more* chill vibe, the author, Moorea Seal, has a 52 Lists For Calm (available on Amazon for $10.42 and Bookshop for $15.59) full of soothing prompts and exercises.

    The cover of the book

    In fact, Seal has a whole SERIES of 52 list books, planners, and postcards, so feel free to blaze through your first one — there are plenty more lists where that came from.

    Books for 52 lists for calm, happiness, bravery, plus a "52 lists" book without a theme and a planner

    Anyway, if you're looking for something to do in quarantine that might help reframe some of your thoughts or explore some untapped parts of yourself, 52 Lists For Happiness is a good place to start. You can snag it on Amazon or Bookshop and join me in the glorious list-making abyss.

    the book propped on a chair

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