16 Things That Are Greater Than Their Parts

Isn’t it amazing how many little pieces, when put together, can create an amazing whole? When great ingredients make up a delicious recipe, or the parts of a guitar come together to create beautiful music, they prove And Is Better.

1. A digital camera.

Kelly Hofer / Via Flickr: kellyhofer

2. A rose.

matam / Via instagram.com

3. A model plane.

4. An acoustic guitar.

Dorling Kindersley / Getty

5. Red currant jelly.

fraumutti / Via instagram.com

7. A six-cylinder car engine.

8. A Rubik's cube.

Gabbie / Via instagram.com

9. An espresso machine.

David King / Getty

10. A bicycle.

Philip Gatward / Getty

11. Spring flowers.

Meanz Chan / Via instagram.com

12. An old school mobile phone.

Tobias Weber / Via instagram.com

13. A fruit smoothie.

Lauren Basham / Via laurenbasham.com

14. A ballet shoe.

Andy Crawford / Getty

15. Fresh salsa.

Frankie / Via instagram.com

16. A mini tape recorder.

Chris Parsons / Getty

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