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    Just 25 Pairs Of Workout Leggings That Are Fashionable *And* Functional

    Your dream pair of stylish, seamless, and pocketed leggings *do* exist.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A pair of squat-proof leggings with pretty silhouettes of women working out. A high-waisted design provides optimal comfort and a hidden adjustable drawstring helps minimize waist gap. Lunge, squat, and side jump without stopping to pull your pants up. 👏

    2. Basic high-rise solid leggings that'll feel so comfortable when you lift weights or go running. Slip into these babies that have four-way stretch fabric (buh-bye tightness), a small *hidden* waistband pocket for your essentials, and so many color options to match sports bras, tees, and sneakers.

    3. 7/8 watercolor leggings you'll want to slip into for your next yoga session at home. Soft material gently hugs your bod, a seamless silhouette hides underwear lines, and to top it off, a gorgeous blue hue will make your next workout ensemble ~ohmmazing~.

    Model wears blue tie-dye leggings with matching bra

    4. A leggings set that'll solve the problem of "I don't know what the heck to wear" before you work out. This matching leggings and sports bra duo will make dressing for HIIT, treadmill running, or barre so easy. Both pieces are also made with quick-drying fabric, so you won't feel like a sweat puddle after exercising.

    5. A pair of patterned leggings so gorgeous, you'll forget you're getting dressed to ~work up a sweat~. In addition to a vibrant red, green, and blue design, you'll love the comfy elastic waistband and overlock seams that'll provide comfort *and* feel great for cardio or strength training sessions.

    Model wears tropical flower-printed red, blue, and green high-rise workout leggings

    6. Seamless leggings that'll make you shout from the rooftops, because your underwear will *not* be peeping through. A cool vertical stitching pattern highlights your legs, an opaque material hides thong lines, and an elastic waist helps prevent sagging when you're squatting, deadlifting, or doing jumping jacks.

    7. Twist-front leggings because they'll be ~purrfect~ if you need to wear something stylish to virtual classes. The leopard print combined with a twist-front design adds a fun touch to any workout look (crop tops will pair great with them). Plus, a breathable fabric helps reduce sweat stains and a 7/8-length hits your ankles at the right spot.

    Model wears brown and tan leopard print leggings with a matching sports bra

    8. Contour seamless leggings that'll remind you of a watercolor painting and brighten up a basic racerback tank. They're also made with a moisture-wicking material *and* are squat-proof. (I'll take one of each please!)

    9. High-waist mesh leggings because you'll look so good (and keep sweat at bay) during yoga practice. Asymmetrical mesh panels let your legs *breathe* and a beautiful navy blue shade adds a chill vibe to whatever you're wearing for your Vinyasa flow.

    Model wears navy blue mesh high-rise leggings while standing in a yoga pose

    10. Squat-proof leggings with a body-hugging fit and a high-rise waist that'll let you power through leg day. You can bend, lunge, twist, and squat without having to pull them up constantly. Yes to getting through reps without fabric problems!

    11. Over-the-heel leggings that'll be a pretty addition to your activewear wardrobe and work well for yoga or Pilates. They're not see-through, smoothly slide onto your butt and legs, and come in floral prints that'll make your workout outfit ~bloom~ with color. The over-the-heel fabric is an extra touch, in case you want to cover part of your feet.

    12. High-rise pocket leggings so perfect for basically every type of workout session, you'll be thinking "where have you been all my life?" They check off all the boxes for design (mulberry red, saddle, and more chic shades for your activewear wardrobe), compression (yes, they'll actually stay up when you exercise), and functionality (two roomy pockets to hold your cell phone and keys).

    13. High-shine leggings to make you feel like you're headed to a disco, when IRL, you're actually attending a virtual dance class. Made with faux-leather material that's stretchy *and* comfy, they'll look amazing with a strappy sports bra or crop top. With color options like mauve or teal, you'll score so many compliments when you sign on.

    Model does standing yoga pose in mauve high-rise shiny leggings

    14. Ventilated leggings designed for high-intensity activities like boxing, HIIT, and interval training. A breathable mesh design on the legs helps keep you cool, while an adjustable waistband ensures a compressive fit. Topping everything off is an eye-catching, swirly red hue that'll make you think of your favorite planet (hello Mars).

    15. Space dye leggings you'll want to slip into for yoga and Pilates because you won't have to deal with sagging or sweat. They're quick-drying, have a slightly stretchy shape that won't feel too baggy, and a pretty red hue that'll work well with white, black, and gray tops.

    Red space dye leggings with a high-waist and ankle-grazing inseam

    16. Side-stripe leggings with a sporty-inspired design and buttery-soft material that's comfortable, won't stretch too much, *and* is squat-proof (as shown in the review pic below). If you're bending or stretching, they'll stay put (buh-bye baggy waist gap) and not feel too compressive on your butt and legs.

    17. Light blue leggings so versatile for your workout wardrobe, you'll want to wear them all the time. In addition to a pretty frosty hue, they're made with spandex that gently hugs your legs and feels flexible while you hit up the treadmill, lift weights, or do Pilates.

    18. Colorblock high-rise leggings with a smartphone-friendly pocket and comfy waistband for yoga, Pilates, and everything in between. Yes you can squat and do Warrior I pose in these without them falling down *and* ~lewk~ good, thanks to a cool color-contrasting design.

    19. High-rise capri leggings because they have a great length and pattern that'll basically go with any sports bra or top. While you're planking it out or working on Downward Dog, you won't have to worry about bunching or sagging, thanks to a calf-friendly inseam and high-rise waist.

    Model wears black tie-dye printed crop leggings while completing a yoga pose

    20. Mineral-wash leggings that'll provide you with amazing support and let you rock a mauve-tone outfit when you do yoga or go for a run. They contain polyamide and elastane, so they'll have a hint of stretch and hide underwear lines, thanks to a seamless design.

    model wearing the leggings and a matching crop tee

    21. Four-way stretch leggings for days when you want to work on flexibility exercises: Flatlock stitching helps minimize chafing, an elastic waistband won't dig in your skin, and a 3D-printed galaxy design will add a cool touch to your comfy-meet-functional outfit. They also have *two* pockets: a wide-back waistband pocket (it can fit your smartphone!) and a small front one.

    22. Seamless pocket leggings that'll prevail through your intense HIIT, interval training, and spin classes. They're stylish thanks to hot pink stitching and a rich mulberry shade and functional with a double-layer waistband and slit pockets that'll keep 'em up.

    Model wears mulberry high-rise leggings with hot pink stitching on the legs, hips, and waist

    23. Flintstones-inspired leggings so cute and colorful, everyone will be asking "where did you get them?!" during your next virtual class. With a slightly compressive fit and stretchy design, you'll be secretly thinking "Yabba-dabba-doo!" when you get through a tough circuit.

    24. Adidas AEROKNIT 7/8 leggings because you can jump rope and do push-ups and basically every other movement without being drenched in sweat. They're moisture-wicking, made with recycled polyester for a fitted shape, and have a cool logo design around the waist.

    Model wears olive green Adidas high-rise leggings with black sneakers

    25. And a pair of cropped yoga leggings with gorgeous criss-cross detailing and buttery-soft material that'll leave you *so comfortable* while you flow from pose to pose.

    reviewer wearing the light blue criss-cross cropped leggings while practicing a bridge

    That feeling when you're wearing your favorite workout leggings:

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