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11 Things You Didn't Know About Army Medicine

The U.S. Army has been driving innovation in the field of medicine since its inception. Its exceptional programs, staff, and facilities make it the perfect place for those wishing to pursue a medical career.

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1. The Army Medical Department manages 148 graduate medical education programs.


This includes top-ranking Nursing Anesthetist and Physical Therapy graduate programs.

7. An average day in Army medicine includes the delivery of 71 babies.

Courtesy of U.S. Army


• 9,388 immunizations

• 56,503 laboratory procedures

• 2,259 outpatient veterinary procedures

8. Army veterinarians do more than take care of military working dogs.

Courtesy of U.S. Army

Their duties extend to Civil Affairs, providing care to the livestock of host nation communities. They are also responsible for the inspection of the food Soldiers eat and what is sold in the commissaries. Overall, they inspect $23.3 million worth of food in 401 food safety visits daily.

10. Army Telehealth (TH) offers remote clinical services across 18 time zones and 30 countries and territories.


What began in the '90s as a groundbreaking satellite-based telehealth system devised by the U.S. Army has evolved to become the largest geographic telehealth system in the world.

11. You can use the Army's Performance Triad to help you become stronger, faster, leaner, and mentally sharper.


The Army's Performance Triad is a comprehensive plan designed to improve one's physical and mental abilities by focusing on the cornerstones of sleep, activity, and nutrition.

Do you want to help pioneer the next groundbreaking medical discovery? Join the U.S. Army health care team to pursue a career of your choice in this field.

Data and research provided by the U.S. Army.

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