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    Florence Pugh And Scarlett Johansson Have Become Off-Screen Sisters

    Sisters from another mother.

    Black Widow came out last Friday and it has driven fans crazy (in a good way) not only with its story, family dynamics, callbacks to different MCU movies, brilliant villain and emotional post-credit scene.

    Marvel Studios / Courtesy of Marvel Studios

    What also stood out was the sisterly bonding between Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh and the viewers can't stop "awwing" about that. We bring you glimpses and tales of their off-screen of bonding.

    1. When they first met, both of them engaged in "trust exercises," which involved guiding each other while blindfolded. Pugh tells, "And then from that point onward, we kind of did it to each other. It was instant sisterly bonding."

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    2. Florence was quite nervous and thrilled on meeting Scarlett Johansson for the first time. But soon they got comfortable with each other and ended up tickling each other as part of that trust building exercise.

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    3. Scarlett recalls that during their bike chase scene, she and Florence Pugh were strapped together by a harness and Pugh would pull Scarlett's hairs from behind.

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    IMDb / Via

    4. Florence had this to say about the same scene.

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    "And Scarlett's daughter would keep on delivering us ice-cream, because it was so hot, but Scarlett wouldn't be allowed it because she's not allowed dairy. So she'd be like really annoyed that I was eating delicious ice cream right behind her."

    5. O-T Fagbenle revealed this kernel of information in a talk with EW.

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    "They are very sweet on set. I came on set the other day and they were holding hands as they walked away from the scene. I was like, these guys have really bonded."

    6. Even Scarlett Johansson was a bit nervous before meeting her on screen sister. She was a bit intimidated and "geeked out" by Pugh. It seems it was sisterhood at first sight.

    A woman in green dress and another woman in white dress with blue marks
    Glamour Magazine / Via

    7. These photos were at the 2020 Academy Awards. You can literally feel the sister energy between them.

    📸 ANJOS! Scarlett Johansson e Florence Pugh no red carpet do #Oscars em Hollywood, California.

    Twitter: @johanssonbr

    8. While talking to The Sunday Times, Florence Pugh revealed that the best part about working on Black Widow was remaining stuck to ScarJo for long periods of time.

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    The Sunday Times / Via

    Pugh says, "Lots of my downtime was actually spent strapped to Scarlett around my waist or me strapped around her neck in very hilariously risky positions and we'd just be left up there for 10 minutes and that was honestly the funniest/best time of filming Black Widow". 

    9. ScarJo: "I have to watch out for her all of the time, because she tries to trip me a lot." FloPugh: "Into giving me hugs!"

    The friendship between Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh on the set of Black Widow was unmatched 😂

    Twitter: @LateFeeCinema

    The subtitles are slightly wrong. It's not "trick" but "trip".

    10. Their scene where Yelena demolishes Natasha's landing pose was borne out of their on set sisterly bonding.

    A little chat with @Florence_Pugh & Scarlett Johansson about embarrassing superhero poses (ahem, @chrishemsworth)

    Twitter: @joshuahorowitz

    11. The director too felt the energy of these newly minted sisters.

    #BlackWidow filmmaker Cate Shortland on Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh. “They were glued together the whole film. They were on a motorbike or in really small spaces together, Florence was shy until the Budapest throwdown when “she really started just coming alive.”

    Twitter: @MFilmUpdates

    12. Pugh revealed that Scarlett Johansson was quite good at sharing her food on set and used to feed her a lot. Seems Pugh has got an elder sister now.

    A woman in green dress laughs while another woman in white dress with blue marks holds up a sheet of paper with something written on it.
    Glamour Magazine / Via

    13. Here's some more behind the scenes bonding:

    florence pugh and scarlett johansson behind the scenes of 'black widow'

    Twitter: @bestofpugh

    14. And lots of bonding on the red carpet.

    scarlett johansson and florence pugh stan account🧎‍♀️

    Twitter: @hallefkinglujah

    15. ScarJo is Pugh's biggest fan. She says, "Florence is a stick of dynamite. She is so energetic, so fresh, soulful and mischievous. She is a really dynamic person. She is so funny and so naughty and such a troublemaker. She's such a loveable person."

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