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10 U.S. Army Tips That Could Help You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

With a little training, the U.S. Army can give you all the skills you need to deal with some brain-sucking zombies (doesn’t hurt to have a few Army buds around either).

1. Get your escape vehicle to purr when you need to outrun the horde.

2. Map out the area surrounding your base in order to track hordes of flesh suckers.

3. Know if a wound is going to lead to any undead behavior.

4. Use subtle questions to find out where villainous factions are hoarding food from the people.

5. Keep the power running so that you can work at night with a safe defensive perimeter.

6. Pilot a fleet of bulldozers to clear any cluttered road you’re trying to get down.

7. Keep track of the essential weapons you’ll need when going out for supplies.

8. Build a sick underground base and wait for everything above ground to work itself out.

9. Use science to cure the scourge for good.

10. Sue the dude who created the plague in the first place.

Images by Lyla Ribot & Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed.