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Here Are The Best Movies To Watch When You Really Need To Cry

Make sure you are well hydrated before watching these.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community "What movie always makes you cry?" and here are the most common responses.


5. The Color Purple

Warner Bros. Pictures

The Color Purple. It's always the same, two scenes: When Shug sings "God Is Trying To Tell You Something" and the ending when the sisters are finally reunited.

— Vicky Harris via Facebook


8. What Dreams May Come

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

This movie is breathtakingly beautiful both visually and story-wise. I can't count how many times I've seen it but every time I do I cry nearly the whole time. It crushes my heart to pieces, builds it back up, then makes it feel like it's going to swell and burst out of my chest by the end of the movie. It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster but just incredibly beautiful.


9. Up

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

My husband and I had just suffered a pregnancy loss after years of infertility. We decided to take a mental break and went to see Up, thinking it would help us forget about the pain for a bit. Well, I think we can all imagine how well that went. We’re happy to say, though, that our dream of being parents came true not too long ago. Here’s to new adventures!


11. Armageddon

Buena Vista Pictures

Armageddon is so underrated. It's so captivating and easy to imagine yourself in their situation and feel their emotions when Bruce Willis and the crew are leaving and don't know if they'll see their loved ones, or even Earth, ever again.



12. Homeward Bound

Buena Vista Pictures

I can't get past the beginning when the family is leaving their animals at the farm, and the little boy is saying goodbye to his golden retriever and the dog doesn't understand what's happening. It kills me.


13. Mr. Holland's Opus

Buena Vista Pictures

My mom showed me Mr. Holland's Opus and I rewatch it ever year and still cry every time. There are heartwarming and sad moments, but overall it's a beautiful movie.


14. Moulin Rouge!

20th Century Fox

The first sentence of the movie tells you Satine is going to die but I always hope for a different outcome every time. The film shows life is short and you should always follow your heart.


15. The Green Mile

Warner Bros.

The Green Mile. The tears start when John Coffey gets to watch the "flicker show" but I lose my damn mind when they start to put the hood on him and he says he's scared of the dark. I sob uncontrollably like my mother just died, every single time



17. Inside Out

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Inside Out gets me ugly crying every. Single. Time. I had a very similar move like Riley when I was younger, and that wonderful cartoon displays the emotions so accurately. Also, Bing Bong. 'Nuff said.


18. A Little Princess

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

When Sarah lies in the chalk circle in the attic after she's told her father died in the war and cries out, "Papa?!" over and over — Ugh! — I weep like it's my Papa.



25. Life Is Beautiful

Miramax Films

As an Italian Life Is Beautiful is probably the movie we’re most proud of, but the fact that Beningni’s character does everything he can to make his kid smile in such a terrible situation makes me cry every single time.



36. Moana

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I cry from start to FINISH. Well, all of it except "You're Welcome" and "Shiny." Moana's journey and inner conflict about her destiny is painfully relatable. Also, her grandma's ghost manta ray fucks. me. UP.

—Ryan Colbert via Facebook

39. Stepmom

Columbia Pictures

The movie Stepmom kills me every single time. That scene where Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts are at the bar and talking about the daughter's future wedding has me sobbing immediately.



40. Beaches

Buena Vista Pictures

When they start playing "Wind Beneath My Wings" I'm toast. I can be channel surfing and turn it on at that exact part, and it gets me every time.

—Michele Buccheri Pelham via Facebook


44. Toy Story 3

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

First you sob when the toys all hold hands before they almost go into the incinerator. Then just when you’ve wiped away those tears you see Andy saying goodbye to his toys.


47. My Sister's Keeper

New Line Cinema

My Sister's Keeper is extremely emotional and relevant to people with loved ones who are suffering or have suffered from cancer. You're stuck between crying over a girl with cancer, and crying for the girl whose sole purpose of being born was to help save her sister.