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    From The Set Of “Do Revenge”: How Maya Hawke's Blonde Wig Was Created, How Camila Mendes' Hair Stayed Sleek In The Miami Heat, And More On-Set Secrets

    Because Maya Hawke was filming 'Stranger Things' at the same time, her character's hair and makeup had a very different approach.

    Netflix's dark comedy Do Revenge starring Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes premiered this month. The high school–centered movie has a lot of '90s rom-com references throughout — including the characters' costumes and the hair and beauty looks.

    In regards to the '90s meets Y2K–inspired hairstyles seen in Do Revenge: Everything from Drea's flirty ponytail to Eleanor's blonde wavy bob was created by the movie's hair department head, Katie Ballard, and her team.

    We spoke to Katie about all things Do Revenge and behind-the-scenes hair — including how she incorporated hair trends from both the '90s and the 2000s and put a modern twist on them, how she kept the actors' hairstyles in place despite working in a hot and humid climate, her favorite looks from the movie, and more.

    1. The film's director, costume designer, and actors all had an influence on each character's hair looks.

    The director sitting and speaking to two actors on set

    "And then as we got into filming is when I started working more closely with our costume designer, Alana Morshead, and we had a very good flow where she would send me photos from their fittings, so I could get a head start," Katie said.

    "That made it easy for me to just pull options as I saw their costumes. Then, often what I did for Cami [Mendes] and Maya [Hawke] is I would lay out all the options that would work with that costume, and I would let them choose from there what they wanted to do," Katie said.

    Maya wearing a jeweled leather jacket, corset top, and slacks

    2. Maya Hawke's character Eleanor had a hair transformation — which represented her character “coming into her power.”

    3. Katie made sure to handle Eleanor's wig with care, since it was chemically treated and they were filming in Miami — a very humid and hot climate.

    "We were using irons on this wig in particular. So that [care of the wig] was of high importance to me, especially because the hair had been previously chemically treated," Katie said.

    4. To give Eleanor's hair that "cool, It girl" vibe, Katie developed a signature curl for her.

    5. The character Russ (Rish Shah) — who was a nod to Heath Ledger's character in 10 Things I Hate About You — sported blue hair in the movie, which had to be retouched every 10 days.

    6. Katie used specific products and techniques to combat the Miami heat and humidity.

    "With Cami, it was a little bit easier because her looks are so polished," Katie said.

    "But as her styles get more snatched and polished throughout the film, I was able to use Fatboy Tough Guy Water Wax and Kevin Murphy Session Spray in tandem to really polish and seal her hair," Katie continued.

    7. Some of Katie's favorite hair looks from the film included the spiky bun — which is super popular right now on TikTok.

    "Then, the other two that I love for her were her look at tennis camp and her scene with Sophie Turner. I loved her two little braided pigtails with the face-framing pieces," Katie said.

    8. To create Eleanor's sleek "wet" hair look for the admissions party scene, a specific type of wig was made to replicate real face-framing baby hairs.

    "So, I just wanted to add that little detail so that we could accomplish this slicked-back look, even though she was wearing a wig. And that's something that's usually pretty tricky to do."

    9. Eleanor's hair looks had to be done quickly and efficiently because Maya Hawke was filming Stranger Things at the same time she was working on Do Revenge, causing her hair and makeup time to be very limited.

    "So we didn't have a typical shooting day with her, which meant that our times in the morning had to be very quick. She was only with me for 30 minutes," Katie said.

    "For Cami, we were able to take more time since we had her fully available and her looks are so polished and so detailed. So we luckily had two hours with her — I had her for an hour and then makeup had her for an hour," Katie said.

    10. Katie said her key to creating slicked-back hairstyles is layering products.

    "From there, Mason Pearson or a similar boar bristle brush is really good for smoothing your hair into these really sleek styles. Make sure you're wrapping your hair band really tight."

    Katie suggested using a wax similar to Fat Boy Water Wax to get those really nice, tiny spiky ends, specifically for a spiky bun. Then spray hairspray all over to make sure the hair is nicely slicked back, there aren't any flyaways, and nothing will move. 

    "So layering products in that way and making sure it's properly prepped, I would say is the best way to ensure success for your styled slicked back look," she concluded. 

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