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    "Shameless" Is Officially Over After 11 Wild Seasons — Here's Where All Of The Characters Ended Up

    "Not much left to say...except, time's precious."

    It's the end of a TV era — after 11 wild, emotional, and iconic seasons, Shameless just came to an end, and it finished with a pretty open-ended finale.

    Frank saying, "We're not doing this telling you what happened on 'Shameless' last week anymore"

    So, here's what happened to all of the Gallaghers, Kevin and Veronica, and more.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead for the final season! 🚨

    1. Lip Gallagher

    Lip saying that everyone is making him make big decisions and Ian saying, "It's 'cause you're the closest thing to a dad we ever had"

    2. Ian Gallagher

    Mickey saying, "I'd be a shitty dad, man" and Ian hugging him and saying, "Come here. Come on. You're gonna be a great dead"

    3. Mickey Milkovich

    Mickey smiling at Ian and Ian saying, "I love this man" before kissing Mickey

    4. Kevin Ball and Veronica Fisher

    Kevin asking V, "Are we selling or not?"

    5. Carl Gallagher

    Tipping telling Carl, "You can't let them sell this place. it would make a great cop bar"

    6. Debbie Gallagher

    7. Liam Gallagher

    Liam saying, "No Frank?" and sitting at the bar

    8. Frank Gallagher

    Frank saying, "I guess that's it. Not much left to say really...except, time's precious. Don't fuckin' waste it. Have a good time. I sure as hell did"

    9. Tami Tamietti

    10. Tommy and Kermit

    Tommy and Kermit raising their glasses of beer at the bar

    11. And finally, Fiona Gallagher

    Fiona asking Lip, "Take care of them for me, will you? Promise?"

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