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11 Things You Didn't Know About Army Medicine

The U.S. Army has been driving innovation in the field of medicine since its inception. Its exceptional programs, staff, and facilities make it the perfect place for those wishing to pursue a medical career.

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5 Army Technologies You Use Every Day

Synthetic Quartz: a real American hero.

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With a little training, the U.S. Army can give you all the skills you need to deal with some brain-sucking zombies (doesn’t hurt to have a few Army buds around either).

How Well Do You Know Your Army?

No matter what, the U.S. Army is proud to protect your right to take quizzes every day.

12 Tips For Training Like An Army Soldier

With a little hard work, you too can make the cut. Find out more at

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The U.S. Army is proud to support freedom at home and abroad.

50 Things From 50 States That Will Make You Proud To Be American

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