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    • mandyb48a9ecf6b

      I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and it’s hell. I also have a 3 year old daughter and work full time. Every single ounce of energy i have goes into being the person everyone else needs me to be. My best friend, who lives in Wisconsin (I’m in North Carolina) learned about my diagnosis pretty much the moment I told her about it. She strikes this perfect balance of checking in to make sure I’m okay without making me feel bad if I disappear for a few days. She prepares for weeks before Color the World Orange Day (an international day of RSD/CRPS Awareness) and shares facts about my disease throughout the year to help educate people. She bought a shirt, Orange ribbons to make Awareness ribbons to hand out, and even made pamphlets to better explain the condition. Everyone needs someone like that on your team. I’m so lucky I have her!

    • mandyb48a9ecf6b

      Definitely Up. My husband and I had just suffered a pregnancy loss after years of infertility. We decided to take a mental break and went to see Up, thinking it would help us forget about the pain for a bit. Well, I think we can all imagine how well that went. I was literally wailing in the theater once we hit the scene where Ellie and Carl learned they’d need to pursue a new dream.  The movie still means the world to my husband and I. Our path mimicked Carl and Ellie’s I’m so many ways (minus the talking dog and a floating house). We’re happy to say though that our dream of being parents can true not too long ago. Here’s to new adventures!

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