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11 Portmanteaus To Use In Your Day To Day

Portmanteau: an awkward-sounding combination of two words. But they can be pretty funny, so here are some great ones that you should use all the time. Because with these terms, And really is better.

1. DISASTERPIECE = Disaster + Masterpiece


Some creations are just so terrible that humanity may never be the same after its evil spreads to all corners of the world.

2. RELICIOUS = Really + Delicious


This cat cannot get enough of this watermelon. It's so incredibly tasty that it's relicious.

3. FRENEMY = Friend + Enemy


So there's this person who you're pretty good friends with, but sometimes they drive you crazy because they always seem like they are competing with you or something.

4. BROMANCE = Bro + Romance

Comedy Central / Via

This is the complicated love and platonic affection shared by two males. Hard to understand unless you've been there. Moving on...

5. CRAMAZING = Crazy + Amazing


In a nutshell: winning the lottery.

6. FLOORDROBE = Floor + Wardrobe


A floordrobe is what happens when you decide that your clothes are too good to hang up in a closet, or however you choose to justify your laziness.

7. MOMNISCIENT = Mom + Omniscient


Moms always know everything. Always.

8. TWEETIQUETTE = Tweet + Etiquette


There are certain manners that should be upheld when on Twitter. Unfortunately, no one really knows what they are. Good luck.

9. FLAVORITE = Flavor + Favorite


Do you absolutely just love the taste of chocolate, more than anything in the world? Then it might just be your flavorite.

10. CATTITUDE = Cat + Attitude


When your cat just isn't putting up with you today, it is showing some serious cattitude.

11. HANGRY = Hungry + Angry


It's 9:00 p.m., you've had a horrible day at work, you're still stuck in the office, and you haven't eaten since this morning. You are hangry. People better stay out of the way of you and your food.