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Jimmy Fallon Had Kids Write What They Though "Magic Mike" Was About

"Magic Mike blows on Magic Bird's forehead."

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Jimmy Fallon asked kids what they thought Magic Mike was about from the title alone. They then wrote scripts that Channing Tatum and Fallon acted out on The Tonight Show. The results are amazing.

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First up is 8-year-old Steven's masterpiece of Magic Mike saving the day!

Mike comes along and helps Josh out with a flat tire using his ~magic bike pump~.

But what's so special about that magic pump? Turns out... nothing.

The guys then moved on to 6-year-old Asher's version.

Mike's been doing a horrible job keeping aliens off his planet, and now his career is at risk!

But, in an amazing plot twist, MIKE IS AN ALIEN! MUAHAHAHAHAH.

Finally, the guys read Sadie’s script, which centers around Magic Mike and Magic Bird.

Magic Bird doesn't like being a bird, but Magic Mike comes in and helps him out by blowing on his forehead.

But it didn't help! He then pats the bird on the back, BUT THAT DOESN'T WORK. So, they sing a song together.

And they both lived happily ever after.


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