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    Here Are The Bestselling Products On Amazon Australia For April

    There's got to be a reason everyone loves them so much.

    1. These LED strip lights, so that you can finally turn your room into a TikTok filming haven.

    2. This hair strengthener by Olaplex, because we're all expressing ourselves with hair colour right now and I, for one, am HERE FOR IT.

    3. This Echo Dot, which is an alarm clock and an all-round personal assistant, so that you can multitask and get things done faster with minimal effort.

    4. These UGG slippers that are an excellent and cosy alternative to putting shoes on, now that you don't need to leave the house.

    5. This affordable hair dryer to get your locks nice and dry because even at home, nobody likes wet hair.

    6. This glare-proof and waterproof Kindle that will give you access to a world of books at your fingertips without you ever having to leave the house.

    7. This Fire TV Stick that plugs into your TV, so that you can binge-watch all your favourite shows and YouTube videos non-stop, because what else are you going to do?

    8. This body fat scale that you can connect to your phone, so you can understand the ins and outs of your body if, like me, one of your goals for self-isolation is to get ripped.

    9. These high-waisted yoga pants that will make your home workouts (or TV bingeing) so much more comfortable.

    10. This indoor thermometer that also measures humidity, so that you can better understand your air quality.

    11. This Aztec Secret Healing Clay that I encourage you to try if you have problematic skin.

    12. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker that is the perfect little musical companion for you to carry around all day.

    13. This rotating mandolin slicer to make slicing and dicing veggies even easier.

    14. This Vitamin C serum that will absorb right in and give you the glowing skin you've always wanted, even if you're the only one who will see it.

    15. These Sound PEATS wireless earbuds, which are perfect if you're tired of constantly getting your wires tangled when you're attempting to work out in your tiny apartment.

    16. This natural deodorant by Sukin that will keep you smelling fresh without harming the sensitive skin beneath your arms.

    17. These Cosrx acne pimple patches that you can use during all your virtual meetings without anyone catching on to your beauty routine.

    18. This handheld body massager, because while we may tell ourselves that a couch is a viable working space, our back has other stories to tell.

    19. And finally, these resistant sports bands that will make training a little more fulfilling.

    Me, making new TikTok dances with my brand new LED lights.

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