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11 Ways To Make Food More Fun

Who ever said we can't play with our food? Even though we're all grown up, here are some ways we can have a little fun while eating. Brought to you by Ford.

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1. Let your dogs join you for dinner.


Man's best friend deserves at least this much.

2. Experiment with bold new recipes on family members.


Just be ready, as they tend not to sugarcoat their criticism very well.

3. Make cute little animals.


But don't make it so cute that you feel guilty about eating them.

4. Innovate new ways to eat old favorites.


You'll never eat a cupcake the same way again.

5. Direct your own stop-motion picture starring your dinner.


Just don't forget to eat it afterwards.

6. Use a balloon to make a chocolate bowl sundae.


As expected, popping the balloon is the most satisfying part.

7. Find a cure for the common PB&J.


Mom would never let this fly, but who's gonna stop you?

8. Serve tiny portions of food on oversized plates.


This is a great way to feel fancy and also save money!

9. Be a fruit ninja in real life.


Actually, don't. Calm down.

10. Dehydrate your food to simulate dining in zero gravity.


Eat like an astronaut without actually having to go to space!

11. Try this at home.


This is actually a really great way to impress the in-laws.