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"He’s Such Diva And A Creep": People Are Revealing The Nicest And Rudest Celebrities They've Ever Met, And DANG

"I absolutely cannot stand him. I make sure I’m never working any events he will be at."

BuzzFeed Community members recently shared their most memorable encounters with celebrities and dished on who was kind in person and who was unfortunately rude. The comments quickly filled with even more intriguing stories of sweet (and salty) celeb interactions. Here are some of the most interesting:

Note: These are submitted stories and cannot be confirmed one way or another.

1. BEST: "Sir Ian McKellen gave me a great, big hug at Pride some years ago. Sweetest man, and funny, too."


closeup of sir ian

2. BEST: "Harry Styles is truly a pure human being. I went to one of his concerts and was lucky enough to see him just as he was getting in his car to leave. I freaked out but didn’t say anything (there was distance between us), but he actually saw me. Pretty sure he came over to make sure I wouldn’t pass out from excitement, but when I calmed down, we talked for a bit. I told him it was my birthday and he congratulated me. I told him about how he saved my life and he just went quiet and hugged me. Chatted a bit more, got a picture, and said goodbye. Best day of my life."


harry on stage

3. BEST: "Right before the series finale of The Office, they had this huge party in Scranton, PA. There was a parade, concert, and a Q&A panel with just about all the cast members! Between the parade and concert, there was a brief time where, if you were lucky enough, you could meet the stars. Everyone was super kind, especially Jenna Fischer (aka Pam). My friend and I asked for a picture with her and handed over my camera for a selfie. The first one was really zoomed in, so she took another. This one was ruined by someone photobombing! It turned out to be Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight), so I went from furious to thrilled in a split second. Then, she took a THIRD picture of us, and it turned out great! That whole day was a dream, but I’ll never forget being photobombed by Dwight while Pam patiently took a selfie with me!"


closeup of jenna fischer

4. WORST: "Jared Leto is an absolute nightmare. He’s such a diva and such a creep. He draws attention to himself in public, then rebuffs his fans when they approach him. I’ve never been a big fan of his band, but I absolutely cannot stand him and make sure I’m never working any events that he will be at."


closeup of jared

5. BEST: "In 1995, I met Shania Twain. She sang the National Anthem at an NFL game where our university marching band had been asked to play at halftime. After our show, I was loading our truck with the other percussionists at the 'secret' underground entrance when she and her security team exited. She gave us all very kind and genuine compliments on our pre-game and halftime shows. We were floored."


closeup of shania on stage

6. BEST: "Hugh Jackman is a dream. I met him at ComicCon many years ago and he was such a doll. Super sweet and kind!"


closeup of hugh at an event

7. WORST: "Katy Perry was a nightmare. When I went to go see a taping of American Idol (the first season it was back), it was night and day between how Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie treated fans versus how Katy did in between commercial breaks. Luke and Lionel would take selfies with people (including me!) while Katy sat at the desk the whole time with her cell phone and would roll her eyes at the teens next to me calling her name. When taping was done for the night, she made a big deal about laying on the walkway and spun around for one minute so people could take pictures of her, and then she was out. Totally turned me off from liking her."


katy singing on stage

8. BEST: "Danny Trejo is honestly so sweet and just a great guy all around. I met him at a horror convention several years ago, and there was a little boy in front of me, probably about 10 years old. Even though there was a long line of people waiting for his autograph/photo, Danny Trejo took the time to talk to him and ask him about his interests and hobbies, what he liked to do in school, etc. He spent probably 15–20 minutes talking to this boy, answering his questions, and just genuinely showing interest in what he had to say. It was great. When my group got up to see him next, he did the exact same thing and spoke to all of us for several minutes while he signed our photos. He even got up and gave us all a hug and thanked us for coming to see him. Just an all-around great guy."


closeup of danny smiling

9. BEST: "I met Louis Tomlinson in London. I won the listening party to hear his first album before it came out. I'm from Italy and I went to London just to meet him. He was the sweetest and had vegan candies, sweets, and cupcakes for everyone — very thoughtful of him. He made time to do photos with everyone and made my dream of meeting him come true (and made it so special)."


closeup of louis

10. BEST: "Dave Grohl was an absolute dream. I work for a radio station, and I’ve never had anything but great experiences with that guy. He always seems to be in a good mood, introduces himself to everyone, and he’s sincere when he talks to you. Awesome guy."


dave playing guitar on stage

11. WORST: "Idina Menzel was an absolute nightmare. We waited for two hours to meet her. She was super cold, wouldn’t give anyone eye contact, and refused pictures. She’s amazing in concert, but meeting her popped that rose-colored bubble for me."


idina performing on stage

12. BEST: "I met Patti LaBelle on stage a few months ago. She asked random audience members to come up, so I did. She handed me a mic during "Lady Marmalade" and commanded me to sing, so I did. After people were leaving the stage, I told her how amazing she is and asked for a selfie, and she happily obliged. I was so stunned from that experience, I could barely talk for the next two hours!"


patti performing on stage

13. BEST: "Garth Brooks is one of the nicest human beings in the world. I met him when he was doing a baseball charity event a couple years ago. Not only was he playing baseball in the sun for hours, but afterwards, he stayed to meet every single person who showed up to see him. Some other fans in the crowd said they had met him more than once and he always recognized them and remembered their names. He took his time with everyone, had a genuine conversation, and even 'directed' a video for him and I to send to my mom (who is a huge fan and couldn’t be there that day). I will never forget how kind he was and how, despite his status as a country music legend, he was also just such a nice guy."


garth singing on stage

14. BEST: "I remember meeting Gillian Anderson when I was a uni student and being so starstruck I could barely string two sentences together. I was also stressed the hell out from exams and feeling exhausted. She was very sweet and patient with me and helped me relax by asking about school and why I was taking certain classes. After that, she complimented my glasses and told me to study hard and be happy. I was on cloud nine for like a week after that encounter. She was absolutely lovely."


closeup of gillian

15. BEST: "Sutton Foster was a dream! When I was 17, I wrote her a letter when I was in a dark place, and she wrote back. Then, I went to her concert, met her after, and when I mentioned the letter, she knew exactly who I was, asked how I was doing, and gave me a hug. Incredible human."


closeup of sutton

16. BEST: "I’ve met Willem Dafoe and he is so lovely and charming. Absolute definition of charisma."


closeup of william

17. WORST: "I met Bill Nye in 2006 and he made some really unnecessarily sexualized comments. I was 18 and in college and felt so uncomfortable. This was before the #MeToo movement, but was one of my most shocking #MeToo moments. I think he was trying to seem cool and relatable to college students, but it was just so inappropriate and unprofessional."


closeup of bill nye

18. BEST: "Kevin Jonas often comes into the Starbucks I work at in NJ. He’s super down-to-earth, doesn’t exude wealth, and is super polite to the staff."


kevin at an event

19. BEST: "When I was working security, I worked backstage at Vina Robles amphitheater while Bonnie Raitt was playing. It was a cold night and I didn’t have a jacket. She made a point to come and ask me backstage if I was cold and if I needed a jacket or blanket. I run hot so I was fine, but her thoughtfulness and sweetness was awesome! I’ve worked backstage for a lot of musicians, and she was the only one that ever acknowledged that I was there and made a point to ask me if I was okay."


bonnie holding her awards

20. BEST: "I met David Tennant at a convention in the US, and my gosh, he was so dang lovely! I hated to hold up the queue, but I told him he's one of the reasons I became an actor, and he was so touched."


closeup of david

21. WORST: "A good friend of mine was an electrician. He had a job one day at a beautiful home in Malibu. The butler let him in and he got to work. A little while later, he was surprised to see Barbra Streisand walk into the room. She glanced up at my friend and, not wanting to be rude, he nodded his head slightly and said, 'Good morning,' as he kept working. She didn’t acknowledge him at all and just left the room. A few minutes later, the butler very sternly admonished my friend, 'Do NOT speak to Ms. Streisand!' Apparently she didn’t like that the hired help dared to say good morning to her. My friend just chuckled at the arrogance and finished the job."


barbara singing on stage

22. BEST: "Dave Matthews is my best celebrity encounter to date. I’ll never forget him telling me to take an iron to the shirt he just signed for me to make sure it didn’t fade, and I told him I wasn’t letting anything touch this! Extremely cool guy. It was an absolute thrill to meet him. Still a fond memory to date. This was 20 years ago. The shirt still hangs in my closet (sans iron) in perfect condition."


performing on stage

23. BEST: "I met Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost) recently at a fundraiser I was bartending. My boyfriend has chatted with him a couple times because they used to be in the same yoga class. Josh is so sweet and funny in person. He seems really down-to-earth!"


closeup of him in a suit

24. BEST: "I met Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp at a Stop & Shop. She was very nice. I asked if I could help her, as she looked lost. She told me she wanted some deli meat, but didn’t know how to go about it. I showed her where to get a number to be waited on, she thanked me, and we went our separate ways."


closeup of meg

25. WORST: "I served Alan Rickman while working on the bar at a theatre. I greeted him and he was just really rude. He didn't talk to me at all other than to bark his drink orders and wouldn't even look at me. He just carried on chatting to the person he was with. I gave him his drinks and told him the amount. He took a note out of his wallet and put it on the counter, still without looking at me or speaking to me. I just gave him his change on a cash tray and left him to it. I was so disappointed."


closeup of alan

26. BEST: "James Earl Jones was absolutely lovely. I met him when I was 16. He smiled this big smile, stuck out his huge hand, and boomed in his low voice, 'Hello, how are you?' He even took the time to sign autographs and take a picture with another kid. This was at the Detroit airport back in 1996."


james speaking on stage

27. BEST: "I had the opportunity to meet Joseph Quinn for a photo op last summer. He was a popular guest due to Stranger Things, and the con kept adding extra photo ops and autograph signings for him. Poor guy must have been so tired, but he was so sweet and kind to everyone he met."


closeup of joseph

28. BEST: "I met William Shatner in the late '70s while out with my parents. I was just a kid and totally starstruck, but I still went up to him and told him what a huge fan I was. He chatted with me for what seemed like forever, acting like my juvenile opinions mattered, and gave me a lovely autograph. He was so down-to-earth and chill."


william holding a mic

29. BEST: "Meeting Sting was truly a mind-changing experience. My whole life, he had a reputation of being dismissive to fans and refusing to sign things for people, and my mom really didn’t like him as a person because of it. I worked in events, and the company I worked for had a client function at a hotel in the city. Sting walked into a bunch of fanfare and went straight to the lobby, ignoring everybody. In my mind, he proved my mother right. Later that night, when everyone was downstairs at the bar, a colleague came up behind Sting as he sat in the lobby and basically grabbed him by his shoulders. Sting was upset and went upstairs for the night. The next day, around lunch, when I snuck outside for a cig, he was in the lobby reading a book. I quietly approached him and offered an apology for the behavior the previous night. Never mentioned his music (although I am a fan), just addressed him as a person."

"He was very soft-spoken and asked me about how the event went and what I did. He was very kind to me. What I took away from the whole thing was that celebrities are people first, celebrities second. He didn’t dismiss me because I didn’t ask him to be Sting. I spoke to him as Gordon Sumner."


sting on stage

Do you have a celebrity encounter you want to share? Have you ever met a celeb and thought, "Wow, they're so nice!" or, "Dang, I expected better from them."? Tell us your stories!

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