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13 Budget Date Ideas That Are Actually Super Cute

Romance doesn't have to cost the world – which is good to know when you're saving for a deposit.

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1. Get your dice out for a games night.

Courtesy of Draughts

What better way to spend an evening in than with a board game night? With specialist cafes and board game pubs appearing everywhere, the country seems to be falling back in love as they take a break from their electronics.

Why don't you pop down to Draughts in London, Thirsty Meeples in Oxford, or Ludo Lounge to showcase your competitive streak?

You can often pick up countless second-hand classics online too, for a fraction of the retail price.

3. Indulge your adventurous side with some geocaching.


If you're after something a bit different, then why not try the urban adventure that is geocaching? It's effectively the world's largest treasure hunt.

People from all over hide little boxes containing a logbook, and you have to use GPS coordinates to try and find them. When you do, you log your name, put it back, and go off to find your next one. It's incredibly addictive.

4. Live like teenagers again by hitting the arcades.

Richard Nowitz / Getty Images

It might not be cool to admit it, but visiting the arcade like you're 13 again is a pretty joyous experience. Air hockey, basketball games, virtual zombie shooting – all those classics that you're pretty sure you used to be good at once upon a time.

5. Work on your short game with some crazy golf.

Dennis De Jonge / EyeEm / Getty Images

Speaking of harking back to your childhood, crazy golf is always a fun excursion that always has you coming back to settle a score or two.

What's more, there's a host of indoor, crazy golf venues popping up all over the country too, offering a novel evening out.

6. Dine in with a living room picnic.

westend61 / Getty Images

Let's face it. It's rare the weather on our fair isles is nice enough for us to be able to sit outside and enjoy a picnic before being blown away by the wind within five minutes of sitting down.

So instead, put down the luxury blanket and bust out the cheeseboard and the candles. Much more fun.

7. Catch a preview show from a top comedy act.

Mike Powell / Getty Images

Before they set off on their nationwide tours at the big arenas, you'll find the majority of the UK's top comics will have a couple of early dates at low-key venues for as little as £5-10 a ticket.

The trade-off is that they're testing their material, so it won't be the polished act. But we'd argue that the intimate setting makes it even more enjoyable!

You can find The Comedy Store in both London and Manchester, while The Stand has venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Newcastle!

8. Or nab some free audience tickets for a primetime TV show.

Caiaimage / Rpbert Daly / Getty Images

It's a brilliant, unique night out and totally free!

The BBC has a special page for audience tickets, while SRO Audiences has a huge roster of all the biggest commercial TV shows.

9. Educate yourself on something new.


You'll find universities regularly put on a range of interesting events for the public, some even for free.

From panel debates, to lectures, to art exhibitions, who knows what you might find.

11. Park up at a drive-in movie.

Courtesy of Movie Park

Indulge in the quintessential American pastime and catch a flick in the comfort of your vehicle. Trust us, it's as romantic as it is in the movies.

Find a spot at Route 66 Drive-In Cinemas Manchester or Liverpool locations or at Movie Park in Sheffield.

12. Grab your hiking boots and hit the trails.


A date that combines romance and a workout? Surely it doesn't get any better than that. The United Kingdom boasts some of the most beautiful trails the world has to offer, so there is no time like the present to take in some seriously beautiful (and romantic) views.

The National Trails have all the information you need for England and Wales's best landscapes. For Scotland, check out Scotland's Great Trails.

13. Go for a nice meal.


Yes, you heard us correctly. Indulge in the classic date activity and head out to one of your favourite restaurants chains. The budget aspect comes into play when you use one of the many voucher sites or apps, such as Vouchercloud, to get the best deals in some of the eating establishments in your area. Bon appétit!

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