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Top 20 Canceled TV Shows That Should Be Revived

Arrested Development and Veronica Mars are getting the re-vamp treatment. So, what show should be next?!

Heads up:

By "canceled," I don't mean that they ran for eight seasons then ended. Or just ended. I mean a network either abruptly decided not to renew, or there were so many creative differences that it couldn't go on, and was then canceled. OK, you've been warned!

1. Firefly

2. Dead Like Me

3. Freaks and Geeks

4. Pushing Daisies

5. Everwood

6. Kyle XY

7. Las Vegas

8. Moonlight

9. Jericho

10. Roswell

11. Twin Peaks

12. Deadwood

13. My So Called Life

14. Ugly Betty

15. Happy Endings

16. Enlightened

17. Dollhouse

18. Heroes

19. Party Down

20. Smash

Any canceled shows I missed that deserve a revival?! Add them below!