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    23 American TV And Movie Remakes That Fill People With Rage

    "They need to STOP with the remakes."

    Sometimes TV show and movie remakes enhance the originals, but, safe to say, that's not always the case. So we asked the BuzzFeed Community: What are some American remakes that just didn't need to happen? Here's what they said:

    1. Skins

    Nicholas Hoult and James Newman in bed looking up at the ceiling
    E4 / MTV

    "Skins (UK) had an authenticity, even though so much of what happened seemed insane, that the US version couldn’t compete with. When people have only seen the US version, it just pisses me off."


    2. Utopia

    Adeel Akhtar and Desmin Borges wearing an eye patch
    Channel 4 / Amazon Studios / Everett Collection

    "I watched the UK version during the lockdown, and so much of it speaks to what we are going through or have gone through recently. There's really no need to Americanize it when it was universal already."


    3. The IT Crowd

    Chris O'Dowd and Joel McHale speaking on the phone
    Channel 4 / NBC

    "Chris O'Dowd was amazing as Roy in the British version. Joel McHale as Roy was not!"


    4. The Inbetweeners

    The British cast of The Inbetweeners holding a car door, The American cast of The Inbetweeners walking down a street
    E4 / MTV / Everett Collection

    "The less said about the US remake of The Inbetweeners, the better 😂."


    5. Dinner for Schmucks

    Jacques Villeret and Thierry Lhermitte sitting on a couch; Steve Carell and Paul Rudd sitting at a desk in a cubicle
    Gaumont / Paramount Pictures

    "The French original, Le Dîner de Cons, is so good and hilarious. The remake was terrible despite a good cast."


    6. The Good Doctor

    Joo Won wearing sunglasses looking in front of him, Freddie Highmore looking in front of him
    KBS / ABC

    "My issue with the remake is the fact that they completely whitewashed the whole show. If you’re going to remake a Korean show in English, why are there no Korean leads?"


    7. Gracepoint

    Olivia Colman with her arms crossed standing beside David Tennant, Anna Gunn with her hands in her pockets, standing beside David Tennant
    BBC America / FOX / Everett Collection

    "The American remake of Broadchurch was so awful and disappointing. It was basically a shell of the original series, with absolutely no depth, intrigue, or emotion whatsoever. David Tennant was one of the only redeeming things about it, but even he didn't seem like he wanted to be there. Pretty much all the actors were phoning it in so hard; it was like watching a bad junior college theatre production. And on top of all that, they kept the original ending but tweaked it a little so the killer was technically someone else, but the way they did it was so ludicrous and poorly executed."


    8. Red Dwarf

    Chris Barrie and Chris Eigeman with an H on their foreheads
    BBC / Everett Collection / Universal Studios

    "Even Terry Farrell couldn't save it. Thankfully it never got past a pilot."


    9. Taskmaster

    Greg Daives and Alex Horne sitting on thrones, Reggie Wats and Alex Horne sitting on thrones
    Channel 4 / Comedy Central

    "After falling in love with the British show Taskmaster in March, I was surprised to learn that there was an American season. I could only make it through ONE episode... It was not the same at all. I'm glad we still have the British version. America, you're not better."


    10. Payne

    The cast of Fawlty Towers posing for a group photo, The cast of Payne posing for a photo while holding a bell
    BBC / Studios USA Television / Everett Collection

    "I remember that this remake of Fawlty Towers was straight garbage. I wish Americans would learn to stop trying to remake anything British. It's never any good."


    11. Oldboy

    Choi Min-Sik standing in an elevator, Josh Brolin standing in front of an American flag
    Show East / FilmDistrict

    "Oldboy, hands down. The American version was nowhere near as good."


    12. Breathless

    Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg kissing in the car, Valérie Kaprisky and Richard Gere kissing in the car
    UGC / Orion / Everrett Collection

    "Godard made a film that pioneered the French New Wave genre and popularized game-changing filming techniques that are commonplace nowadays. The remake loses all of the human emotion and banality that made the original interesting to watch. It's more of just a visual spectacle with Richard Gere at the helm."


    13. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

    Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara, both with multiple piercings, speaking with someone
    Nordisk Film / NFP / Sony Pictures

    "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movies. The original Swedish version with Noomi Rapace was all that we ever needed."


    14. The Returned

    Yara Pilartz's character talking to her parents, India Ennenga's character talking to her mother
    Canal+ / AE

    "Les Revenants was a beautifully dark and haunting show that originated in France. The American remake was corny and heavy-handed. They attempted to add to the unfinished French version, but it was just so unnecessary."


    15. Death at a Funeral

    Peter Dinklage wearing all black
    Verve Pictures / Screen Gems

    "I felt annoyed that they remade Death at a Funeral three years after the British movie. I love British humor and thought the movie was hilarious. Then when I’d recommend it to friends, they’d think I meant the American version and say they’d seen it. I do love that Peter Dinklage was in both, though."


    16. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    The cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway sitting down in a line, the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway standing in a line
    Channel 4 / ABC

    "This may be unpopular, but I think the UK version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? is superior. The 'points' that host Clive Anderson doled out were much funnier and not just 'a thousand points' that Drew Carey did every time. Also, while I loved Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie, I liked that the UK version didn't always have them on."


    17. Diabolique

    Simone Signoret and Sharon Stone wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette
    Cinédis / Warner Bros / Everett Collection

    "The first one that comes to my mind is when they tried to do a remake of Les Diaboliques (1955), which is absolutely iconic. Diabolique (1996) was a disaster. I only gave it a chance because it had a great cast, but I regretted it."


    18. Kath & Kim

    Jane Turner and Gina Riley, pointing at her shirt, pose for a photo. Molly Shannon and Selma Blair posing for a photo
    Sundance Channel / Mitchell Haaseth / NBC / Everett Collection

    "A crime against television."


    19. Let Me In

    Kåre Hedebrant and Kodi Smit-McPhee holding their ears to a wall
    Magnolia Pictures / Saeed Adyani / Overture Films / Everett Collection

    "Such a beautiful film — why did America decide to remake it, virtually shot-by-shot, but without any of the depth of characterization?"


    20. Life on Mars

    John Simm talking to someone, Jason O'Mara wearing a police uniform leaning against a wall
    BBC One / ABC

    "As far as I'm concerned, the US version of Life on Mars was just a nightmare I had. It was so unbelievably awful [that] it has no right to exist."


    21. Quarantine

    Manuela Velasco wearing a bloodied tank top in the dark, Jennifer Carpenter wearing a white tank top standing in the corner of a room
    Filmax / Screen Games / Everett Collection

    "Rec was amazing. Unexpected and tense and the characters were largely realistic and believable, which is so necessary for good horror. Quarantine was by the numbers, annoying, and forgettable."


    22. Us & Them

    Joanna Page looking up, Alexis Bledel sitting in a bathroom stall
    BBC / Everett Collection / Sony Pictures Television

    "The US version of Gavin & Stacey was horrifying!"


    23. Call Me Kat

    Miranda Hart and Tom Ellis holding each other, Mayim Bialik and Cheyenne Jackson dancing
    BBC / Fox

    "I really hate 'cringe' comedy; I never find it funny. I always just feel sorry for the person. But Miranda Hart was able to put that character into such embarrassing situations but make us feel like she was SO much in on the joke, that it actually worked for me! I have to go rewatch Miranda, lol!"


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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