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Paul Rudd Tried To Flash Michael Douglas His Junk And Failed Terribly

"I'm gonna 'Basic Instinct' him," Paul Rudd thought to himself.

Keely Flaherty • 4 years ago
Kimberley Dadds • 4 years ago

Bill Hader Had The Best Reaction When His Daughter Dropped The F-Bomb

Hannah Hader is 5 years old and, hopefully, our future president.

Keely Flaherty • 4 years ago
Keely Flaherty • 3 years ago

Tom Cruise And Jimmy Fallon Re-Created The "Top Gun" Duet And It Was Utterly Beautiful

Cruise also performed a bit of Meat Loaf and The Weeknd in the lip sync battle.

Richard James • 3 years ago

Jimmy Fallon Had Kids Write What They Though "Magic Mike" Was About

"Magic Mike blows on Magic Bird's forehead."

Candace Lowry • 4 years ago
Lauren Yapalater • 3 years ago
Brett S. Vergara • 3 years ago

Zac Efron And Seth Rogen Turn Into Teenage Girls With Jimmy Fallon

They were on Fallon where they appeared in the latest episode of Ew!.

Lauren Yapalater • 5 years ago

26 Brilliant Responses To Jimmy Fallon Hashtags

These hashtaggers #nailedit. Be proud of them, and be happy they're not you.

Which Jimmy Fallon Are You?

He's a man of many faces. But which face is kinda-sorta-maybe YOURS?

Jimmy Fallon And Stevie Nicks Recreated The "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" Music Video

Jimmy Fallon turned into Tom Petty with some beautiful blonde locks.

Lauren Yapalater • 5 years ago
Lauren Yapalater • 5 years ago

Russell Crowe Did A Fantastic Johnny Cash Cover On Jimmy Fallon

Not surprising since we knew he could sing, but damn.

Emily Hennen • 5 years ago

Jimmy Fallon And Daniel Radcliffe Play A Game Of Sticky Balls

It's exactly what it sounds like. (If you don't have a dirty mind.)

Lauren Yapalater • 5 years ago

Sarah Palin Appears On Jimmy Fallon In Hilarious Putin Sketch

"I heard you predicated I would invade Ukraine?" Putin asks Palin.

Jaimie Etkin • 5 years ago