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11 Portmanteaus To Use In Your Day To Day

Portmanteau: an awkward-sounding combination of two words. But they can be pretty funny, so here are some great ones that you should use all the time. Because with these terms, And really is better.

10 Signs You Are Incomplete Without Your Better Half

♫ It's always better when we're together ♫ Ever see something that reminds you of your better half, and you can't help but smile? It's all about the times you spent together, because And Is Better.

10 Dynamic Duos You Need To Know About

"With their powers combined..." These dynamic duos will show you that together, anything is possible. Brought to you by And Is Better.

11 Ways To Make Food More Fun

Who ever said we can't play with our food? Even though we're all grown up, here are some ways we can have a little fun while eating. Brought to you by Ford.

10 GIF Combinations That Work Better Together

♫ Imagine me and you, I do... ♫ Because one GIF is never enough. Experience the best of both worlds with Ford, and learn the joy of saying yes to And.

20 Things You Should Never Have To Choose Between

Because you deserve the best of BOTH worlds. Here are some situations where you shouldn't have to make a choice, because "and" is always better. Brought to you by Ford.