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John Mulaney Shared The First Pic Of His Son With Olivia Munn On Instagram: "I’m Very In Love With Him And His Whole Deal."

"Meet Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney."

On Christmas Eve, comedian John Mulaney and actor Olivia Munn shared the first pics of their son to the world via Instagram.

Malcolm was reportedly born November 24th, but this is the first time the pair shared photos.

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"Meet Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney," John wrote in his Instagram caption. "He has his whole life ahead of him. He hasn’t even tried seltzer yet. I’m very in love with him and his whole deal. Happy Holidays."

"My Golden Ox baby," Olivia wrote in her Instagram caption. "Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney. Happy Holidays. ❤️💚"

Over the summer, it was rumored that John and Olivia Munn were romantically linked after it was confirmed that he and Anna Marie Tendler were divorcing after six years of marriage.

Comedian John Mulaney during a virtual interview

Then, back in September, John shared that he and Olivia were expecting on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

seth interviews john

We're grateful John and Olivia's newborn son appears happy and healthy. Welcome to parenthood!