21 Beloved TV Shows That Were Abruptly Canceled And The Cliffhangers They Ultimately Ended On

    I will never be over The Society ending so soon.

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, My So-Called Life only lasted one season, but it became a beloved '90s TV series. The show ended with Angela going off with Jordan, just as Brian realizes he's in love with her.

    Brian telling Angela, "You liked it though, right? It made you, like, happy?"

    2. The Society was canceled by Netflix even after they ordered a Season 2. The show ended with everyone in New Ham turning on Allie and Will, and the "real" West Ham and a memorial with all of the teenagers' names on it.

    A list of names on a memorial reading "We remember them"

    3. Despite a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim, Hannibal was canceled after Season 3. So, the last seconds of the show featured Graham hugging Hannibal and the two of them going over a cliff.

    Graham saying, "It's beautiful"

    4. Freaks and Geeks ended after only one season, but started so many notable careers. Due to its cancellation, the series finished with Lindsay ditching a summer school program and going with Kim to follow the Grateful Dead on tour.

    Lindsay saying, "Hey, Mom. I'll see you soon"

    5. Moesha ended after only six seasons, and the show didn't have a proper series finale. So, it ended with a positive pregnancy test being found in Moesha's dorm room.

    Someone saying, "What is important is somebody in this room is pregnant" and Moesha and her friends looking at each other

    6. Mork & Mindy was abruptly canceled, so the series shuffled episodes to try and give the show a series finale, but storylines were still left unresolved. The last episode featured Mork trying to figure out how to stay happily married on Earth, but it came right after a three-part episode where Mork and Mindy end up trapped in the past.

    Mork and Mindy telling each other they love one another and Mork reporting back to his planet

    7. Pushing Daisies was canceled after only six episodes of Season 2 aired. Since the final season had 13 episodes total, the show had time to write a good finale, but it still left fans with a lot of unanswered questions — especially since Chuck just told her aunts she's still alive.

    Chuck saying, "I'm alive"

    8. Teenage Bounty Hunters sadly ended after one (perfect) season on Netflix. The last episode showed Sterling getting rescued after being taken by Dana, her mom's twin, and it was revealed that Sterling was actually Dana's biological daughter.

    Dana saying, "Sterling, you are my daughter"

    9. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was canceled after four seasons, and the cliffhanger it ended on was huge. The last episode featured a baby wrapped in a blanket with the Superman emblem being left for Lois and Clark.

    Clark reading a letter that was left with the baby that says, "Lois and Clark, this child belongs to you"

    10. Pitch was heartbreakingly canceled after only one season. The show ended with Ginny pitching an amazing game, only to injure her elbow. The last minutes of the episode show Ginny entering an MRI machine and she doesn't know if she'll ever pitch again.

    Ginny saying, "Let me finish my no-hitter. That's right, I said it. I'm throwing a no-hitter. And if you don't mind, I'd like to keep doing it"

    11. I Am Not Okay with This was canceled after just one season. So, the show ended on a massive cliffhanger, with Sydney meeting a mysterious man after she used her powers at school and killed Brad.

    Syd saying, "Should I be afraid?" and a mysterious man saying, "They should be afraid. Let's begin"

    12. Heroes was canceled after four seasons, and it didn't wrap up everything before it ended. The show finished with Claire revealing her powers to the entire world.

    Hiro saying, "What is she doing?" and Peter saying, "What the hell does she think she's doing? She's gonna change everything"

    13. The OA was canceled after only two seasons on Netflix. The show ended on a massive cliffhanger with Prairie, Hap, and the others going into a dimension where they are on the soundstage of The OA TV show, and the actors are playing versions of their real-life selves.

    Hap saying, "Hey, hey Prairie. We're here" and "I'm Jason Isaacs. She's my wife"

    14. GLOW was canceled by Netflix after Season 3, even though production had already begun on Season 4. The show's series finale now features Ruth turning down Debbie's offer to direct GLOW on TV.

    Debbie saying, "I don't understand you" and Ruth responding, "Yes, you do. Probably better than anyone"

    15. The Secret Circle ended after only one season and without a proper series finale. So, the show finished with Cassie and Diana having the Balcoin mark on their palms and us never knowing what was up with the four strangers who also have the mark.

    Cassie and Diana looking at the marks on their hands

    16. The Get Down came to an end after just 11 episodes, and while a lot of storylines were tied up, we were still left hanging with some, like whatever happened to Mylene, Shaolin, and the other Get Down Brothers.

    Mylene singing

    17. Finding Carter ended after just two seasons and it never got a proper series finale. The show ended with Max turning himself in after Jared's death, and we'll never know what happened next.

    Max saying, "I'm sorry" in a police precinct

    18. FlashForward only made it one season, and there was no way this show could wrap up everything in such a short amount of time. The series ended with another global blackout and the FBI building exploding with Mark trapped inside.

    Mark running and a building exploding

    19. Sweet/Vicious, a criminally underrated series, was canceled after one season back in 2017. The show ended with us spotting a piece of Jules' backpack where Carter was murdered and Ophelia and Jules setting up the S/V forum so other people could report injustices on campus.

    Ophelia saying, "Looks like we're gonna be busy"

    20. Run was canceled in 2020 after only a season. The series ended with Ruby choosing to go with her family and leaving Billy right before he's arrested.

    Billy saying, "I'll face this shit storm on my own, but it'll be worth it if you admit that you know that I love you"

    21. And finally, Angel was canceled after five seasons in 2004. So, the show ended with Angel, Spike, Gunn, and Illyria facing an army of creatures and getting ready to fight.

    Angel saying, "Well, personally, I kinda want to slay the dragon. Let's get to work"

    We can't fit everything into one post, so which TV shows that ended on a cliffhanger are you still not over? Tell us in the comments below!