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10 Dynamic Duos You Need To Know About

"With their powers combined..." These dynamic duos will show you that together, anything is possible. Brought to you by And Is Better.

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2. Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

These two ladies host "Ronna and Beverly," a hilarious talk show where they play two fiftysomething Jewish mothers from Boston who interview a variety of characters. They originally came up with the skit as part of an improv performance back in 2009, and since then have attracted a huge following.

3. Key and Peele

Comedy Central / Via

If you haven't seen these guys before, take a second and look them up on YouTube. They've managed to bring a fresh approach to sketch comedy by presenting race in their sketches without explicitly focusing on race. The result is hilarious.

4. Albert and Themba

REX USA/Caters News Agency Ltd

When Themba the elephant lost his mother, veterinarians struggled to find an elephant that would take him in. Then Themba met Albert the sheep, and an unlikely friendship was born. Now the two literally do everything together, with Albert essentially copying everything Themba does. Full story here.

5. Arin Andrew and Katie Hill


Arin and Katie seem like any normal teenage couple. But they actually went to great lengths to finally become comfortable with their bodies, both having underwent gender reassignment surgery. Now they are happy with themselves, and couldn't be happier with their relationship. Full story here.

6. Flight of the Conchords

HBO / Via

If you haven't had the chance to be wooed by the sultry voice of Jemaine Clement, accompanied by the quick and snappy lines of Bret McKenzie, then you truly haven't lived. Flight of the Conchords have managed to combine music and comedy for a truly hilarious experience.

7. Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwic

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Jad Abumrad was working for NPR when he interviewed ABC News science reporter Robert Krulwic. They soon began collaborating on experimental radio pieces which resulted in the creation of Radiolab, a popular podcast that explores issues related to science, philosophy, and human experience.

8. Santiago Perez Grovas and Taylor Dee

This beautiful couple actually met through Instagram. They both knew of each other after being featured by Instagram for their amazing photos, and when Santiago named Taylor the winner of a photo contest that he held, the rest became history. More of the story here.

9. Milo and Bella

REX USA/Manuela Cifra/Newspix / Rex

Milo has relied on the smaller Bella to act as his personal guide dog ever since losing his sight three years ago. The two are inseparable, and actually have an entire system of barks and sounds to send different messages.

10. Jack and Rachel Antonoff

Desiree Navarro / Getty Images

Jack is the lead guitarist for the popular band Fun., and Rachel is the designer behind a fashion label known for girly chic dresses. Even though they definitely embody the idea of a successful sibling rivalry, they are actually well known for collaborating on various songs for Fun., as well as fashion videos for Rachel's label.