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    30 Subscription Boxes That Are So Fun, You Just May Forget You’re Stuck Inside

    If you're bored and stuck inside, boy do I have a subscription box (or two) for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Matter is a monthly science subscription that delivers the world's most interesting matter to your door for the whole family to explore. It's part museum, part lab project, and it will keep you pleasantly occupied while you hang inside!


    What you get: You'll get four to six items every month (worth $50-60), such as computer chips, fossils, minerals, and detailed explanations for all the objects in the crate. Plus the packaging is100% recyclable/compostable!

    Promising review: "We are beyond satisfied with our subscription. Every box has a handful of real, interesting, educational, stuff. We all love it, from my 5-year-old to my 46-year-old." ⁠—Richard F.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $34.98/month.

    2. Book of The Month Club does the hard work of researching the best new reads each month, so you can pick from the top five and always have an amazing book on hand.

    Book Of The Month, Book of the Month

    What you get: BOTM searches through hundreds of new releases each month and picks out the top five new reads for you to choose from! You can also skip months if you're still working on your latest read.

    Promising review: "WOW! I absolutely love Book of The Month Club! Discounted best sellers with the option to skip some months? Count me in! Thanks to BOTM I have encountered some wonderful novels from new authors that I will be sure to add to my collection forever." ⁠—Chellie R.

    Get it from Book of The Month club starting at $9.99/month.

    3. Mask Box is a K-beauty sheet mask subscription that lets you customize what types of mask you receive based on your skin type. May you always be ready for a spa day!


    What you get: Each month you'll receive at least three Korean sheet masks, and you can choose from over four different skin types to ensure you get glowing results every time!

    Promising review: "I love this mask box! I just finished using the coconut gel mask with tomato and my skin has never looked better or felt softer. I love the variety!" —Cheryl P.

    Get it from Cratejoy starting at $8.33/month.

    4. Memories in Moments is an ideal subscription for craft-loving families who could use a little pre-planned fun. You'll make new, positive memories together through activities and craft-making!


    What you get: You'll receive beautifully curated DIY decor, crafts, activities, tabletop supplies, and recipes every other month! Everything you need to complete your activity or craft is inside.

    Promising review: "I loved these boxes! I‘ve gotten the Halloween box and the Winter box. They had super manageable, well-prepped and organized activities that were adorable. The recipes and digital plans were amazing resources as well. The style and theme are just what we were looking for to add some fun family time to our holidays! Will definitely buy it again." —Sara H.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $62/bimonthly.

    5. Teacher Care Crate is a monthly care package you can send to a deserving teacher in your life, to ensure they have what they need to take time for themselves.


    What you get: This box is packed with over six items per box to encourage teachers to take care of themselves. They'll receive all sorts of goodies like bath bombs, art prints, stress relief tea, journals, artisan chocolate, and more!

    Promising review: "I have been getting these boxes since they first came out and I still look forward to getting this box each month. Sarah is always on point with including the best quality self-care items from small-businesses, other teachers and items she made herself. I highly recommend this box to any teacher who needs some small reminds to take time and treat themselves." —Melaine F.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $27.99/month.

    6. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate is here to make all our mouths water with their pre-measured, mess-free cookie-baking subscription; because an afternoon spent baking is an afternoon well-spent.


    What you get: You'll get a box of pre-measured, vacuum-sealed, gourmet, handcrafted ingredients to create your own gourmet cookies just like you'd find at the bakery, plus cookie-themed gifts and surprises!

    Promising review: "OH MY GOSH! What a fantastic box. We got this for our son's 20th birthday and they worked with me to get it here earlier than their normal shipping schedule to allow us to give it to him on time. They even included a gift note AND our birthday note to him beautifully written and decorated. This box is packed full of fun/themed items on top of the tasty recipe and all the dry ingredients needed to make it. They even sent the wearable appropriately sized for a guy, which was AMAZING! I am so glad I chose this bakery box!!! And, most importantly, our son LOVED it. Thank you so much for this awesome box, Fresh Baked Cookie Company." —Michele D.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $20/month.

    7. Escape The Crate offers a monthly "escape the room" game that'll keep you and your family entertained as can be. Goodbye, boredom!


    What you get: You'll get ciphers, letters, sleuthing tools, puzzles, and other items that'll help you build the vibe of an escape room in your own living room! You'll receive a different traveling adventure every other month and work with your friends to figure out clues and solve riddles and puzzles.

    Promising review: "Escape the Crate is incredible. The production value, the feel of being in an escape room, the amount of content, the labor that must go into creating each is absolutely worth the cost. I'm continually impressed with the creativity that goes into making each box unique. And the fact that they made them reusable is an added bonus. I love this product. I could not recommend more highly." —Don T.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $26.50/bimonthly.

    8. Crated with Love is perfect for anyone who is stuck inside with their significant other and running out of things to do together! Say goodbye to endless binge-watching and hello to pre-curated date night activities and games.


    It may seem a bit counterintuitive to spend more time with the person you are stuck inside with 24/7, but anything that gets y'all laughing and having a good time together is totally worth a shot!

    What you get: You'll get one date night box per month featuring four to six activities, challenges, or games to bring you and your S.O. closer, all while having an absolute blast! Each date night is themed and the theme changes each month.

    Promising review: "This box is aaahh-mazing! What better way to connect with your significant other than through laughter. The games and activities found within this small box are geared toward bringing you two closer; you learn how to reconnect and remember why you got together however long ago." —Chanda F.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $20/month.

    9. Mind Wanderer sends a thoughtfully-curated and therapy-inspired self-care box right to your door, so you have some self-soothing support and resources to try during these tough times.


    What you get: You'll receive self-care products (such as tea, journals, candles, snacks, and more) to help you slow down and take some me time, and exercises for decreasing anxiety and stress while increasing positivity. Plus each month features a new theme, like improving sleep, decreasing anxiety and stress, increasing self-confidence, or developing more positive mindsets.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this box — by far my favorite sub box that I've tried. I subscribe to the Mind Wanderer mini and it never disappoints! This is a self-care box that is TRULY about caring for yourself (and the effort that entails). Each box/mini comes with a themed workbook to help you stay on track and really work on whatever the current theme is (fear and anxiety, happiness, self-love and compassion, etc.) along with an assortment of related items. I've received a few essential oil rollers, face masks, soaps, and occasionally a little notebook, cardholder, or something else. I buy this box for the workbooks, journal prompts, encouragement from Dr. Sarah and the online Facebook community. If you just want a box of stuff this is cute and you may still love it, but the real value and power lies in the CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) aspect of the box. Unmatched." —Jordyn T.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $39.99/month.

    10. My Box of Magic is a sequential subscription that'll take any budding (or practiced) magician's tricks to the next next level. You'll learn plenty of new tricks to entertain yourself and whoever you've been video chatting with.


    What you get: Each month you'll receive a box packed with three to five pieces of quality apparatus, plus bonus tricks online, unique tricks and routines, info on the history of magic and magicians, and secret links to performance and tutorial videos presented by world-renowned magicians!

    Promising review: "These boxes of magic are carefully considered and thought out. The packaging is beautiful. The magic is stunning (so much so that I have used some of the pieces in my professional act) and the creativity is overflowing. These boxes are for kids. These boxes are for adults. The magic is STRONG. The ideas are brilliant. I just love, love, love these boxes! They are perfect as a gift for someone that is interested in magic or for the pro that wants to have a shot of creativity injected into their arsenal of magic." —Jonathan L.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $32.08/month.

    11. Hygge Box will give you warm cozy feelings with their seasonal soothing items that just may help you decompress and take a break from the news cycle.


    What you get: You'll get a box of coziness featuring five to seven hand-picked seasonal items from around the world. You'll get things like candles, fairy lights, tea, hot cocoa, coffee, biscuits, chocolate, cozy socks, and little tools and books to help you express gratitude, feeling safe, and build a practice of happiness.

    Promising review: "I have been eagerly anticipating this box and I was not disappointed. It was a nice box full of unique goods to be enjoyed. The candle was wonderful I lit it up when my kids were down for their naps and I loved the little hedgehog pen. The theme of the box was well-curated and gave a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. Great gift for the person looking to have a soothing day." —Caitlin B.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $44.95/month.

    12. Succulents Monthly will deliver a bunch of precious plant babes (and super easy-to-follow care instructions).


    What you get: This box includes a live succulent friend (or two depending on your size subscription!), cute planters, the right potting mix, hand-illustrated care info, and everything else you need to be a successful plant parent each month!

    Promising review: "We gave this as a gift to my mother-in-law and I am just blown away by the quality of this subscription. The attention to detail is amazing. It's a terrific value for the dollar. I am a regular subscriber on Cratejoy and this subscription is as good as it gets! Thank you!" —Dana W.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $17.41/month+.

    13. Jackie's Chocolate is a mouth-watering chocolate subscription you totally deserve to indulge in.


    What you get: Each month you'll get truffles, caramels, bonbons, and artisan chocolates, delivered to your door! Choose from 1/2 pound, 1 pound, or 3 pound subscription. You chocolates are carefully packed to arrive cool and fresh.

    Promising review: "I got the year subscription for my dad for Christmas! He loves it! The chocolates arrive very well packaged and they look amazing. Happy customer!" ⁠—Traci M.

    Get it from Cratejoy starting at $17.95/month.

    14. Wodbom offers an ideal subscription for anyone in need of support for at-home workouts. From gear to snacks, you'll be *pumped* to open your box and start your workout routine!


    What you get: You'll get high-quality training gear, lifting accessories, work out apparel, recovery aids (massage tools and hydration supplements), high-protein snacks, and everything else you'll need to crush your next workout!

    Promising review: "Purchasing this box for my fiancé was a great idea. Not only are the shirts super soft and comfy, and the snacks are also delicious. The products are awesome — the shaker bottle was an instant hit and is really easy to clean. The Doc Spartan combat-ready ointment smells great, the wod welder odor crusher really works! Honestly, every item that has arrived at our doorstep has been a huge hit, makes a great present." —Madison G.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $33/month.

    15. Bargain Bead Box boasts tons of unique and top quality beads you can create and craft with all month long! Brb, ordering this for my mom.


    What you get: This box gives you 12-16 full-sized items including gemstone, glass, crystal, and/or metal beads. Each month comes with over $50 worth of quality beads, with earth-friendly packaging!

    Promising review: "Got my first box...absolutely awesome curation! I have a small jewelry business and the beads I received were both ones I've never seen before and ones I knew I couldn't have gone out and found myself OR gotten them for less than the subscription price. I'm in LOVE with this subscription!" —Lisa S.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $17.95/month.

    16. Girls Can Crate (for ages 5-10) offers your little one a whole month of inspiring learning and fun activities to do that are centered around a new role model each month!


    What you get: A new fearless female role model each month, a 20-page Girls Can activity book featuring a woman's story, games, experiments, and more; two to three hands-on activities per box, and creative play props.

    Promising review: "I can't begin to tell you the quality of the items in this box. They teach us historical events, geography, math, science experiments, and ways to encourage our girls to achieve by boosting their confidence through knowledge. You need a whole month to dive into all the materials they included in the workbook. My granddaughters were inspired to create and learn and so was I, I will be a long term Girls Can Crate subscriber." —Lynn

    Get it from Cratejoy for $18.50+/month (available in three sizes).

    17. Sips by is a tea subscription that'll ship out tons of divine, high-quality teas for you to try and unwind.


    What you get: You'll receive four premium, top-rated teas chosen based on your unique preferences that make 15+ cups total, and you can choose from loose tea or tea bags.

    Promising review: "I've always wanted to be a tea-drinker but everything I tried from the grocery store was underwhelming. This box has helped me learn so much about different types of tea and now I drink tea all day long. It's seriously been life-changing!! I don't subscribe to anything else because I like to pick out my own stuff, but this box is different — there are so many different kinds of tea I'd never find on my own, plus it's personalized to my flavor preferences. Thank you Sips by!!!" —Noel K.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $15/month.

    18. Elephant Books ships out hardcover books to kids ages 0-6. Your little one(s) won't be able to put these books down, and they'll learn to look forward to their new books each month!


    What you get: Choose from picture books or and board books for kids 0-6, and you'll receive two to three recently published hardcover children’s books destined to become childhood favorites!

    Promising review: "This gift is fantastic! I'm so happy to have found something that I can send new babies and little kids for their birthday that is truly a special gift and not something that will be outgrown in a month or broken in two days. Books are simple yet sophisticated....and the packaging is way cool. I love this subscription!" —Katherine F.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $17.99+/month.

    19. Bath Bevy will send you lots of high-quality goodies to soak in so you can easily pretend you are at the spa and not stuck inside, tyvm.


    What you get: You'll get six to 10 high-quality bath items per box, such as bath bombs, bath salts, body scrubs, and handmade soaps. All the items are from small indie bath and body companies, and each month features a different theme!

    Promising review: "I just got my first box and I am obsessed. The theme was galaxy/starry nights and it was so fun to unwrap all the goodies. I used my first bath bomb tonight and the quality is top-notch. I’ve purchased one Lush bath bomb in my life and I would say this was similar or better. Excellent strong fragrance. I really like the variety of products as well. Bath bombs are my favorite so I was excited to get three, but I also got bath salts, body wash, and bubble bath to mix things up. Everything smells divine." —Christine B.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $34.95/month.

    20. Atlas Coffee Club delivers mind-blowing coffee from all over the world, so you can live up to your caffeine dreams from the comfort of home.

    What you get: You get a half-bag, a single bag, or a double bag of coffee curated from the world's best single-origin coffee, tasting notes and brewing tips for each batch, and a postcard from a new country each month

    Promising review: "First of all, coffee opinions aside, this is the cutest packaging of all time. I was shipped bags from Peru and Colombia, and each was in a vibrant, patterned bag that had me instantly grabbing my phone to snap some pictures. The delivery even came with a handwritten Peru postcard. Already, I'm charmed. The coffee itself was phenomenal! The amazing smell hits you as soon as you open the box. The Colombian coffee was very smooth and chocolatey, with an almost creamy texture even when taken black. The Peruvian coffee was more bitter and fruity, but also exceptional. I think this is a great purchase for coffee fans and an even better gift thanks to the level of personal care put into each package. I feel like lots of subscription services are a rip-off, but this one definitely is worth it!" —Bek, BuzzFeed

    Read our full review of Atlas Coffee.

    Get it from Atlas Coffee Club starting at $9/month.

    21. Beauteque Monthly gives you the choice of a packed-to-the-brim K-beauty box, or a monthly face mask box so you can experience some of the best K-beauty products out there. I neeeeeed this 😍.


    What you get: You can choose from two subscriptions; the Beauty Box which includes six full-sized K-beauty items including skincare, makeup, body/hair care, beauty tools; or the Mask Maven for nine masks ranging from sheet masks to sleeping packs.

    Promising review: "I have been getting the mask box and beauty box for a year now, and I love all of them. The mask box has a lot of variety, and the beauty box is my fav. I love that if you want more of something, you can go back and buy it through them, no third party or code!" —jessica

    Get it from Cratejoy for $13+/month.

    22. Paletteful Packs ships out quality art supplies in various mediums so you can keep on painting, sketching, and creating!


    What you get: You''ll receive high-quality art supplies such as pens, pencils, paints, tools, sketch pads, and more.

    Promising review: "I'm super happy with the two boxes I've received so far. Art subscription boxes are a great opportunity to try out new supplies, and with Paletteful, I know that I'm not only getting the highest quality supplies but that I'll get enough to really try out the medium/art style. From the two boxes I've received, I know that I won't always want or need the supplies I get, but I also have friends that I can gift them to, so I don't mind."—Arlington

    Get it from Cratejoy for $32.50/month (available in three sizes, including one size for kids).

    23. Veggie Buds Club just might get your kids loving and eating their veggies via a fun monthly box of veggie-themed toys, recipes, and activities.


    What you get: You'll receive a monthly box filled with things like arts and crafts supplies, a growing project with seeds, cooking activities, stickers, veggie-themed toys, and more!

    Promising review: "We love veggie buds! My son looks forward to their monthly box in the mail. There are games, recipes, crafts, seeds to plant, and more! We love the books that come with it too. He loves watching his veggies grow, and he loves eating them!" —renee

    Get it from Cratejoy for $21.95+ a month (two sizes).

    24. Knit-Wise is totally worth the effort of calling up your siblings and making everyone pitch in to get grandma a year's subscription! It's also great for beginner knitters and includes crochet projects 😊.


    What you get: Each month you'll get one knitting or crocheting project based on your skill level, and all the materials you need to complete it. Choose from a beginner crochet subscription or a knitting subscription.

    Promising review: "I wanted to learn to knit — I have been crocheting for many years. This was the best introduction to knitting that anyone could ask for. They offer adorable beginner patterns and online tutorials, including video, which is a fantastic plus. I am now subscribed to the intermediate boxes, and I can’t wait to learn more!" —Jennifer

    Get it from Cratejoy for $10/month.

    25. The Nailed It Box is an inexpensive way to treat yourself to unique, seasonally themed mani-pedis via decals and stamps. If you love to do your nails but usually get nail polish everywhere (me), there is an easier way and it's this box.


    What you get: Each month you'll get water decals, stamping plates, glitters, holographic powders, stencils and more (seasonal boxes available, nail polish not included).

    Promising review: "Awesome! Always fast at shipping, and great amounts of product for the price. Absolutely love that I get a variety of nail art each month." —Krysten

    Get it from Cratejoy for $7.95+/month.

    26. Harry's makes getting a fresh, clean shave easier than ever with high-end razors and skincare products way under retail value, just in-case you decide to shave off the "I haven't left my house so why shave" beard.


    Shout out to my partner who trimmed my very own social isolation beard the other night, I feel much more like a person now!

    What you get: You'll get a starter shave kit with a razor featuring a weighted rubberized handle and five-blade razor cartridge, foaming shave gel, and travel blade cover. Harry's also offers chrome razors, hair and body products, razor stands, and travel sets. You can choose from a variety of sets, and customize the color of your razor, and pick which products you'll receive ongoing month-to-month.

    Promising review: "Order arrived quickly, very well packaged, perfect as a gift! I've used Harry's before, and in my opinion, the blades give me the smoothest shave ever." ⁠—Peter Harris

    Get it from Harry's starting at $8/month for the starter shave kit.

    27. Love Goodly is a vegan beauty and wellness box that'll keep your self-care routine well stocked with cruelty-free products, and introduce you to new brands you shall adore.

    Love Goodly

    What you get: You'll get one of two sized boxes packed with full-sized beauty and wellness items, such as makeup, moisturizers, healing balms, serums, scalp treatments, snacks, cute accessories, and much more!

    Promising review: "Absolutely amazing! Their values are aligned with what I'm looking for and they support charities. The box is great, customer service is great! Letting you pick colors of stuff in your box WHAT! Outstanding!" ⁠—Nicole M.

    Get it from Love Goodly starting at $34.95/month.

    28. Bloomin Bin offers tons of organic, in-season seeds and all the info you need to start growing your own fruits, veggies, and flowers. If there was ever a time to finally plant that garden, the time is now!


    What you get: Each month you'll get in-season seeds and instructions, and you can choose from flowers, fruit/veggies, or both. The basic bin gives you seeds and info on how to care from them. The premium bin gives you things like plant food, gardening tips, gardening gear, and projects!

    Promising review: "Really love this box (I have both seeds and the big box — like I said, I really love this box). You can't go wrong with either one. Everything is labeled and they give you great instructions. I have had almost 100% sprouting of my seeds. I like packages that people seem to put a lot of thought into. Thank you for the different gardening ideas and pushes. Love them all so far." —Anna M.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $6.50/month.

    29. Tamed Wild is a subscription for anyone in need of a little earth magic — this box is packed with intention setting rituals, herbs, teas, crystals, and alter items for your monthly lunar ritual.


    And if you don't have a monthly lunar ritual, this is also a great box for beginners!

    What you get: You'll receive up to five items including crystals, herbs and teas, altar items, jewelry, essential oils, and an easy-to-follow monthly intention setting lunar ritual.

    Promising review: "I've received a few of these boxes now and will renew my subscription for sure. High-quality products worth more than the price of the box. The curation is thoughtful and serves the month's theme. I'm really glad I found Tamed Wild :-)." ⁠—Andrea D.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $20/month.

    30. And Postmark'd Studio sends out absolutely gorgeous themed stationery for anyone who wants to send snail mail but is running low on supplies!


    What you get: You'll get four to five greeting cards, stamps, stationery, and an artsy doodad that'll make letter-writing fun and easy! Each box features a different theme and will make you a master of snail mail in no time.

    Promising review: "Simply put, one of the best subscription services I've ever purchased. This box is perfect for anyone, whether they send occasional greeting cards or post bundles of mail every week. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to procure some stationery that I would never have found otherwise; in professionalism, product, and prompt service, Anne will not disappoint!" —Lauren C.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $20/month.

    How I'm about to be when all my gardening supplies arrives in the mail:

    Fox TV

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