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    Fans React To The Post-Credits Scene Of "Black Widow"

    Leaves you teary-eyed and scratching your head.

    Black Widow hit the theaters this past weekend, and fans are just raving about it.

    Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh
    Marvel Studios / Courtesy Marvel Studios

    It's getting praise not only for its story exploring Natasha's history but also for introducing us to Natasha's lovable "family" (*cough* Vin Diesel *cough*), a ruthless villain (Dreykov), and one of the most eagerly awaited antagonists of Marvel Comics, Taskmaster.

    The movie ends before the events of Avengers: Infinity War, but the post-credits scene picks up after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

    Scarlett Johansson
    Marvel Studios / Courtesy Marvel Studios


    Let's delve into the fan reactions to the awesome post-credits scene of this awesome movie:

    1. Well, not an exaggeration.

    me at the end of me after the #BlackWidow post-credit scene

    Twitter: @unevisiohead

    2. Spidey, too, got teary-eyed.

    Black Widow Spoilers ⚠️⛔️ . . . . . . man that post-credit scene got me fucked up god damn

    Twitter: @limbii_26

    3. Beware, the new Black Widow is coming for you.

    cw // #BlackWidow spoilers - - - - - Yelena to Clint in the post credit scene:

    Twitter: @cjnathaniel_

    4. The dog is named Fanny, one of the fake identities that Natasha was given by Mason.

    #BlackWidow . . . . . . i was literally this meme watching that post credit scene

    Twitter: @sir_Amiir

    5. Bucky, too, is emotional about the post-credits scene.

    just saw #BlackWidow and the post credit scene, yall i-

    Twitter: @apxlecrumble

    6. One fan chose to rewrite with a happy ending.

    #BlackWidow spoilers - - - - - - - - - rewrote the post credit scene with a happy ending because I am saaaaaaaad

    Twitter: @BWScript

    7. Well, Wanda would empathize with Yelena.

    the post-credit scene. #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @boothetic

    8. Does he know what's coming for him?

    Watching that #BlackWidow Post Credit Scene like...

    Twitter: @AwesomEmergency

    9. Well, Val, what's up your sleeve?

    #BlackWidow spoiler Val speaking to yelana in the post credit scene

    Twitter: @RyanPayner

    10. Broke a lot of hearts.

    //#blackwidow spoilers (kind of) - - - - no because that post credit scene broke me

    Twitter: @ironlaufeyson

    11. Yelena would be glad to know that Natasha wore her jacket when taking on Thanos.

    i was doing totally fine till "2 weeks later" scene and post credit scene came #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @lilbluerez

    12. Ahh, reaction from a Florence Pugh movie.

    The black widow post credit scene oh my god..................

    Twitter: @harIeyqueen

    13. Captain Holt couldn't stop himself.

    Twitter: @tearin_myheart_

    14. Did anyone notice the reference to Moonwalker in the post-credits scene?

    Me when someone leaves before the post-credit scenes #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @DanielleNicki

    15. Ross accurately portrays how most of us felt.

    #BlackWidow me towards the end of me after the movie post-credit scene

    Twitter: @anmolsahuu

    16. Heartbreaking.

    me having fun me after watching watching the #blackwidow post credit scene

    17. I hope Yelena learns the truth sooner.

    #BlackWidow SPOILERS !! - - - - - - - - the movie post credit scene

    Twitter: @YEPUGHS

    18. Captain Holt, we feel you.

    Twitter: @avengersxwanda

    19. And finally, this fan decided to post her own accurate reactions rather than rely on memes.

    me after watching the movie vs after watching the post credit scene #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @maxyartwork

    What did you think of the Black Widow post-credits scene?

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