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    29 Cheap Things You Can Gift To A Friend (Or Yourself)

    The only real answer is to get two and match.

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    1. An adorable Baby Yoda mug that's ~smol~ and inspiring. They'll always be reminded of The Child whenever they sip a cup of coffee or tea.

    A white mug that says "smol but strong" and artwork featuring Baby Yoda carrying a dumbbell

    2. A portable drink caddy, because they can enjoy beer or wine whenever they want, even if they're taking a bubble bath. Plus, what's better than having happy hour in the shower or tub?

    3. An adorable sticker that they'll love to decorate their laptop with.

    4. A pair of cozy socks for the avocado *and* yoga lover in your life. They can wear these babies with slippers or sneakers.

    Model wears green socks with avocados doing yoga poses

    5. A giant scrunchie with a gorgeous print and comfy fit: They'll look so dang beautiful when they put their hair up in a bun or ponytail.

    Model wears a green printed super scrunchie

    6. A pack of floral tea infusers, because they'll get to watch tea leaves ~bloom~ before drinking a cup of flavorful oolong or earl grey.

    Clear mugs with yellow and pink floral tea infusers inside of them

    7. A tie-dye yoga mat for days when they want to practice yoga in their living room or backyard. It absorbs sweat and helps prevent slipping, so they'll be able to easily move from pose to pose.

    8. A lightning bolt key ring, because they'll *finally* be able to find their keys without digging through their purse or bookbag for hours.

    9. A meme-centric art print to display over their couch, bed, or fireplace. They can treasure one of the most viral internet images of all time.

    An art print showing the viral woman yelling at a white cat meme from 2019

    10. A "Cosmic Cutie" tee, because they need a ~stellar~ T-shirt that's comfy and stylish.

    Model wears white tee that says "Cosmic Cutie" in purple lettering

    11. A handwoven circle bag, so they can have a chic carrier for small essentials *and* an Insta-worthy accessory.

    12. A Friends photo frame mug that's a sweet throwback to the '90s and a fun memory keepsake. "I'll be there for you...🎶"

    A photo frame mug shaped like the famous purple doorway from Friends.

    13. A quirky cat candle that'll give a lil' light and reveal the ~purrfect~ surprise once it's done burning. (Oh hello, feline skeleton.)

    14. Holographic nail polish for days when they want to give themselves a sparkling, DIY-manicure at home.

    Model wears ILNP Charmed purple holographic nail polish on their hand

    15. A moisturizing lip balm for a purse-friendly lip care treat that smells heavenly *and* provides amazing hydration.

    An eLo blood orange lip balm container that says "Audrina"

    16. A neon ice cream light, so they can ~melt with joy~ every time they want to illuminate their living space.

    An neon white, pink, and yellow ice cream light on a brick wall

    17. A coloring book for times when they wanna de-stress and make a hilarious masterpiece.

    18. A Stranger Things Funko Pop! Figure, because they'll always adore Alexei and his cherry Slurpees.

    Alexei "Stranger Things" Funko Pop! Figure on top of a book pile

    19. A colorful hair pin that's chic *and* customizable. They'll love wearing this beautiful accessory with all their outfits.

    20. A meditation candle to help them relax and enjoy a day of self-care indoors.

    A while candle that says "Satya + Sage Meditation amber, musk, and champa"

    21. A unicorn cable bite they'll want to have on hand if they are prone to fraying laptop and smartphone cables.

    A unicorn cable bite plugged into the side of a laptop

    22. A stack of workout cards, so they'll never get tired of all the bodyweight exercises they can do at home: burpees, side lunges, and bicycles galore! (And you can join them too.)

    23. Glossier's Balm Dotcom, so they can enjoy a two-in-one skin salve and moisturizing lip balm whenever they need a skincare pick-me-up.

    A model wears Glossier's Berry Balm Dotcom on their lips

    24. A set of cactus shot glasses that make amazing barware decorations *and* serve as great convo starter for their virtual happy hours.

    25. An emoji pancake pan, so they can make an adorable DIY brunch IRL and share a smile (or two) with you.

    An emoji pancake pan with smiley and winking faces

    26. A set of pretty anklets they'll want to show off with jeans, shorts, or maxi dresses.

    27. A colorful pizza T-shirt, because they want to sport a cheesy masterpiece whenever they wear jeans, joggers, or pants.

    28. A set of photo clip string lights, so they can make their wall space twinkle and display their fave postcards and pictures.

    A set of photo clip string lights on a bedroom wall

    29. Gorgeous hand soap that'll remind them of the phases of the moon and add a pop of color to their bathroom.

    A yellow, blue, and white crescent and full moon hand soap bar

    You, after treating your friend (and yourself) to some new gifts:

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