19 TV Shows That Got Worse As They Went On And Majorly Disappointed Their Fans

    "I was SHOCKED it was renewed."

    The BuzzFeed Community has A LOT of TV show opinions!! When asked about what TV shows they once loved, then hated in later seasons, BuzzFeed readers didn't hold back. Like, at all. Now, these are NOT MY OPINIONS, nor have I seen every show mentioned, so I can't really speak for allllll the spicy takes listed, but I can say: Wow. I know some of these are definitely controversial. Have a look for yourself:

    1. "The Goldbergs. I really thought it was cute for the first couple of seasons, but then, the stuff with the overbearing mom just got ridiculous and annoying. I mean, we get it! She's a 'smother.' What else you got?"


    "The current season is so bad, it's almost funny how bad it is. The Season 10 premiere had David Hasselhoff in a terrible wig. It went downhill when Barry went to college. Season 9 ended with Adam graduating, and that seemed like a decent ending. They were already going to write the dad out due to issues with the actor. I was shocked it was renewed."


    Screenshot from "The Goldbergs"

    2. "I fell in love with Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and cried in the pilot episode. I rewatched Season 1, like, four times before Season 2 even came out. But the show didn’t know what to do after Zoey’s dad died, and the love triangle was irritating to watch. I was not surprised it got canceled. I just don’t understand how a show that had such a perfect first season could fall off so quickly."

    —Kyla H., Facebook

    Screenshot from "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist"

    3. "The Good Doctor, the US version. The whole Shaun and Lea baby thing really ruined it for me. I felt like Lea totally took advantage of Shaun. It seemed forced, like they needed something else to write about."


    Screenshot from "The Good Doctor"

    4. "Shameless. The first two seasons were okay. After that, it seemed like it was the same thing over and over. Debbie's character seemed to become an entirely different person, and one that I couldn't stand. Lip had a chance to improve his life, but slipped back into old habits. I quit watching after Jody was introduced."


    Screenshot from "Shameless"

    5. "Search Party! I really had fun with this show and this cast, but then, the last season was absolutely ridiculous. People were trying to say it was groundbreaking, but it was just flat-out stupid and over-the-top ridiculous. It could have ended perfectly with the season before."


    Screenshot from "Search Party"

    6. "Gilmore Girls. Once Rory goes to Yale, her storyline is unwatchable for me, and once Luke has a daughter, the Luke and Lorelai scenes become unwatchable. There are just too many characters making terrible decisions."

    —Alana N., Facebook

    "I refuse to acknowledge the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and just pretend it never happened. I mean, Rory's character was a mess throughout the original, but you give her some grace for 1. having a family who was constantly expecting conflicting choices from her, 2. having a mom that chose to be her friend over her mom in moments where she really needs a mom, and 3. she's young. The reboot just erased all her character growth and lessons learned. It was such a disappointment. I do love the theory that the original Gilmore Girls was written from Rory's perspective. I think that's the only way the reboot can make sense."

    —Katelyn W., Facebook

    Rory and Logan in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"

    7. "Sleepy Hollow. The first two seasons were fun and cool. I don't know what changed behind the scenes after that because Season 3 was dreadful. There was a Season 4 where they obviously tried to drum up a new audience by doing a cast shakeup and changing the location, but it was too late by then."

    —Evan B., Facebook

    Screenshot from "Sleepy Hollow"

    8. "The League. The first four seasons were great, then it started going downhill partway through Season 5. Season 6 was 'meh' at best, and I heard so many bad things about Season 7 that I still haven’t watched it because I don’t want to wreck the memory of the first four and a half seasons. Too much Rafi, I think, was part of the downfall."

    —Curtis T., Facebook

    Screenshot from "The League"

    9. "Oh, I can’t stand last season of Fringe, which is super disappointing because it’s overall one of my favorite shows! Any time I rewatch it, I stop at the finale of Season 4 right before it leads into 5 (I skip the futurist episode of Season 4, too). As much as I dislike loose strings, I think I would have preferred never knowing just who/what the Observers were and that whole garbage season with them as the villains."


    Screenshot from "Fringe"

    10. "Scream Queens needs to be on this list. The first season was ahead of its time, if a little rough at the end, as most Ryan Murphy projects are, but the second season was awful from the beginning."

    —Julie A., Facebook

    Screenshot from "Scream Queens"

    11. "Arrow should have ended after Season 3. It was the perfect ending. He gets the girl, retires, and passes the mantle to his sister. They should have just done a spin-off about her. The way they bring Oliver back for Season 4 was very contrived, and they also kept using the events of The Flash to bring back 'dead' characters from other universes."


    Screenshot from "Arrow"

    12. "New Girl. SO. MUCH. WASTED. POTENTIAL. They did seven episodes in the final season for WHAT? Nothing. We knew Jess and Nick were going to get married or at least engaged, and the whole ring in the mail plot was so STUPID. And Cece not knowing how to mother her own kid when Schmidt wanted to go back to work? They made her look so stupid after all her character's growth in just ONE episode. I would have loved to see not only a full season, but at least the proposal, marriage, all that in four episodes, and the rest of them adjusting to family life and still being great friends. But nope. Bumbling stupidity and shitty writing at its finest."


    Screenshot from "New Girl"

    13. "Two and a Half Men. Alan became a despicable, horrible person who should be in prison. We were initially 'told' by the series that Charlie was the 'bad one,' but in later seasons, Alan became a much worse person than Charlie."


    Screenshot from "Two and a Half Men"

    14. "Grey's Anatomy. Please, let this show die already, and don't revive it (no pun intended). It became horrible, and I can't even watch it because all the scenes with drama, screaming, hysteria, and crying honestly really annoy me. How many people can watch someone who cries, yells, gets hysterical or over-the-top angry over literally anything? And, so many deaths! This hospital is cursed!"


    Screenshot from "Grey's Anatomy"

    15. "I loved Teen Wolf so much when it first came out! Stiles was one of the best/creepiest villain arcs they ever did, but the show started to go downhill pretty fast after that season. Derek left, Allison was gone, we completely abandoned Kira in the desert, and I just could not bring myself to care about the new pack and all their issues. The story started out great, and the characters brought a lot of warmth and heart to the plot, but the last two seasons were such a bore."


    Screenshot from "Teen Wolf"

    16. "Seasons 4 and 5 of Arrested Development upset me deeply. I still have no idea why they inflicted them upon us."


    "I have never been so excited for a show that was so wildly, grossly, immensely disappointing to watch. I wish it was never made because it shit all over the legacy of the show."


    Screenshot from "Arrested Development"

    17. "Heroes built the entire first season around 'save the cheerleader, save the world,' and then, they saved the cheerleader, and it meant nothing. That's when it became clear that the writers and the showrunner had no idea where they were going, and started just wandering around throwing out trial balloons."


    "The first season was perfection, and then, they had nowhere to go."


    Screenshot from "Heroes"

    18. “The ending of Killing Eve was rushed and disappointing for a show that had so much potential. The only good thing to come out of the series finale was that kiss between Eve and Villanelle. Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh had one of the best onscreen chemistries, in my opinion."

    —Heather C., Facebook

    Screenshot from "Killing Eve"

    19. Finally: "Once Upon A Time! Biggest disappointment for me. I LOVED that show and was hooked for the first three seasons. It was so good then. I didn't hate Season 4 with Frozen, but that was when it started to go downhill because it just became a marathon of how many characters they could fit in. Season 5 with Camelot was OK, but by the middle, they started to lose the plot. Seasons 6 and 7 had a few good moments and revelations, but are basically unwatchable for me. Season 6 is a mess and makes no sense, and Season 7 was basically everything we had already seen."

    —Shannon S., Facebook

    "The first season was a fantastic setup, so intriguing and promising, but because it aired on ABC, it turned into nothing more than a parade of Disney characters. I stuck it out until the very end, but I nearly gave up when they went full Frozen. I get that little kids everywhere loved the movie, but I thought it was a show about classic fairy tale characters, not one giant commercial for a recent Disney movie."

    —Amy F., Facebook

    Screenshot from "Once Upon a Time"

    What's a TV show you loved at first, but couldn't stand by its later seasons???

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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