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    33 Things That Are Heavy Lifters

    Products that put in the work so you don't have to. 💪

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A touchless vacuum that'll make your dust pan look like it's straight outta the Stone Age. Say goodbye to the daunting, back-breaking task of bending over and trying to get every lust crumb swept up.

    2. Or, a splurge-worthy robot vacuum to do all of the dirty work for you. With the press of a couple buttons to set its cleaning schedule, this thing will be off and running — sucking up pesky crumbs and pet hair so you can finally walk barefoot again.

    3. A dryer lint brush, because even though you clean out the lint trap *every* time, there's likely SO much more hiding in your dryer gap and exhaust port. This tool is practically the only way to safely get all that yuckiness out, and will leave you feeling like your clothes are extra clean the next time you dry a load.

    reviewer photo showing the dryer lint brush next to a pile of dust and lint on their dryer

    4. A batter dispenser you can use to make perfect pancakes every 👏 single 👏 time 👏. Gone are the days of using a measuring cup and dripping batter all over your stove top.

    reviewer photo showing person making pancakes with the tool

    5. Speaking of, a glass cooktop cleaner that'll wipe away grease and burned food, leaving your stovetop looking shinier than when you bought it — with minimal effort required.

    6. A pack of sheet suspender straps to keep your sheets pulled nice and tight so you don't have to waste extra time straightening them out in the morning.

    7. An ear-and-nose trimmer that'll snip away any unwanted hairs with ease. News flash! — using a full-sized pair of scissors to trim things up is quite dangerous.👃✂️👂

    8. A handy garlic mincer, because getting the smell of garlic off your fingers is low-key impossible?? This does all the work for ya, and will help keep your fingers free from cuts and smells.

    9. A toilet bowl ring remover that'll have your porcelain throne shining bright like a diamond 💎 (even if it's been a while since you cleaned it last). No need to waste time with old brushes and tons of cleaning chemicals.

    reviewer photo showing toilet half cleaned with the pumice cleaning tool

    10. And, a Scrubbing Bubbles cleaning stamp to *keep* your toilet shining bright, without ever having to get too far in there with a nasty ol' cleaning brush.

    A hand stamping the circle of gel in the toilet

    11. A windshield cover that'll make scraping the snow and ice off of your car SO much easier. All you've gotta do is peel it off and, boom, you'll be on your way. ❄️🚗

    12. A self-cleaning litter box to automatically remove waste for you, which means you don't have to scoop, clean, or refill it for weeks at a time. Your kitties will love it, too.

    reviewer photo showing two kittens alongside the self-cleaning litter box

    13. An upholstery stain extractor that'll restore your car seats once and for all. That iced coffee you spilled last week? Don't sweat it. This spray will come to your rescue.

    reviewer photo showing their car seat badly stained and then looking almost completely new after using the stain removing spray

    14. A microwave pasta cooker for perfectly al dente pasta in 15 minutes or less. If you're someone who thinks cooking pasta is still too much work, then this product will probably be life-changing.

    reviewer photo showing perfectly cooked pasta in the pasta maker

    15. A detangling brush that'll glide right through even the most stubborn coils.

    16. A bottle of Leather Honey you can use to restore that dingy sofa you just snagged on Facebook Marketplace. All you need is a scrubbing brush and a little elbow grease for the honey to work its magic. 🍯

    17. Bissell Stomp & Go Cleaning Pads that might be the most fun cleaning product you'll ever buy. Just lay these little sheets on your carpet and stomp your heart out to activate their cleaning power — the stains will disappear before your eyes.

    reviewer photo showing cleaning pads on their carpet and visibly cleaner spots where the pads have already been applied

    18. Some good ol' Goo Gone to rid any surface of, well, goo. It's not worth breaking a nail trying to get labels and stickers off. Let this do it for you instead.

    19. A super-affordable mascara that goes on easy and will give you that false-eyelash effect without any of the hassle involved in actually applying them.

    reviewer photo showing the false lash on one eye and the other without

    20. A bidet because, why not!? The technology exists for a reason and we should all be taking advantage of it. Better a machine do it than you yourself.

    product photo showing the bidet attached to a toilet

    21. A tub of cleaning wipes that can tackle even the messiest of messes. Grease, paint, permanent marker, nail polish, pet stains... You name it, these wipes can handle it.

    22. A set of smart plugs so you can simply say, "Alexa, please turn off the light," because your significant other is completely over having to get out of bed and do it every night.

    23. A pack of Goodwipes that are nothing short of a "shower in a wipe" — perfect for those days when the energy for rinsing off is just not there.

    24. And a bottle of Batiste dry shampoo, guaranteed to make greasy hair days a thing of the past. How might that be, you ask? Well, its waterless formula absorbs dirt and grease upon contact, leaving your hair looking like you just shampooed, conditioned, and repeated when, in reality, you just put some powder in your hair.

    reviewer photo showing

    25. A pack of bottle-cleaning tablets that make cleaning your water bottles and tumblers less of a headache. If you're the person who just "rinses out" their reusable water bottle once a month with more water, then your bottle is likely filled with unwanted bacteria and grime. 🦠

    a stained mug before, during, and after cleaning tablets have been inserted, revealing mug is stain-free after use

    26. Toaster bags for anyone who LOVES grilled cheeses but has absolutely no skill (or patience) when it comes to properly making one. All you have to do is assemble the sandwich and toss it in one of these bags — your toaster will do the rest.

    27. A rechargeable electric lighter so you can stop burning yourself trying to light candles whose wicks are on their last legs.

    28. A self-watering pot and reservoir that minimizes the work involved in being a loving, caring plant parent. All you need to do is fill the reservoir and place the black planter inside — your plant baby will take in only as much water as it needs, when it needs it.

    29. An egg cooker designed to impressively cook six hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs in under 10 minutes. If you think boiling eggs is a guessing game, have you ever tried poaching them?? This contraption takes out all the confusion — no whirlpools or vinegar required.

    product photo showing egg cooker cooking poached eggs

    30. A pack of Shout dye-trapping sheets so you can wash your colored *and* white laundry in the same load. Like, who actually wants to sit around and sort their clothes?? Not me. Big no. These are a win.

    reviewer photo showing a Shout sheet that absorbed red dye from the wash

    31. A wet-to-straight hair straightener that does exactly what it sounds like, which means you no longer have to exert the effort of drying AND straightening your hair. We love a two-for-one deal.

    32. A pack of Avarelle Acne Cover Patches to zap away zits overnight and help prevent picking, which can lead to scars or even more acne. You literally apply the patch and when you wake up the next morning, *poof* — the sebum is sucked right out.

    33. And, a crab spoon holder that's quite literally a heavy-weight champion. It's meant to prop open the lid of your pot to release steam, as well as give you a place to rest your spoon without making a mess.

    reviewer photo showing the crab spoon holder attached to a pot, holding a wooden spoon while also propping the lid open for steam

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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