I Need Sophie Turner In More Comedies After Seeing Her In "Do Revenge," And It Seems Twitter Agrees With Me

    If Sophie Turner yelled in my face, I would just say thank you.

    The highly anticipated teen flick Do Revenge dropped last Friday, and if you still haven't seen it yet, stop reading this and go watch it right now!!

    It stars Camila Mendes as queen bee Drea and Maya Hawke as dorky Eleanor, two teens who team up for a very Stranger on a Train plan in which they get revenge on their respective bullies.

    However, though the movie was chock-full of nods to classic teen films and had an outstanding soundtrack, the true cherry on top had to be Sophie Turner's absolutely WILD scenes as Erica. Though she was only in the movie for about five minutes, Sophie truly proved that she needs to be cast in more comedies ASAP.

    Whether she was giving us the best line delivery in the history of cinema...

    Sophie's script lines "I don't do cocaine!" "She doesn't even know what it looks like," and "I don't know what it looks like!"

    ...or gently wishing negative things to happen to the person who ruined her life...

    Sophie/Erica saying to Camila/Drea, "From the bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but the worst for the rest of your miserable fucking existence" and "And I love your ear balls"

    ...or simply showing off her true artistic talent, Sophie's portrayal of Erica should be shown in film classes for future generations to study.

    Erica sitting at an easel and painting a woman's head with devil horns and in flames

    Of course, I wasn't the only person who was extremely impressed by these short-but-sweet cameos. Below are some amazing reactions to Sophie's transformation into a true comedy actor:


    the director yelled ‘take five’ but sophie turner heard ‘change lives’ and went with it

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @undercoverfren


    x-men dark phoenix who? game of thrones who? this is sophie turner’s best performance

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @paraasites


    Netflix / Via Twitter: @badpost_sophiet


    i was fighting with myself trying to confirm or deny if this was sophie turner till the credits rolled https://t.co/eqF01DmFV3

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @unknowntrin


    More Sophie Turner doing whatever this is 11/10

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @itsashlyperez


    sophie turner saying you insufferable cunt in her british accent is everything to me

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @ohhhhherewego


    sophie turner showing up in Do Revenge just to scream hysterically about cocaine and drawing caricatures of the main character was real cinema

    Twitter: @kcthani


    game of thrones would’ve been exponentially better had they let sophie turner do this

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @alex_abads


    do revenge shouldn’t have been the gp’s wake up call to know that sophie turner is so funny…she’s always been funny y’all are just now noticing it. anyways more comedies for my girl pls.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @jophieshesitate


    i’m sorry but sophie turner being in this movie is absolutely sending me for some reason

    Twitter: @seeitinmymind


    Sophie Turner in DO REVENGE is genuinely one of the greatest cameos ever and I need a sequel centered around her coming for Camila and Maya ASAP https://t.co/MvQcOh646W

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant


    Netflix / Via Twitter: @nothnghppens


    Sophie Turner is giving off big time Cersei Lannister vibes in Do Revenge, and I would love to see her check in with Sansa Stark, Queen in the North, years later.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @azalben


    the director said “let’s take a break” but sophie turner heard “there’s history to make” and went with it

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Iuvmurdock


    Sophie Turner deserves a fucking Oscar for her part in DO REVENGE. I have lost it laughing every time she was on screen. Also this movie is fantastic!

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @TheAriDrew


    Sophie Turner & Sweet/Vicious star Eliza Bennett are so fucking brilliant in Do Revenge.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @JarettSays


    btw i didn't know sophie turner is in do revenge I LIKED HER PERFORMANCE SO MUCH SHE WAS SO FUNNY

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @marasypale


    the director said cut, but sophie turner heard cunt #DoRevenge

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @sloansaidso