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    17 Celebs Who Took A Bad Photo And Still Shared It With The World Because They're Celebs

    Not EVERYONE has a perfectly curated feed.

    Taking a great photo (especially a selfie) can be challenging for anyone. And even though celebs' careers depend on being great in front of and/or behind the camera, sometimes they're just as bad as the rest of us at snapping a casual pic. And like, I get it, that iPhone Pro Max is pretty hard to hold...

    And, for the record, this is not a personal dig at these celebs — they're all wonderfully talented people and have envious careers. They just...took a bad pic.

    1. Like when Jon Favreau took a peak "blurry dad photo" of George Lucas and Baby Yoda:

    Twitter: @Jon_Favreau

    2. When Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller took a blurry and ill-timed selfie with director Karyn Kusama:


    Twitter: @BryanFuller

    3. When Hugh Grant cut himself out of a selfie with director Marc Lawrence:

    Me with the Lawrence who is too old for ⁦@lawrencetheband⁩ ⁦@WebsterHall⁩ Am exceptionally cool.

    Twitter: @HackedOffHugh

    4. When Mark Ruffalo took this blurry behind-the-scenes pic of Tom Hiddleston:

    5. When Lucy Liu took this SUPER zoomed in pic of the sun:

    6. When director Robert Rodriguez took this messy group pic with Quentin Tarantino:

    7. When Pedro Pascal took this grainy (and blurry) pic of Game of Thrones creators Dan Weiss and David Benioff at a show:

    8. When Chris Evans took this pic of his Avengers castmates and yet only one was remotely recognizable:

    This is like a Where’s Waldo picture. I see Hulk, Antman, Thor, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, Shuri, Okoye, and Falcon.

    Twitter: @ChrisEvans

    9. When John Krasinski took his very first selfie:

    10. When Dave Bautista took this awkwardly posed selfie:

    11. When Halle Berry snapped a pic of whatever this is and it turned out very grainy and definitely underlit:

    12. When Vin Diesel took this photo that's not only cropped weird, but is also kinda blurry:

    13. When John Cho snapped this group pic with Constance Wu, Awkwafina, Lana Condor, and Jenny Han that was too blurry and grainy to do its subjects justice:

    14. When Jimmy Fallon took a terrible low light selfie post workout:

    15. When John Stamos shared this pic of him and Dick van Dyke looking in opposite directions...neither one at the camera.

    16. When Paul Bettany took a selfie kissing his "most prized" guitar and couldn't keep a steady hand:

    17. And finally, when Taika Waititi took this photo with the caption, "Hey everyone look at this amazing perfectly timed photo I took of a bat flying in front of the moon I'm so good at everything!!! Taika always gets the shot."

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