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    44 Gifts The Introvert In Your Life Is Sure To Love

    Introverts unite (separately and of your own accord with no pressure whatsoever).

    1. A five-year diary that'll give you a good reason to carve out some daily me-time.

    2. A pair of fleece pajamas, so you can experience the utmost comfort while binge-watching The Great British Baking Show.

    3. A relatable sign that reads "Let's stay home" and'll let any visitors know exactly what your ideal plans are the moment they set foot in your home.

    4. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite so even if you're out in public, you can take a break and escape into another world.

    5. Or a subscription to Book of the Month for any bookworm who hates having to actually speak to someone in a store about what they should read next and would much rather have their next fave novel delivered to their door.

    6. A pair of over-ear headphones that'll easily let you tune out the rest of the world. See ya, unwanted convos.

    7. A Beauty of Horror coloring book anyone would find to be simply goregeous and a great way to burn off some stress.

    8. A soft, basic homebody sweatshirt that'll make them say, "It me!"

    9. An 1,000-piece puzzle they can devote their entire weekend to instead of making awkward conversation at a bar.

    10. A 20-piece kitchen utensil set so they can whip up their own fantastic meals instead of waiting in long lines to eat at a crowded, noisy restaurant.

    11. A keychain any introvert will look at and say "wow, that's my motto!"

    12. A set of cute cat socks that'll make self-proclaimed introverted cat ladies cheer.

    13. A yoga mat so they can work on their downward dog pose at home without the judging eyes of other people.

    14. A relatable T-shirt that is so spot-on they'll want to wear it every day as a reminder to society to LEAVE US ALONE.

    15. A set of heavy flannel sheets that might make them late every morning because they simply won't want to leave their bed. It's too people-y out there anyways.

    16. Joanna Gaines' book Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, to give them inspiration for staying home but making it ~stylish~.

    17. An award ribbon you can bestow on your introverted bestie \ for actually showing up relatively on time (and, TBH, at all).

    18. A subscription to Bloomingdale's MyList service so they can pick out fabulous outfits without having to interact with a single sales clerk.

    19. An anti-people-person enamel pin that'll act as an extra layer of defense from that relative who's always asking, "When are you going to get married?" during the holidays.

    20. An Oculus Quest VR gaming system so they can feel like they're venturing outside of the house without actually leaving their living room.

    21. A cozy blanket over 2.7K Amazon reviewers are obsessed with — so it clearly needs to be welcomed into any introvert's life.

    22. A countertop garden that is a great at-home activity and will lend some fresh veggies and herbs (and extra oxygen) to any kitchen.

    23. An Anti-Social Social Club sticker for their laptop or water bottle to let everyone know they're not the ONLY one who doesn't love chit-chat.

    24. An Amazon Fire TV Stick, so they can convince their friends to come over to binge the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel instead of leaving their precious couch.

    25. A clever necklace to show the world how they feel about being forced to interact with others all the damn time.

    26. A paperback of Sorry I'm Late, I Didn't Want to Come: One Introvert's Year of Saying Yes by Jessica Pan that might inspire them to step slightly outside their comfort zone.

    27. A clever shirt that'll somewhat discreetly let the world know they'd rather be alone.

    28. A floral candle they can light in celebration when the plans they were dreading get cancelled last minute. Smells like sweet, sweet victory.

    29. A 42-pack of tea to keep them warm, snuggly, and caffeinated while they text all their friends instead of having to chat face-to-face.

    30. And a mug that is perfectly suited for sipping tea out of while binge-watching The Crown in introverted bliss.

    31. A bar of soap infused with a crystal they'll find enchanting whether they use it zen out in the shower or keep around as decor.

    32. A U-shaped pillow, because you can totally want to cuddle and be left alone at the same time.

    33. A pair of memory foam slippers, so they can pad around the house like anti-social royalty.

    34. Or plush slides to make them feel like all comfy cozy while looking like an absolute fashionista.

    35. A set of stunning marbled bookends that'll make both the introvert and the bookworm in your life giddy.

    36. A silk sleep mask, so if they're on a plane they can avoid an endless conversation with the person seated next to them.

    37. A subscription box that'll present them with puzzles and ask them to decipher clues to solve a monthly mystery — an excellent solitary activity.

    38. A bookish tote bag great for any quick trips to the supermarket to stock up on snacks for a reading marathon.

    39. A Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite so they can socialize as much (or as little) as they want from the comfort of their own couch.

    40. A dad hat that'll subtly gets a message across to anyone that dares to encroach on their personal space.

    41. A doormat to express the feeling introverts get the moment they leave the sanctuary that is their house.

    42. A bathtub caddy that'll let them bring all their necessities into the most solitary room of the house.

    43. A white noise sound machine to soothe them to sleep each evening and help them reset after a full day of socializing.

    44. And a "Do Not Disturb" sign, so they can ~politely~ let their roomies know when they're introverting.

    Enjoy your solitude, and happy shopping!

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