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    This Foldable Treadmill Lets Me Jog During The Winter *And* Fits Under My Bed

    The Treadly 2 Pro helps you jog *and* walk indoors without taking up too much space.

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    ICYDK, it's winter. Which means you're probably working out indoors and using a "home gym" — aka a tiny area that's supposed to magically fit dumbbells, a yoga mat, and maybe an exercise machine. If you live in an apartment like me, this can be a challenge when you don't have a lot of square feet to work with.

    DIsney Pixar/Twitter

    One day I accidentally bumped into my TV stand during a dance workout, and I thought there had to be another way to do cardio, even if my living room doesn't look like Planet Fitness.

    Enter the Treadly 2 Pro, a foldable treadmill that lets you walk *and* jog at home. It's the exercise equipment everyone who works out indoors has been dreaming of: it's easy to use and space-saving. This bad boy can fit in any room, and when you're not using it, under a bed or couch. 😲

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    It's 3.7 inches tall and weighs as little as 77 pounds, making it fairly easy to move around. With two front-support wheels and a folded handrail, it doesn't take too much effort to place it in a corner or stow it away under a piece of furniture, but moving it did require a little work, since I don't have much floor space between my bed and closet. I had to gently slide it out from under the bed, lift it up, and wheel it to the workout corner in my living room. It took me about three minutes, so not too bad!

    I've been jogging almost daily on this treadmill, and it's been a big help when it's too cold outside and most gyms are closed due to COVID-19. You can walk or jog up to 5 mph, move the handrail up or down (and yes, this means you can walk on the treadmill even with the rail *all the way down on the floor* for workouts), *and* track your daily progress in the Treadly App.

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed, GenevieveScarano/BuzzFeed

    Walking and running on this treadmill feels the same as other treadmills I've tried in the past (minus the up to 5 mph feature). What I love about that speed limit though is that it helps me focus on my form when I'm jogging or walking. I'm being mindful of each step and not rushing, so I really enjoy using it for workouts.

    I find both walking and jogging on the Treadly 2 Pro so easy and enjoyable. Having this treadmill is great, because I can exercise without having to go outside (I live in upstate NY where it's really cold outside) or move furniture around my apartment. It doesn't even matter that it "only" goes up to a jogging speed, I *still* feel sweaty after spending time on it.

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    My fitness routine involves a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility workouts. I use the Treadly 2 Pro about three to four times a week, mostly for jogging and occasionally for walking.

    Jogging on the Treadly 2 Pro definitely gets my heart rate up: I have so much fun changing up the speed and also working on a steady pace. (See me on the left in full jogging mode.) After 35 to 40 minutes is up, I feel a little tired, but in a good way.

    I don't enjoy power walking, but the Treadly 2 Pro changed my perspective on it: When I don't feel like doing a heavy workout, it's so nice to de-stress with brisk movement. Plus, I can watch my favorite TV shows (like Bridgerton ) while I walk, walk, and walk some more.

    Personally, I like only walking with the handrail up because it's super sturdy and I don't feel like I'm going to fall (but that's just me). 🙃 Having the option to put the handrail down is also great though, especially if you want to use the Treadly 2 Pro as a treadmill desk while you WFH.

    Now let's talk specifications: The Treadly 2 Pro has a weight limit of 265 pounds, an auto-align belt that centers when you walk, a light-up display that shows speed, steps, time, and distance, and a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can play music.

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    Like I mentioned, Treadly's weight limit is only 265 pounds, which I think would ideally be higher. However, it's a little bit better than similar foldable treadmills on the market that typically have a weight limit between 220 pounds and 300 pounds.

    If you're confused about what the heck an auto-align belt is, let me explain here: People tend to slightly lean either left or right when they walk, which can take a toll on a treadmill belt. Unlike typical treadmill belts, the auto-align belt, a.k.a. the part of the Treadly 2 Pro where my feet are above, centers to fit my walking style. This cool feature can help you avoid treadmill belt repairs over time.

    Setup is a breeze: Adjust the handrail in the up or down position, lock it in place on each side of the treadmill, plug the cord into an outlet, and switch on the power button located at the bottom of the treadmill. Now, you're ready to hop on and hit the start button to get moving!

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    When you hit the start button, the Treadly 2 Pro's display screen will light up with three little bars to let you know it's on.

    If you want to walk, leave the handrail up or move it down. Make sure to lock it in place before you start walking. (Note: you can only walk up to 3.7 mph if you walk with the handrail down.) To jog, move the handrail up, lock it in place, and you can jog up to 5 mph.

    The handrail buttons will be your guide when you workout: Just hop on, hit start, and press the up and down speed arrows to set your pace. If you need to pause (raise your hand if your shoelaces ever come undone) or finish your workout, you can hit the pause button or the stop button. And, if you need to get off ASAP, you can hit the emergency stop button in the middle.

    And FYI, you can also set up the treadmill to manual (a.k.a. you control your pace with the handrail buttons) or automatic (when you speed up, the Treadly 2 Pro will automatically speed up). Just hit the switch button on the left side of the handrail to use!

    And that's not all, folks: With the Treadly 2 Pro, you can also use the Treadly App (available for iOS, Android coming soon) to log walks and jogs, monitor your daily progress, *and* (this is really cool), control the treadmill. I love it because it definitely holds me accountable when I want to do more cardio.

    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    The app is a very simple format (more features, including the introduction of groups and channels, are coming in a new version soon), but for now, it's great to have for jogging and walking sessions.

    With the app, you can start, stop, and change the speed while you exercise. Just drag your finger up and down the screen to do so. It's so cool to see, especially when you're really into your jog or walk. (Thank you built-in Bluetooth integration!) Plus, you'll receive a daily snapshot of steps, calories burned, and workout time.

    Have an Apple Watch? You can monitor your Treadly 2 Pro activity on there too. It's so easy to bounce back-and-forth between your phone, smartwatch, and treadmill for workout stats.

    I'm not the only one who adores this treadmill. Reviewers also rave about its exercise versatility, especially if they don't have a lot of space, live in a location where the weather isn't always great, or are staying home during quarantine.

    Me standing on the Treadly 2 Pro after completing a workout
    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    "I love this treadmill. It's really quiet and I love that I can control it with the app. I also love that it's easy to store away. I use it every day, just to keep moving since I work from home. I don't have to get bundled up and go out in the cold for a 15 min walk every hour or so. I love that I can play my music or listen to a podcast and the speaker has really good sound. This was my best purchase of 2021 so far." —Mindy S

    "During the time of COVID, having a way to get some walking or jogging in without going to the gym is a big win. Treadly makes it easy to get some daily exercise, especially with Apple Fitness+. While it would be nice to have incline options, the small size and light weight are worth the trade off." —Samuel F.

    "I love the Treadly 2. It fits perfectly underneath an electric standing desk that I purchased. It keeps me very active throughout my work day and I usually go 1-2 miles an hour while I’m on the phone and higher speeds at other times. It’s fairly quiet and doesn’t interfere with people on the other line hearing it. It's light enough with the wheels to move it from underneath my desk to another location as needed. I would highly recommend this purchase, especially if you’re working at home." —Beth O.

    TL;DR: If you're thinking of getting a Treadly 2 Pro, here are some things to consider:

    - If you live in a small apartment, studio, or home and you don't have a lot of space for workout equipment, the Treadly 2 Pro easily fits in a corner *and* slides under a couch or bed.

    - If you're looking to walk or jog when you can't go outside, this treadmill can help you get moving. (Yes to ~working up a sweat~ on rainy and snowy days!)

    - Or, if you miss going to the gym during quarantine, this piece of equipment can help you get some cardio in *and* help strengthen your legs.

    - If you're looking to train for a marathon, the Treadly 2 Pro may not be for you. Even though it's great for walking and jogging, it *only* goes up to 5 mph, so you won't be ~running like the wind~.

    -If you don't prefer to use the Treadly App while you workout, there's a Treadly 2 Basic model available that comes with a remote control and costs less than the Treadly 2 Pro.

    Get the Treadly 2 Pro from Treadly for $749 (originally $949).

    That feeling when you complete a workout at home:


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