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11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In The Army Reserve

Serving your country by joining the Army Reserve can open up a whole world of unexpected opportunities.

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1. Enhance Your Civilian Career


There are more than 120 military occupational specialties in the Army Reserve, including medical, engineering, law enforcement, and technology. The hands-on experience gained while pursuing these fields as an Army Reserve Soldier can broaden your skill set and prepare you for related civilian careers.

2. Go Airborne


It takes a special determination to join the elite ranks of the paratroopers, and the Army Reserve makes it possible for those with unparalleled bravery to make this leap seamlessly.

3. Work in Cyber Defense


Tech experts training for the digital frontline are increasingly important assets in today's world. As the threat of cyberattacks has grown, the Army Reserve's role in helping to protect against such threats has also evolved.

4. Fly


Army Reserve Soldiers who want to take to the skies have both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft at their disposal. These aviation specialists assist with real-world situations, like disaster recovery and emergency rescues.

6. Pilot a Boat

U.S. Army / Maj. Gregg Moore / Via

Watercraft may not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the U.S. Army Reserve. Whether it’s on a cargo vessel or a tug boat, the Army Reserve is a great place to get your sea legs.

7. Practice Medicine

Courtesy of U.S. Army

Nurses, medics, dentists, general practitioners, and veterinarians can all advance their careers in health care by signing up with the Army Reserve. Regardless of one’s desired field, the Army Reserve has medical careers for a full range of specialties.

8. Support Humanitarian Missions

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Thousands of Army Reserve Soldiers help out both at home and abroad. As part of their global travel, they assist with various humanitarian missions around the world, including construction, medical, dental, and veterinary support.

9. Receive Tuition and Student Loan Assistance


Students in the Army Reserve don't have to shoulder the burden of college tuition alone. Scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are available to those who join.

10. Get an Advanced Degree


Those looking to pursue doctorates and masters degrees will be empowered by the resources available to them. Army Reserve scholars are among some of the military's best and brightest.

11. Get Help Finding Employment


The Army Reserve recognizes the importance of its Soldiers' long-term professional goals. The Public Private Partnership Office can offer job placement assistance and other career benefits.

Find out how to serve your country, while still pursuing your passion, with one of many exciting opportunities available in the Army Reserve.