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    27 Products I Cannot Guarantee Your Roommate Won't Try To Steal From You

    And they were roommates.

    1. An adorable Baby Yoda makeup brush holder (brushes included!) your roommate will NEED to know where you got it from as soon as they see it — just look at that precious face!

    baby Yoda inside the crib pod which holds makeup brushes in the back

    2. A pair of ultra comfy memory foam slippers to make your feet feel like you're floating on a cloud. Cue the envy of your entire household!

    the slippers in navy

    3. A Wi-Fi-enabled movie projector capable of syncing to a phone or laptop with ease, so you will be known as the one with the power to watch a movie just about anywhere.

    4. A wake-up light alarm clock that'll have you getting up feeling more refreshed than ever by waking you up gradually. The folks you live with *might* have some questions about how you suddenly became such a morning person.

    a model stretching in bed near the glowing sunrise alarm clock

    5. A set of cheerful llama pens — it would be really obvious if someone were to actually steal these, but who could blame them? Those little faces make me weep 😭.

    the llama pens in green, purple, pink, and blue

    6. A twinkle light curtain that screams "this is my place of peace and rest 😇 and if you try to steal, I WILL find you 😈." But you know...in a gentle, soothing voice.

    7. A very, very cute toadstool your roomie will definetly eye, especially if they are a Super Mario fan!

    the toadstool with a white base and red and white polka dot mushroom head as the seat

    8. A small but mighty waterproof Bluetooth speaker your roommates will need to get as well, because we all deserve to dance (or sing along) to some jams in the shower at the end of a long day.

    the speaker in orange floating in water

    9. A heavy-duty laundry sorter cart that'll hold tons of clothes and help you create the most organized laundry system ever known. You'll be the talk of the town when you wheel this bad boy out on laundry day.

    a reviewer photo of the cart broken into four sections, "darks, whites, work, and linens"

    10. A magical stand to hold your device in place without any form of support, so you can stay up to date on notifications while working from home, or FaceTime your loved ones over the holidays.

    a device being held up by the stand on an end table

    11. An extra-large rainbow stress ball for you to toss back and forth with your roomie when you've both had a crappy day.

    a child holding the large rainbow stress ball

    12. A box of aromatic Tea Drops your roommate will probably beg to try, especially after they see how quickly your perfect cup of tea comes together. Each drop has loose leaf organic tea, raw sugar, and spices — and they come in cute shapes!

    an open box of Tea Drops

    13. And a bed shelf perfect for anyone who likes to bring a cup of tea with them to bed. Now you can, in the tidiest way possible!

    the shelf attached to the side of a bed with a mug, air pods, glasses, and other items on it

    14. A sleep sound machine everyone will be jealous of when there's construction going on outside AGAIN, unbeknownst to you. You'll be tuned in to the soothing sounds of the ocean, rain, or white noise instead.

    the noise machine on a nightstand next to a sleeping person in bed

    15. A teeny tiny magnetic vase (tiny teeny plant not included) so you can leave your roomie notes on the fridge in the most adorable way I've ever seen.

    eight different tiny vases, some with plants inside of them

    16. An investment-worthy Aerogarden that'll grow herbs, salads, tomatoes, and peppers in a neat and orderly fashion. This is a hydroponic growing system with no soil and will grow your plants in ~no thyme~ even if you have little to no sunlight to work with!

    the Aerogarden

    17. A shoulder massager I personally swear by and believe everyone should own, especially if you carry stress in your shoulders like me! It has a warming function and delivers a surprisingly powerful massage for a machine.

    a model using the massager on their shoulders

    18. A precious hanging sloth planter that'll make your roomie realize they totally bought the wrong planter, because it's not this one.

    the planter hanging from a rope with a plant inside of it

    19. A rechargeable wireless touch sensor lamp to help you be the bearer of light, even when there is no outlet in sight. It can stay on for up to 110 hours at minimum brightness, so again — your roomies may think you're a wizard. You've been warned!

    The cylindrical lamp illuminating a bedside table

    20. A splurge-worthy faux fur bathrobe ideal for anyone who wants to walk around their house like the mayor of cozy town. This robe features plenty of warmth, fuzz, options for ears or an extra-long robe, and elegantly rich colors.

    21. An adorable Shiba Inu mug I absolutely cannot promise you will not find your roommate using once this mug is a part of your household. The Shiba's face, the paw-shaped stirrer, the high-quality ceramic — this is an 11/10 product.

    a person holding the cup in black and lifting the lid off of the cup

    22. A light therapy lamp you may find gives you and anyone around it a mood boost. It's UV-free, yet the light is designed to mimic a bright sunny day.

    23. A versatile storage ottoman for anyone who wants storage space, a place to sit, and a place to eat all in one piece of furniture. Once your roommate learns of its magic, they will totally want their own!

    the storage ottoman with a tray on top and smaller ottoman next to it

    24. A Privacy Pop bed tent to give yourself a sense of privacy at night, or to help you build a no-bug allowed sleep zone. My brother once saw my bed tent, immediately crawled in, and stayed there for the rest of his visit. Needless to say, I got him his own as a birthday gift.

    privacy pop tent around a bed with frame

    25. A super absorbent hand-towel designed to soak up sweat so you can get just as much out of your at-home workouts without ~sweating~ over a mess.

    the lavender colored towel

    26. A buttery-soft knit weighted blanket that's definitely one of those products one looks at and decides "I need it." The weight of this blanket comes from its extra chunky and thick knit, and many find the weight to be super soothing and calming.

    a model in the chunky grey blanket

    27. And a bean bag that rolls out into a mattress so you'll always have a cozy place to sit and an extra mattress for guests! Just be prepared for all the family pets to completely take it over, constantly.

    Your roommate at all your cool stuff:

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